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Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper is a web service that extracts Google Maps data according to the specified category and location. Using Outscraper is very easy. Specify the category, select the location, and start the search. That’s it!

Sample scenario: A client who manufactures and sells disposable products to “medical spas”. Now, he needs to find a Led Gen Agency to collect lead information from all “medical spas” in Los Angeles, California.

Let’s do this with the Maps Scraper service. Select the Maps service on the App Dashboard and set the parameters. Choose the category we have determined for the target market and set the location from the drop-down list. The task is ready with general parameters now.

Finding New Clients for Web Design Company

We are delighted that Outscraper is preferred by many different industries. Web design companies are one of the industries utilizing Outscraper to help grow their business and find new clients with ease.

Nowadays, we think as if all companies have websites. Nevertheless, there are still several businesses that do not have websites, especially local ones, and it is not easy to find companies without existing websites.

Website design agencies usually find their customers through their own networks. Or the business that wants to have a new website reaches out to these agencies via Google search.

Word-of-mouth marketing is quite powerful, but of course, it can be exhausting at times to scale a business through this method. There has to be a way to find businesses that do not have websites. Outscraper comes to your aid at this point. It makes it very easy to find businesses without websites.

All businesses add their websites to their Google My Business profile, which is very important to them. There are hardly any businesses with websites that are doing the same thing. Using this information as a reference, scanning businesses without websites on Google Maps allows to create a great database of potential customers.

In addition to identifying these companies for you, Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper also lists the phone numbers of these businesses. In this way, you will be as close as making a phone call to making the web design contract with the new customer.

Using Outscraper services is very simple. You can quickly create an account by visiting the Sign Up page, and you can try the Google Maps Data Scraper service within the free tier.

Outscraper comes with various filtering options for you to use Google Maps Data Scraper service effectively. We recommend checking the Tutorial page to see how the general parameters are arranged and the Google Maps Data Scraper Filters page for detailed filtering.

Please read our tutorial about how to use the Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service before creating a custom filtered task to find leads for your web design company.

Using Filters for Finding Companies Without Websites

As explained on the Google Maps Data Scraper Filters page and tutorial, Outscraper allows you to use many filters while extracting Google Maps data. The filter option to list businesses without websites is one of them.

When filtering in this manner, you should open the Google Maps Data Scraper service as usual and determine the details, such as category and location. We recommend that you take a look at the Alphabetical List of Businesses Categories Listed on Google Maps to search for these niches in the right category. In this example, we targeted “HVAC contractors”.

Task Parameters

It is necessary to add a filter in the advanced parameters section to do website filtering. “Site” as a field and “is blank” as the operator must be selected from the filters list.

Website Filter

That’s it for filtering. Very easy. Just select the category, choose the location, and extract with one filter. This is how the parameter screen will be shown before starting the task.

Parameters Final Screen

Sample Results

You can track your tasks on the Tasks page and download the result files from here. You can open result files with any spreadsheet viewer.

Result File - HVAC Contractor Companies Without Website

Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper has successfully listed companies. None of these companies has a website registered on Google Maps. It is very likely that they do not have a website at all.

Download sample result file: HVAC_Contractors_Without_Website_LA

Google Maps Data - Company Details

These companies have good reviews but do not have existing websites and poor social media management. They are good potential customers for web design and social media services. All the details of the companies will be clearly on your list. Phone numbers, street addresses, and more. You can register now and reach your new potential customer list too from Outscraper.

So what to do now? You have a lot of potential customers, but reaching them is another challenge. Since they do not have websites, it is not possible to reach these companies via e-mail. For this reason, you can reach them via phone, such as landline or mobile phone. We would like to share a few ways on how you can do this.

Reaching Out to Potential Clients

Identifying whether the number registered in Google Maps is a fixed line or mobile number allows you to choose how you can reach them. The scraped result file has the phone numbers of the businesses. You can determine whether these numbers are fixed line or mobile numbers with Outscraper’s “Phone Numbers Enricher” service.

Phone Numbers Enricher Service

You can check the phone number list directly by copy-pasting it into the phone number box.

Phone Numbers Enricher Service Result File

Phone Numbers Enricher service can also be used as an enrichment service on Google Maps Data Scraper tasks. You can find companies without websites and enrich their phone numbers with one single task simultaneously.

Phones Enricher as Enrichment Service

Phones Enricher Service (“Enrich results by other services, add emails, social media, more phones, legal names, NAICS, SIC, employees number, etc.) can be selected from the option.

Google Maps Data Scraper Result File - Phones Enricher

All data is listed in a single result file. Sample Result File: Companies_Without_Website_Phones_Enrich

SMS Marketing

Number List

You can sort out the mobile phone numbers in the list for SMS marketing. Web design service offers can be forwarded to them with the Outscraper “SMS Messaging” service.

SMS Messaging Service

Choose a suitable text to best promote your offer. Send this text as an SMS to the entire list with Outscraper SMS sending service.

Cold Calling

It is possible to organize a cold calling campaign in cases where SMS marketing is not preferred. It is possible to call both fixed line numbers and mobile numbers in the cold calling campaign.

The most basic problem in running the cold calling campaign is making international calls. Normally, international calls are very expensive. For this reason, it is a challenge for web design agencies to sell their services to other countries.

The easiest way to overcome this challenge is to use VoIP services. VoIP services allow you to make international calls at affordable prices.

There are many VoIP companies that provide this service. The most popular of these is Skype. Thanks to Skype, you can call various countries in the world at very affordable prices.

Skype Pricing

It lets you call numbers in the United States for up to 2000 minutes for just €3.60. It is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to do web design work for companies in the United States.

Skype also does another favor for web design agencies that want to reach potential customers in this way. This is the “Skype Number” service.

Skype Number Service

Choose a country for your target market and buy your new Skype number. Thus, when you call a potential customer, the phone number appears to be from their own country. This will increase the probability of doing business.

You are now ready for cold outreach with your Skype number and credit. Just start your marketing campaign by calling businesses that do not have a website one by one.

Sign Up and Start to Reach Your Potential Clients Now

Outscraper defines a free usage limit every month under the ‘Free Tier’. You can check the Pricing page for pricing and free tier limits. Sign up and try the Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service for free now.


Most frequent questions and answers

Google Maps is a great resource for finding a new web design client. Local businesses without websites can be found using the Outscraper Google Maps Scraper service. All these businesses are potential customers.

Businesses without websites need to be scanned to find new customers. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service can do this. Outscraper lets you find businesses that don’t have websites in local markets.

Web developers often find their clients from their own networks. Apart from this, the rate of providing services to businesses in their own regions and cities is high. Outscraper makes it easier for web developers to find customers by finding local companies that don’t have websites on Google Maps.


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