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Creating an Account

Visit the Google Maps Reviews Scraper page to sign up now.

Enter your preferred email address and password then click Continue. If you wish, you can also register directly with your Google, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. (Skip this part if you have already an account. Click Log in using your credentials.)


Confirm Your Email

You will receive an email message to confirm your account by clicking the “confirm my account” link provided in the email.

Creating Tasks and Parameters

Select Google Services>Maps Reviews service from the left panel and open the Google Maps Reviews Scraper service. 

There are 6 essential parameters that should be specified for your tasks.

Click to View


Outscraper scrapes businesses in specified categories. You can also search keywords as category identifiers with Outscraper, but general categories are useful for giving ideas about your target companies.

Check out the list of business categories on Google Maps:

Google Maps Business Categories

Choose the category you want to target from the list or write the keyword of your preferred category.

There are 2 different settings that affect your category selection. Google-like queries and Custom categories.

Google-like queries:

All expressions used in Google Maps can be used as a query


Select any country and city from the drop-down list. Outscraper searches only within the location you choose. Select your target country first.

After selecting the country, set your state and city choices and narrow down your regions for the results.


There are 4 different sorting parameters you can use to get the results you want while creating scraping tasks. Most relevant, Newest, Highest rating, and Lowest rating.

The same filtering selections available on Google Maps are available on Outscraper and get the same results.

Most Relevant:

When you select Most relevant filter, you will get Google’s featured reviews of selected places.

Get the oldest and newest reviews on the dates you specify by selecting the newest filter. Dates can be set for both oldest reviews and newest reviews. 

The Highest rating filter starts to list and fetch the comments from the highest, just like Google Maps. One of the advantages of Outscraper is that you can filter your listing according to a review star limit you want.

Lowest rating:

As with the highest filter, you can also choose to extract the lowest-rated comments with the lowest rating filter.


3 different parameters can be used to limit your results: Reviews limit per one place, Places per one query search and Skip

Advanced Parameters


The keywords you aim to scrape may have a special meaning in a different language. For this reason, when it is desired to search for that language, it is appropriate to select that language in the language section of the advanced parameters section.

Ignore reviews without text:

When people leave a review on Google Maps, sometimes they just give stars without writing a remark. If you are going to create a Google review scraping task because you only need to analyze the comments, you can choose this filter.

Tags & Extensions

Give any tag you want to your tasks and specify the extension of the result file in a way that suits you.

Complete Setting Parameters

Set all your parameters and review for the last time. If all parameters are ok, click the ‘Scraper reviews’ button.

Confirm Your Task

Read the information about result estimation and click the confirm button to start the task.


Track Your Task's Progress

On the Tasks page, you can track the progress of your all tasks.

Download Your Result File

Download the results of your tasks at any time.

All results are stored on servers for 30 days only.

Review Your File

Review your result files with Excel or with the spreadsheet viewer that can open xlsx files.

Click to download and review the sample task: 202202070031339135_rest_comments.xlsx

The result file contains these columns (data). You can edit and use this data as you wish.

name, google_id, place_id, location_link, reviews_link, reviews_per_score, rating, review_id, author_link, author_title, author_id, author_image, review_text, review_img_url, owner_answer, owner_answer_timestamp, owner_answer_timestamp_datetime_utc, review_link, review_rating, review_timestamp, review_datetime_utc, review_likes, reviews_id

Video Tutorial


Pricing Page And Cost Calculator

There is no monthly subscription fee in Outscraper. You only pay for what you use.

Please visit our pricing page for pricing details on our Google Maps Reviews scraping service.

Pricing Page:

There are 3 different tiers for pricing. These are Free Tier, Medium Tier and Business Tier. Pricing for these tiers can be checked on the pricing page. There is also a cost calculator on the pricing page. You can use the cost calculator to see how much your results will cost.

Service Pricing Tool On Dashboard

After registration, the “Service pricing” tool can help you with pricing on the Google Maps Reviews Scraper service page on the Outscraper App Dashboard.

Service pricing tool will be shown on the right.

If you specify how many reviews you want to scrape, you can see how much the task will cost you. Please visit the Billing Information page to add credit or provide your credit card.

Payment Methods

Free Tier

Enjoy a certain amount of free tier credits each month in Outscraper. These credits are renewed monthly as shown on the pricing page.

You can check how many free credits you have for a particular service on the pricing page.

Payment Methods

You can use the prepaid payment method by adding credit, or you can add your credit card and make your payment postpaid at the end of your billing period. Please visit the Billing Information page to determine your payment method.

Prepaid - Add Credit

Add credits to your account in order to start using Outscraper. The minimum limit is 10 USD. Add as many credits as you want and spend them whenever you want.

Add Credit

Credits can be added by credit card, cryptocurrency and PayPal.

Postpaid - Add Credit Card

In the prepaid method, you pay first and then use it, but in the postpaid method, you provide a credit card and you start using it. You will make the payment when your billing period is over.

Add Credit Card

Billing Period

Information about the billing period’s start and end dates can be found on the profile page. You can also track the amount of the upcoming invoice from there. If you wish you can generate the invoice manually once you have an amount due.

Upcoming Invoice

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