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Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service is included in the HubSpot Ecosystem. Integration is available on the HubSpot App Marketplace now.

HubSpot Ecosystem Outscraper Google Maps Integration

Thanks to this integration, you can directly export places from Google Maps into your CRM and create lead lists easily and effortlessly. Let’s see how you can set up this integration easily with only a few steps and export the data.

How to Connect Outscraper With HubSpot?

Integration setup consists of a few short steps. You can access the Outscraper integration directly from the HubSpot App Marketplace or your Outscraper integrations page.

Outscraper Integrations

Outscraper has many integrations for different services. You can see all the integrations you can use in Outscraper on the dashboard. HubSpot Integration’s installation can be started immediately by clicking the HubSpot integration link on the page.

Choose HubSpot Account For Integration

As soon as you click the integration link, the HubSpot setup page will welcome you. It will ask you which account you want to link with Outscraper. HubSpot does not mention the account email address here. Shows the company or business details registered when the account was created.

Company Name and Account Number on HubSpot

You can check the company name in the top right menu to ensure you connect with the correct account. The account ID and company name can be seen there.

Google Maps Integration on Zapier

Select the account and proceed by clicking the “Choose Account” button if everything is correct. And, integration setup menu will ask for confirmation to access the account.

Confirmation Menu For App Connecting

Please approve it by clicking the “Connect app” button. You will see a confirmation notification in the Outscraper dashboard after approval.

"Connection Successful" Notification

If everything goes well, the linked email address and “Export GMB places” option will be activated on the integration page. Just click the “Export GMB places” box and enable it.

Enable the "Export GMB places" Option

It can be seen that Outscraper integration was successful on the HubSpot “Connected Apps” page as well. Outscraper app will appear in the list.

Outscraper App Has Been Connected to HubSpot

Everything is ready. Now we can move on to the Google Maps scraping phase. Creating Google Maps scraping tasks is simple with Outscraper’s user-friendly app dashboard.

Scraping and Exporting Google Maps Data

After the integration, the “Export GMB places” option will be activated, and the created tasks’ results will be automatically exported to the companies section in HubSpot. Let’s create an example Google Maps Data Scraper task.

Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper App Dashboard

We will scrape “Real Estate Agencies” in Los Angeles. We set the limit to 50, making it a manageable task. We start the task and wait for the result.

Result File of Example Scraping Task

There are 50 records in the result file. These 50 companies’ records were exported to HubSpot automatically. 

HubSpot Exported Companies List

You can edit and list columns in HubSpot to show the data you need. Thanks to the “Emails & Contacts Scraper” service, Outscraper can collect the email addresses of businesses on Google Maps. So you can create a B2B lead list of your target market in HubSpot. A detailed tutorial can be read in the “How to Extract Emails from Google Maps?” blog post.

We also recommend reading the article “How to Scrape Google Maps?” to learn the basic parameters of the Google Maps Data Scraper service. And please take a look at the “Google Maps Data Scraper Filters” article to get the most out of your tasks by using the filtering options.

Connect Your Account to HubSpot Now

You can connect your account now from your Outscraper App Dashboard. Or you can directly install the Outscraper App on the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Creating an account on Outscraper is completely free. If you do not have one, you can sign up now. Outscraper services are ready for you.

Uninstalling Your HubSpot Integration

You can uninstall the integration by navigating to the Integration page and clicking a basket icon.


Most frequent questions and answers

Outscraper has integration for HubSpot. Thus, you can easily export the leads you extracted with Outscraper Google Maps Scraper to HubSpot. 

Outscraper has a Google Maps Data Scraper integration on HubSpot App Marketplace. You can directly reach the integration on HubSpot. And set up the integration in a few minutes. You can export local business data from Google Maps into HubSpot CRM easily.

The integration of HubSpot and Outscraper provides convenience for sales and email marketing people. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper finds new local leads. HubSpot also lets you organize these leads and track outreach.

There are more than 1000 apps that can integrate with HubSpot. Outscraper services are one of them. Leads extracted with Outscraper can be automatically imported into HubSpot CRM.

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