Integrate HubSpot with Outscraper and enrich your CRM companies with Google Maps businesses.

Three simple steps to get started

  1. 연결하다 Google Maps integration by Outscraper to your HubSpot account by opening the link and selecting your account.

  2. After following all the steps and confirmations you will be redirected to Outscraper. In order to finish the process login or sign up to Outscraper application by using email or a Google account.

  3. Verify the integration by visiting the Integrations page. Once your HubSpot account is connected you will see your account email.

Next steps

  1. Once your account is connected you can go to Google 지도 스크레이퍼 and select categories and locations to query the data you need. You can use this tutorial on how to do it.

  2. To receive the scraped data into your CRM mark "Export results to HubSpot" checkbox and start the extraction task.

  3. After scraping proccess is finished you will see the Google Maps places in your companies list.
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