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Google Maps has one of the largest databases of business information in the world. This large database makes Google Maps a good resource for creating lead lists. Outscraper’s popular scraping service Google Maps Data Scraper lets you scrape all the data from Google Maps easily and also allows you to create detailed B2B lead lists by combining Google Maps Scraper with our Emails & Contacts Scraper service. You can read how to do it in detail in the article: How to Generate B2B Leads?

Email marketing, SMS marketing, direct mail marketing, and cold-calling campaigns can be created with details of the leads. These methods will be discussed in general below. It is recommended that you choose the marketing campaign tools that are suitable for your potential customers, your offer and your product.

Legal Notice:

All the tips and strategies that will be mentioned here are only suggestions. Please discuss with your legal advisor which campaigns you can run according to the legal conditions of the country and region you are in.

Cold Outreach Campaigns

Cold outreach is a marketing technique where a company contacts potential clients with whom they do not have any contact in order to promote a product or service. This promotion and marketing can happen in many ways, from emails to phone calls.

The marketing campaign may vary depending on target customers, market, product, offer and lead data. Sometimes email marketing is very convenient, while sometimes telemarketing or direct mail marketing will be the right choice.

Email Marketing

Cold outreach by email is an extremely popular method. Many SaaS services are available for email cold outreach. Emails are sent to leads obtained through Outscraper via these SaaS. The deliverability rates of the mails are directly related to the quality of the lead data and the service infrastructure of the SaaS service. First of all, it is very important that the emails in your lead list are validated.

Outscraper’s Bulk Email Verification lets you validate all the emails on your list. It is important to check deliverability before sending emails. You can do this by checking with the Outscraper service.

The open rate, read rate, and response rate of emails depending on the copywriting skills of the marketer who created the campaign and the offer, of course.

Many SaaS allow you to create a cold outreach campaign. Some of those are, Mailshake, Lemlist, Gmass, and Woodpecker. Gmass lets you do it with the Gmail interface.

When using these services, it should be decided from which domain the emails will go. When doing email marketing, it may not be correct to use the actual domain address of the company. In the unlikely event that the reputation of the main domain can be preserved in this way.

After deciding which domain will be used, the domain should be warmed in order to increase the deliverability rate. Email warm-up is very important when doing cold outreach. It is not possible to send dozens of e-mails with a newly opened domain. This is why the email warm-up is required. Typically, SaaSs provide their own warm up tools. has a free email warm-up tool for Gmail. 

After the domain has been warmed up, a campaign must be created. The text and offer can then be prepared. Firstly, in order to increase the opening rate of the emails, a title that draws attention to the email topic should be selected. While preparing email templates, the most important issue is personalization. E-mails that do not contain any customization have a very low read and reply rate. For this reason, personalization is very important in text containing an offer. 

Everything will be ready to start the campaign after preparing a personalized text. You should only send a certain number of emails per day in order not to burn the domain. Email sending services can give feedback about it.

Email marketing is an effective method with all its details. When both the technical and writing parts are set up in the best way possible, good results will be obtained.


1) Purchase a new domain in addition to your primary domain to use for your email marketing campaign.

2) Prepare this domain with warm up services.

3) Create a campaign using this domain records on email sender services.

4) Create an eye-catching email header.

5) Prepare a personalized email text template.

6) Send to entire list piece by piece within daily limits.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is another method that is actively used. Companies that have their customers’ mobile numbers can easily communicate with them via SMS. With SMS marketing campaigns, it is very easy to notify customers of new products, new campaigns, and discounts.

You can start by parsing the numbers in the lead list for SMS marketing. Lead mobile numbers can be collected with Outscraper services such as Google Maps Scraper.

Outscraper’s “Phone Number Lookup” allows you to obtain information on phone numbers, including carrier types and names. Thus, lead lists can be validated before SMS marketing. After preparing the validated number lists, several popular SMS-sending services can be used. Sendinblue, Clicksend, and Allmysms are among the prominent services.

You can create a campaign by uploading the database containing all the lead numbers to the SMS-sending service. The most important thing in SMS marketing campaigns is to write a short and effective SMS text.

One of the important details in SMS text is to share the proper URL to potential customers. Customers who come to the shared link should be welcomed very well, and information about the offer should be presented without distraction.

When all these preliminary preparations are completed, an SMS can be sent to the entire list. The outstanding aspect of SMS marketing is that the message can be sent to the entire list at once and quickly compared to email marketing.


1) Parse the numbers in the lead list.

2) Verify the numbers.

3) Transfer all numbers to the SMS-sending service and create a campaign.

4) Write a short and effective SMS text message.

5) Send the entire list.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a marketing method that continues to be used in the US and in some countries around the world. It is especially preferred in markets such as real estate.

Although it is interesting to use an old method such as direct mail marketing in the presence of digital tools such as email, direct mail is still very effective. Potential customers reached by the mail are highly sensitive to the offer.

Direct mail in B2B marketing requires information such as full address and zip code. Outscraper Google Maps Scraper service allows you to find the mailing addresses of all companies in a target niche market.

After creating your B2B lead list with Outscraper services, you will need a direct mail service that will send printed mails to your potential customers in this niche market. It is reasonable to choose a service operating in that local area. You can get in touch these local companies with a simple Google search.

These companies can assist you in preparing brochures and texts. You can prepare a printed material that best suits your proposal with their support. If possible, make sure to personalize the offer.

If everything appears to be in order after seeing a sample printed material, approve the sending of mails to the entire list. Be sure to include details such as email and phone number in the offer text so that they can reach you. When the mail is gone, all that remains is to wait for a return from the customers.


1) Parse leads’ contact details and full addresses in the lead list.

2) Engage with a company that provides a suitable direct mailing service for the targeted local area.

3) Create a suitable text and brochure for this company’s potential customers.

4) If possible, personalize the prepared mail.

5) Send mails to the entire list.


Telemarketing or cold calling is a very old marketing method. With the widespread use of telephones, telemarketing applications have started to be made all over the world. Serious results can be obtained from telemarketing with the right product and an attractive offer to the right customer.

Cold calling is an effective method when doing B2B marketing. The most important detail before starting the process is to find the right leads. Outscraper Google Maps Scraper service allows you to easily identify all companies that are doing business in targeted markets and collect phone numbers. You can find the phone numbers of the businesses in the data extracted by this service. It is also possible to access contact information through the Emails & Contacts Scraper service.

Making phone calls when selling international services and products is a serious cost. The best way to reduce this call cost is to use a VoIP service. The most popular of the VoIP services is Skype. It is the Microsoft’s VoIP service. Skype offers affordable credits, allowing you to contact numerous regions of the world for a low cost. In addition, it offers a Skype Number service, which allows you to have a local number when calling the target market. This will increase your potential client’s trust in you. They can also reach you by calling this number back.

Before starting the call, it is necessary to find the most reasonable time that potential customers will be available. A different time may be appropriate for restaurants and another for HVAC contractors. Paying attention to this increases accessibility.

Making some preliminary preparation and highlighting the offer details allows you to move forward without getting stuck while talking. It is important to talk without getting stuck in cold-calling campaigns. A moment of silence and misinformation results in the loss of a customer. If all the preparations are complete, the calling may begin. The system is ready. It is up to the persuasion ability of the marketing employee who calls from now on.


1) Parse leads’ contact details and phone numbers in the lead list. If possible, find the decision maker.

2) Purchase a VoIP service that is appropriate for the targeted local area. If possible, purchase a local callable fixed number with VoIP service.

3) Determine the best time to reach potential customers.

4) Make thorough preparations before beginning to speak. Create a transcript of the speech.

5) Start calling the entire list.

Create Your B2B Lead Lists and Cold Outreach Campaigns Now

You can create your own B2B Lead Lists and start to create cold outreach campaigns now. Just sign up and start to scrape Google Maps.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A cold outreach email is a short and concise email written to attract the attention of a potential customer. Choosing an intriguing title will increase the open rate of the e-mail. If the email body text is not long and complex, cold emails will be answered more.

All strategies go through cold outreach when entering a market with no previous contacts or sales. For this reason, every marketing department must make cold outreach. When entering new markets, the right cold outreach channels and tools must be chosen correctly for creating a good first impression. Outscraper offers many tools to its users for cold outreach campaigns.

First of all, you need a well-targeted email list to create a cold email marketing campaign. Many tools can be used for this. A high-quality and laser-focused B2B lead list can be created by locating potential customers in the targeted market on Google Maps. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper lets you your own email list easily and quickly. A good service is then selected to manage the Email campaign. and campaigns begin to be created. Secondly, a good email sending service is selected to send mass cold emails. and campaigns begin to be created.

Cold outreach is a method that covers what is done to reach potential customers that you have no connection with before. Cold outreach can be done by phone, email, phone call, and also mailing.

It is not possible to find and buy ready-made email lists for every sector and niche for email marketing. For this reason, the marketer who wants to make cold email outreach should prepare his own email list. One of the best resources for creating a B2B email list is Google Maps. Outscraper offers marketers special tools to extract emails from companies registered in Google Maps.

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