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Pricing Plans

Pay as you go with monthly metered usage billing.

Free Tier
  • For the first 1 to 500 requests
  • For the next 501 to 5,000 requests
  • For the rest

* One request equals to the data for a specific route and specific time. For example, the bot will make 24 requests to extract data from "Intersection of 19th Ave and Santiago St" to "Intersection of 19th Ave and Irving St" with 1-hour interval during a day (1 day * 24 hours * 1 route).

Use cases


Students and researchers use traffic data for their studies.

Data science

Scientists export directions from Google Maps as a source of data for AI and Machine learning applications.

Data source for your apps

Developers use us as a reliable source of data for their websites.

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Up to 1 000 000 request per 24 hours and it scales if needed.

Monthly free tier

Renewable free tier for extractions.

Extended data

Exports a wide range of fields including road, minimum duration time, maximum duration time, etc. (see the demo file above)

Try for free with monthly renewable free tier.

API Docs

Use the data from your app. Check out the API Docs.

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