What is Email Scraper?

Email Scraper, aka Email Extractor, is an online app that collects and lists all email addresses share on the page by visiting websites. You may have a database of websites of your potential customers and you want to extract emails from that database.

There are many different ways to extract emails from websites. You can collect emails manually, via PC software, or via services like Outscraper Emails Scraper. Customers’ e-mail addresses, Facebook, GitHub, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter, and YouTube accounts can also be scraped using Outscraper.

Check the demo results on the service page and then read our tutorial to help you extract emails yourself.

Emails & Contacts Scraper

How to Extract Emails with Outscraper Emails Scraper?

1. Sign Up on Outscraper

Browse Sign Up Page and create your account. Please do not forget to verify your email address after signing up. 

Email Scraper Sign Up

2. Find Domain Contacts Service on Dashboard

Check the demo results on the service page and then read our tutorial to help you extract emails yourself.

3. Run the Service by Filling in the Required Fields

Please fill in the “Domains and URLs” section with your links from your database line by line.

If your list is quite long, you could also upload it as a *.CSV, *.XLSX, or Parquet File.

You can use the “Task tags” area to tag your task to remember your process.

When you fill in all the sections, it will be ready to extract emails from domains.

4. Confirm the Task to Extract Emails

Please click the confirm button when you see your links on the confirmation pop-up and verify them. Outscraper will work on your query.

Your query will be sent to the “Tasks Page” after your confirmation.

4. Download Your Results

You will get an email from Outscraper when your task is finished.

Also, you can track your task progress from the “Tasks Page” on Dashboard.

Your results can be downloaded directly from your notification email and tasks page.

5. Review Your Results

Review your results with any kind of spreadsheet software. Your results will be like this.

Sign Up & Start to Try It Free Now

As you can see, it is very easy to extract emails from web pages with Outscraper Emails Scraper.

Outscraper is ready to offer its services with a price advantage and ease.


Emails & Contacts Scraper


Most frequent questions and answers

Email extractor services can extract any emails from a website. Outscraper Emails & Contacts Scraper can help you to extract emails and contacts from web pages.

  1. Copy and paste your URL list to Outscraper Emails & Contacts service dashboard.
  2. Create a task.
  3. Outscraper will visit all websites and it will crawl all emails one by one.
  4. Download the result file.
  1. Copy and paste your URL to Outscraper Emails & Contacts Scraper.
  2. Create scraping task.
  3. Outscraper will scrape all Emails, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub and other social media accounts from your target website.
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