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What Data Does Google Maps Provide?

Google Maps holds a lot of information about a location. Photos, reviews, addresses, working hours, website, phone number, plus code are the data shared on the main screen.

Google Maps Location Data

Although it is not visible on the main screen, there are many data about the location on Google Maps. Longitude and latitude are two of them. A scraping service must be used to extract all Google Maps data about the location. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper is one of these services. Outscraper extracts more than 45 data from a place on Google Maps. The data list is as follows:

  • name - name of the place on Google Maps.
  • site - website of the place.
  • type - the type of the place under which it was found (can be any element from subtypes).
  • subtypes - all types of the place.
  • category - the main type of the place (sometimes might be in a local language).
  • phone - place phone number.
  • full_address - full address of the place location.
  • borough - borough of the place location.
  • street - street of the place location.
  • city - city of the place location.
  • postal_code - postal code of the place location.
  • state - state of the place location.
  • us_state - state of the place location (will be removed in future versions).
  • country - country of the place location.
  • country_code - country code of the place location.
  • latitude - latitude of the place location.
  • longitude - longitude of the place location.
  • time_zone - timezone of the place location.
  • plus_code - location plus code or open location code (works only for individual search, e.g. query: "Hotel Colombo Berat", "0x3e49a63f6b05fe3b:0xc73d6b1f31b2ccc8").
  • rating - rating of the place.
  • reviews - number of reviews
  • reviews_link - link to the place's reviews.
  • reviews_per_score - JSON object with reviews per score.
  • photos_count - number of photos from the place.
  • photo - image link of the place.
  • street_view - image link of the place street view.
  • working_hours - JSON object with working hours of the place.
  • working_hours_old_format - working hours of the place.
  • popular_times - popular time of the place (works only for individual search, e.g. query: "Hotel Colombo Berat", "0x3e49a63f6b05fe3b:0xc73d6b1f31b2ccc8").
  • business_status - current status of the business.
  • about - extra information about the place (e.g. Identifies as women-owned, LGBTQ+ friendly).
  • description - place description.
  • range - price range of the place.
  • posts - JSON object with posts from the place (works only for some places).
  • verified - indicates if the place was claimed.
  • owner_id - unique identifier of the place owner.
  • owner_title - title of the owner's profile page.
  • owner_link - link to owner profile on Google Maps.
  • reservation_links - link to make reservation.
  • booking_appointment_link - link to book appointment.
  • menu_link - link to menu.
  • order_links - link to place an order.
  • location_link - link to the place on Google Maps.
  • place_id - unique identifier of the place (Google might update it a couple of times per a year).
  • google_id - unique identifier of the place, also known as Feature ID (Google might update it a couple of times per a year).
  • cid - multi platform ID of a listing in Google ecosystem.
  • reviews_id - unique identifier of the places' reviews.

Using Outscraper and extracting data is very easy. It is much faster than collecting data manually. It saves time. Let’s look at ways to manually and automatically collect longitude and latitude data from Google Maps.

Collecting Longitude and Latitude Data on Google Maps Manually

Google Maps does not directly show the location’s longitude and latitude information on the home screen. But it can be seen in the right-click menu.

Longitude and Latitude Data on Google Maps

Clicking on the “Longitude and Latitude” line will copy this data to the clipboard. The data “40.7432294426243494, -73.98741247232803” is expressed in a text like this.

So what should you do if you want to find the coordinates of multiple places, for example, all museums in New York? Or from the Google Maps URL list of your locations?

For each location, “hover over the location pin, right-click, copy and paste” steps take a lot of time. Outscraper offers a solution to this issue with its Google Maps scraping service. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service can extract the longitude and latitude data from both categories and URLs in bulk.

How to Extract Longitude and Latitude From Google Maps in Bulk?

There are two ways to extract longitude and latitude with Outscraper’s Google Maps Data Scraper service cumulatively. The first is to create a scraping task by specifying a location and category. The second is to create a task using location URLs.

When creating a scraping task, selecting the location and category is enough. If you need to create more complex tasks, it is recommended that you look at this article: “Getting Started With Google Maps Scraping.”

Longitude and Latitude Extraction With Category and Location

The service will find all the museums in New York and list the coordinates of these museums one by one. It will extract both coordinates and all other data.

Longitude and Latitude Extraction Result

The data of all museums are sorted and listed in the result file. Each place and its data are listed one below the other. The result file can be in CSV/XLSX/JSON/Parquet format. And it can be opened with a spreadsheet viewer like Google Sheets.

Extracting Coordinates With Google Maps URLs

“Plain queries” mode must be activated to extract coordinates with Google Maps links. In this mode, a category and location do not have to be selected. It is sufficient to just copy and paste the Google Maps links of the places.

Longitude and Latitude Extraction Result in Plain Queries Mode

Results will be listed in the same way. It is possible to extract coordinates collectively in both ways. Whichever way is suitable for the intended use is preferred. You can try these two ways by signing up for Outscraper now.

Try for Free Now

It is free to try Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service with the free tier. Outscraper bills with the pay-as-you-go model. You only pay for what you use. There is no fixed monthly fee. Test first and then use more for your project.


Most frequent questions and answers

The only way to search and list all restaurants without skipping any of them is to use zip codes. For this, we recommend that you take a look at the “Scraping All Places From Google Maps” tutorial.

There are more than 650,000 restaurants in the US. The list and dataset of all these restaurants can be obtained with the Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service.

The best way to find restaurant data is with Google Maps. Restaurants in all states and cities can be easily found on Google Maps. The data of these restaurants can be extracted with the Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service.

There are more than 5,000 categories in Google Maps. Dozens of different categories determine the types of restaurants. Results can be filtered by choosing from these categories.

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