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Pay as you go with monthly metered usage billing.

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Usage before 500 reviews
$0 /up to 500 reviews
  • Free for the first 500 reviews
  • CSV/Excel/Parquet/JSON
  • API access

Business Tier

Usage after 50,000 reviews
$2/1,000 records
  • Price per 1k records for the usage after 50k reviews
  • CSV/Excel/Parquet/JSON
  • API access
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Why Scrape Booking Reviews With Outscraper?

Full Coverage

Ensure comprehensive review coverage from, providing valuable insights for industries such as travel, hospitality, and market research.

Emails & Contacts

Enrich your review data with detailed contact information including emails, phone numbers, social media links, and more, enabling more effective customer engagement and follow-up campaigns.

Real-Time Data

Benefit from our cutting-edge technology that delivers live data updates, allowing you to act on the most current information and make timely decisions.

Limitless Speed

Experience fast and reliable data access with our high-performance, globally distributed servers. Outscraper's core technology is optimized to handle millions of tasks simultaneously without delays.

Cloud Scraping Advantages

Protect your IP and ensure uninterrupted scraping activities by using Outscraper's cloud servers. Our dedicated team keeps the software up-to-date, ensuring seamless scraping even as target sites change.

Lead Generation

Enhance your lead generation strategies with detailed insights from Booking reviews. Identify potential leads and turn data into actionable opportunities for your business.

Is It Legal to Scrape Data?
Scraping and extracting of public data is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

In fact, big search engines companies are getting a big part of their data by scraping thousands of public websites.

API Docs

Use the data from your app. Check out the API Docs to see code examples.

Results Guarantee
We provide a complete refund within 3 days of your purchase if Outscraper's tools fail to retrieve data from the web.

Try Outscraper for free with a monthly renewable Free Tier.

What Clients Say?

Mihai Vinatoru
Mihai VinatoruManaging Partner
Read More
Outscraper is providing fast and reliable data on Google Maps locations, in a simple and intuitive interface. The platform has advanced features, yet is user friendly enough. In the last 12 months, we used Outscraper to extract relevant public data regarding 120,000+ locations.
Juan G
Juan GPartner at Growth97
Read More
As a Digital Marketing Consultancy, Outscraper has truly been a gamechanger for both our business and our clients. It has allowed us to reach new potential clients and deliver breath-taking ROI campaigns for our clients. Anyone considering using Outscraper I would strongly recommend using it
Travis Howell
Travis HowellResearcher
Read More
Outscraper has been much easier to use than other alternatives, and it has provided me with some great information. Their customer service has been helpful too when I've needed it.
Alex Crivion
Alex CrivionEnvapreneur
Read More
Outscraper is the best API service I’ve ever had to discover by pure luck (in an article from - was seeking something like this since 2019 and this platform is the only one actually working and doing the job.
SilviaS1-BRANDING Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
Read More
Thank you very much for your reply and help! If you don't mind please deliver my thanks to the developer team. I hope you all thrive!
Read More
Thank you so much for providing a brilliant platform “Outscraper” to find a huge amount of data in a few minutes, also, thanks for boosting my sales
Nate Lile
Nate LileEntrepreneur
Read More
I've been testing and using Outscraper for a few weeks now. I'm incredibly happy with their current offerings and I'm looking forward to them adding more public sources. Its stupid easy to use and so affordable. Thanks guys!
Russell Hesse
Russell HesseCMO
Read More
What an awesome tool for getting marketing lead prospects. It's much faster than the estimates they give when doing a scrape. (It's always good to under-promise & over-deliver to your customers)...
Ashish Kumar
Ashish KumarData analyst and front-end designer
Read More
This service has been extremely helpful for me. Apart from their super fast API for various services, their amazing support is something that would make you go back to them. Dana from Outscraper team had helped me tirelessly for 3 days when I got into an issue and the dev team even made a spot update in their SDK package to suit my requirements. Highly recommended!
Dion Kenney
Dion KenneyCOO of Mondofora
Read More
I wish I had found it sooner. I've been manually collecting data from Google Maps for the past 15 months! The first search produced more usable data in 20 minutes than my 15 months did altogether.
 Ian Mason
Ian MasonCTO
Read More
Outscraper is the best scraper I've found. I cannot believe how well it works, how much data I get back, with no errors or headaches. I can make any directory site I want now

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, it is legal to scrape listings on the platform. It’s important to be mindful of GDPR in the European Union and other global regulations protecting personal data. Keep scraping for legitimate purposes and avoid unauthorized access to personal information.

  1. Login to Booking Reviews scraper.
  2. Add Queries or Select a file.
  3. Select sorting parameters.
  4. Check other parameters.
  5. Click “Scrape reviews”.

Utilizing web scraping enables you to gather crucial data from platforms such as Booking. This information provides valuable insights into customer perspectives, empowering you to refine products or services and elevate the overall customer experience.

Booking’s review scraper streamlines data extraction from for deeper customer insights. Whether you’re keen on monitoring competitors, aggregating authentic client feedback, or refining your business strategy through insightful analysis, this versatile bot ensures a swift and straightforward solution. Unlock the potential for enhancing your business operations with seamless data extraction tailored to your specific objectives.