What is Quora's “List Match Audience” Feature?

Quora’s “list match audience” feature enables you to create a custom audience to target your campaign or to help attribute conversions by using your data, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

For more details: https://www.quora.com/about/list_match_audience_terms

Quora and Quora Ads

Quora is a pool of questions that can be called the common wisdom of people all over the world. People from various parts of the world seek answers here by asking their questions. The answers provided serve as a guide for all visitors who have the same question mark.

Of course, these questions and answers given on Quora, where there is such an high volume, can be a great traffic source for businesses.

As Quora is aware of this, they launched the Quora Ads service in April 2016. You can check out the Quora Ads service here.


Quora has a custom audience/match audience feature just like Facebook and LinkedIn.

How To Create Matched Audience On LinkedIn For Your Business?


If your targeted B2B target clients reach you or your competitors through Quora answers, you want to increase this traffic. It would be a good idea to use Quora Ads to increase your reach to these target clients. Delivering the ads to the targeted audience will both reduce your advertising costs and increase its effectiveness. It is necessary to use the “List Match Audience” feature for this.

You can use Outscraper for Quora just as you use it for the Facebook and LinkedIn custom audience/match audience feature. 

Creating Audience on Quora

The main identifier for Quora Ads is email addresses. That is why they declare that when creating a List Match Audience, it is sufficient to upload a csv file with the mails written one after the other.

Source: https://quoraadsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001555272

So let’s create a List Match Audience by going through an example again.  We will use Digital Marketing Agencies result file scraped with Outscraper as in our previous blog post.

Download the Digital Marketing Agency B2B Lead List Sample: Digital Marketing Agencies

(Scraped with Google Maps Scraper and enriched with Emails & Contact Scraper)

Quora Ads Dashboard

First visit the Quora Audience page and click the “Create Audience” button.

“Create an audience” menu will appear on screen. Select the “List Match” option and click next.

Type your “Audience name” and “Description” in the boxes.

Preparing CSV File

Download the Digital Marketing Agency B2B Lead List Sample: Digital Marketing Agencies

Open and edit the file.

All email addresses in the email_1, email_2, and email_3 columns should be copied. Then, create a new excel file. Paste all the emails one after the other in the first column. Save the file as a csv file by saying save as. A sample csv file to be uploaded: Quora_Emails_Digital_Marketing.

Uploading the Prepared List

Choose your csv file to upload to Quora and click the “Create” button. Quora will show you a notification message.

That’s it. All email addresses have been uploaded and data has started to be processed by Quora.

You can create Lookalike Quora Audiences or advertise directly to email owners with this List Match Audience on Quora.

Create Targeted Audiences for Your Quora Ads Now

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Most frequent questions and answers

Quora features three different ways to create targeted audiences for campaigns. Website Traffic Audiences, List Match Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences.

  1. Website Traffic Audience: You can create a targeted audience for your website visitors with a retargeting campaign. For advertisers who’ve had success with re-marketing campaigns, it’s an ideal funnel to consider.

  2. List Match Audience: You can create a tailored audience to market your content towards a pre-designed group of people. E-newsletter subscribers, a lead list, or existing customers are all possible audiences you could create.

  3. Lookalike Audience: Create a new lookalike audience in your Quora Ads Manager to target a higher potential of being high-value customers. You could also use it to add scale to your campaigns.

You can create a “List Match Audience” by uploading your B2B Lead List, which you scraped with Outscraper, to Quora Campaign Manager.

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