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Creating an Account

Visit the to sign up now.

When signing up, you only need to enter the email address you want to use for your account. If desired, it is also possible to sign up using your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.


Confirm Your Email

You will be sent an email from Outscraper’s website to confirm your email address. Click the link in the email to complete the registration process.


You can reach Email scraping service on the dashboard. Click the Services>Emails & Contacts Scraper service from the left panel and open the Emails & Contacts Scraper service. 

There are only 3 essential parameters that should be defined to create a task. Email Scraping is very easy with Outscraper. You should start with the Domains/URLs list first.

Domains or URLs List

You can do email scraping with two different methods in Outscraper. The first is to copy and paste the entire list to the dashboard. The other is to upload the URL list directly.

Copy/Paste The List

If you have a domain list of the emails you want to scrape, you can create a scraping task by pasting this list directly on the dashboard without any extra action.

Copy the URLs from your list that you saved in a text file or spreadsheet and paste them into the “Domains or URLs” box.

After copy-pasting, you can continue editing the other task parameters.

Upload CSV/XLSX/Parquet or TXT File

There may be hundreds of domains that you want to scrape. Copy/Paste them would be difficult. For this reason, Outscraper allows you to directly upload these large lists. CSV/XLSX/Parquet or TXT File format can be used for that lists. No special editing is required for lists. It is enough to write all the URLs one under the other. It would be appropriate not to have Http variations and www in the URLs in the list. A sample list:

Just click the “Choose file” button and choose your list on the file browser.

A notification will appear on the top right that your file has been uploaded.

You can continue to set parameters for creating the task when you got that notification.

Result Extension

You can choose the most suitable one for you from 3 different file formats (XLSX, CSV or Parquet file types)

Task Tags

You can write any words or texts on the “Task tags” box. It can also be empty. The tag will help you track your task on the Tasks page.

Task tags make tracking easy.

Confirm Your Task

A pop-up will appear that shows you confirmation notification when you click the get data button. 

Such as:

“You’re going to extract the data from the queries inside the uploaded file: Domains.txt”

The task will be started with clicking the confirm button and sent to Tasks page. 


Track Your Task's Progress

You can track the all of your progresses on the Tasks page

Download Your Result File

You can find and quickly download the task you have created. on Tasks page. Task tags will help you to find your recent task.

All results are stored on servers for 30 days only. We recommend that you keep the Result files on your own disk for long periods of time.

Review Your Result File

The result files that you have downloaded as XLSX file type can be reviewed with any spreadsheet viewer.

This sample task result file can be reviewed in here: 20220306203641c6b8_hvac_co_emails.xlsx


Emails & Contacts Scraper service can be used to enrich Google Maps Data Scraping tasks. Thus, two jobs can be done with a single task and a B2B Lead list can be created directly on Google Maps.

While you are creating a Google Maps Scraping task, you can select Emails & Contacts Scraper service to enrich your result file with emails. 

Outscraper Emails & Contacts Scraper service will visit all websites of businesses and scrape their email addresses and social media accounts.

We created a sample task showing how the Emails and Contacts Scraper service enriches the Google Maps Scraper result file.

Simple Result File: 20220315145213c1ea_hvac_without_emails

Enriched Result File: 20220315145122defc_hvac_with_emails

You can start using the Emails & Contacts Scraper service on its own or in combination right now.


Pricing Page And Cost Calculator

There is no monthly subscription fee in Outscraper. You only pay for what you use.

Please visit our pricing page for pricing details on our Emails & Contacts Scraper

Pricing Page:

There are 3 different tiers for pricing. These are Free Tier, Medium Tier and Business Tier. Pricing for these tiers can be checked on the pricing page. 

Dashboard's Service Pricing Tool

After registration, the “Service pricing” tool can help you with pricing on the Emails & Contacts Scraper
service page on the Outscraper App Dashboard.

Service pricing tool will be opened on the right. section

If you input the calculator about how many requests you will make, you can see how much this task will cost you. Please visit the ‘Billing Information‘ page to add credit or provide your credit card.


Free Tier

Enjoy a certain amount of free tier credits each month in Outscraper. These credits are renewed monthly as shown on the pricing page.

You can check how many free credits you have for a particular service on the pricing page.

You can use the prepaid payment method by adding credit, or you can add your credit card and make your payment postpaid at the end of your billing period.

Please visit the billing Information page to determine your payment method.

Prepaid - Add Credit

Add credits to your account in order to start using Outscraper. The minimum limit is 10 USD. Add as many credits as you want and spend them whenever you want.

Credits can be added by credit card, cryptocurrency and PayPal.

Postpaid - Add Credit Card

In the prepaid method, you pay first and then use it, but in the postpaid method, you provide a credit card and you start using it. You will make the payment when your billing period is over.

Billing Period

Information about the billing period’s start and end dates can be found on the profile page. You can also track the amount of the upcoming invoice from there. If you wish you can generate the invoice manually once you have an amount due.



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Most frequent questions and answers about Emails & Contacts Scraper

Yes. If you have a list of websites you can scrape all emails from that list easily with Outscraper Email Scraper.

Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper lets you to scrape all companies’ emails with Emails & Contacts Scraper enrichment service.

Email scraper services lets you do it easily. Just copy/paste your website list to scraper app dashboard and extract all emails from there.

Email extractor is a service or tool that lets you extract emails from different type of sources like websites and social media accounts.

You can use an email scraping tool/service to crawl emails for marketing. There are a lot of offline and online tools to do it. Outscraper Email Scraper web service allows you to scrape emails from websites for marketing.

You can create your own database with names and emails via scraping company pages. Company websites’ have a lot of details. Such as contact details and company emails.

You can create your own free email list with crawling company web pages. Visit company websites and collect the emails from there and list on a spreadsheet file. If it will take a long time you can try Outscraper Email Scraper to make it quickly.

You can grow your email list in different ways on 2022. Creating magnet lead content pages, providing free ebooks and free course, organizing a competition. And also you can grow your email list via scraping the Google Maps, Websites, Instagram and other sources.

You can scrape emails from websites, social media accounts,  company pages and business databases.  Outscraper services can help you about scraping emails from different kind of sources.


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