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Verifies email address. Checks deliverability.

Looking for an email address finder instead? Check out Email Address Finder.

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What Clients Say?

Mihai Vinatoru
Mihai VinatoruManaging Partner
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Outscraper is providing fast and reliable data on Google Maps locations, in a simple and intuitive interface. The platform has advanced features, yet is user friendly enough. In the last 12 months, we used Outscraper to extract relevant public data regarding 120,000+ locations.
Juan G
Juan GPartner at Growth97
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As a Digital Marketing Consultancy, Outscraper has truly been a gamechanger for both our business and our clients. It has allowed us to reach new potential clients and deliver breath-taking ROI campaigns for our clients. Anyone considering using Outscraper I would strongly recommend using it
Travis Howell
Travis HowellResearcher
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Outscraper has been much easier to use than other alternatives, and it has provided me with some great information. Their customer service has been helpful too when I've needed it.
Alex Crivion
Alex CrivionEnvapreneur
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Outscraper is the best API service I’ve ever had to discover by pure luck (in an article from - was seeking something like this since 2019 and this platform is the only one actually working and doing the job.
SilviaS1-BRANDING Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
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Thank you very much for your reply and help! If you don't mind please deliver my thanks to the developer team. I hope you all thrive!
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Thank you so much for providing a brilliant platform “Outscraper” to find a huge amount of data in a few minutes, also, thanks for boosting my sales
Nate Lile
Nate LileEntrepreneur
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I've been testing and using Outscraper for a few weeks now. I'm incredibly happy with their current offerings and I'm looking forward to them adding more public sources. Its stupid easy to use and so affordable. Thanks guys!
Russell Hesse
Russell HesseCMO
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What an awesome tool for getting marketing lead prospects. It's much faster than the estimates they give when doing a scrape. (It's always good to under-promise & over-deliver to your customers)...
Ashish Kumar
Ashish KumarData analyst and front-end designer
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This service has been extremely helpful for me. Apart from their super fast API for various services, their amazing support is something that would make you go back to them. Dana from Outscraper team had helped me tirelessly for 3 days when I got into an issue and the dev team even made a spot update in their SDK package to suit my requirements. Highly recommended!
Dion Kenney
Dion KenneyCOO of Mondofora
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I wish I had found it sooner. I've been manually collecting data from Google Maps for the past 15 months! The first search produced more usable data in 20 minutes than my 15 months did altogether.
 Ian Mason
Ian MasonCTO
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Outscraper is the best scraper I've found. I cannot believe how well it works, how much data I get back, with no errors or headaches. I can make any directory site I want now

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Most frequent questions and answers

Email validation is the process of testing if the email is receivable. The whole process spited into 4 stages.

  1. Validating email format is valid.
  2. Searching if the email is on blacklists.
  3. Checking DNS records are valid.
  4. Checking if email exists on the server by running SMTP requests.
  1. Login to Outscraper Platform.
  2. Insert your email in the textbox on the page.
  3. Click validate.
  1. Login to Outscraper Platform.
  2. Insert your emails or select a file with emails in the first column.
  3. Click validate.
  1. Login to Outscraper Platform.
  2. Select your file with emails.
  3. Click “Validate” button.
  4. Wait till the validation process is finished.
  5. Remove all emails with “invalid” status from the result file that you receive after the validation process.

Yes. Outscraper’s Email Address Validator is 100% free.

Cleaning your email list, also known as email list hygiene or scrubbing, is an essential practice for anyone involved in email marketing or communication. Here are several reasons why it’s important to regularly clean your email list:

Improved Deliverability: Over time, some email addresses on your list may become inactive or invalid. Sending emails to these addresses can result in bounces. High bounce rates can negatively impact your sender’s reputation, which in turn can affect your email deliverability. By cleaning your list, you ensure that you’re sending emails to valid addresses, which can improve your deliverability rates.

Higher Engagement Rates: By removing unengaged subscribers, you’re left with a list of individuals who are more likely to open, read, and interact with your emails. This can lead to higher open and click-through rates, which are key metrics in email marketing.

Reduced Costs: Many email service providers (ESPs) charge based on the number of subscribers or the volume of emails sent. By maintaining a clean list, you can save money by not sending emails to unengaged or invalid addresses.

Avoiding Spam Traps: Over time, some email addresses may be converted into “spam traps” by ISPs and anti-spam organizations. Sending emails to these addresses can severely damage your sender’s reputation. Cleaning your list helps in avoiding these traps.

Better Segmentation and Targeting: A clean email list allows for better segmentation. By understanding who your active and engaged subscribers are, you can tailor your content more effectively to different segments of your audience.

Increased ROI: With a cleaner list, your email campaigns are more likely to reach interested and engaged subscribers, leading to better conversion rates and a higher return on investment for your email marketing efforts.

Maintaining a Positive Brand Image: Continuously sending emails to people who are not interested or to invalid addresses can harm your brand’s image. It can come off as spammy or inconsiderate. A clean list ensures that your emails are reaching those who find value in them.

Avoiding Penalties: Some countries have strict regulations about electronic communications, like the CAN-SPAM Act in the U.S. or the GDPR in Europe. Sending emails to individuals who have not given consent or to invalid addresses can result in hefty fines.

Accurate Metrics: By cleaning your email list, you get a more accurate picture of how your emails are performing. With a list full of inactive or invalid addresses, metrics like open rate and click-through rate can be skewed.

Enhanced Personalization: With a clean list, you can better personalize your email campaigns based on user behavior and preferences, leading to more effective communication.

In summary, cleaning your email list is a best practice that can lead to better email performance, improved engagement, cost savings, and compliance with regulations. Regularly scrubbing your list ensures that your email marketing efforts are as effective as possible.