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Enriching Company Data

Outscraper Team has added a new feature to the popular Google Maps Data Scraper service. This is a company’s data enrichment service. Thanks to this new enricher service, you can add further details to your company and lead lists.

The following Google Maps Data fields/details will be added to the enriched list:

Full Address
Postal Code
Country Code
Us State
Plus Code
Time Zone
Popular Times
Reviews Tags
Reviews Data
Photos Count
Google ID
Place ID
Reviews Link
Reviews ID
Street View
Working Hours Old Format
Working Hours
Business Status
Reviews Per Score 1
Reviews Per Score 2
Reviews Per Score 3
Reviews Per Score 4
Reviews Per Score 5
Reviews Per Score
Reservation Links
Booking Appointment Link
Menu Link
Order Links
Owner ID
Owner Title
Owner Link
Location Link

You can use the data you have for various use case scenarios with these newly added details. Automatic reports can be generated showing a business’s reputation on Google Maps. How many ratings and reviews does a company have on Google Maps? What is the rating of the business? What are the most relevant comments? Any reports containing answers to many details can be prepared with our enricher service and can be used for client acquisition.

Creating Tasks For Enriching The Companies Data

You can upload your CSV/XLSX/Parquet file directly to the Google Maps Data Scraper Enrichment service. Just make sure that the file contains fields that the enriching service can use to identify the companies (e.g., company name, legal name, business name, name, address, city, state, zip code, country).

When you have a csv file like this sample list, Outscraper will identify the companies and can enrich your list.

Download Sample List: Sample_List

Sample Company List

Uploading the file to the Outscraper Enricher service is quite simple. Just visit the Google Maps Data Scraper service on the dashboard and upload your file by clicking the “Enrich File” button.

Upload The File

Choose your list from the file browser, and you are ready to start your task.

Start The Task

The Outscraper service will shortly process and enrich the list. 

If you upload the file in XLSX, the result file will be in XLSX, but if you upload the file in CSV format, the result file will be in CSV format. Use the spreadsheet viewer to download and review the CSV/XLSX file. Choose your list from the file browser, and you are ready to start your task.

Enriched Companies Data List

Enriched Company List

All fields added by the Enricher service are included in the file with the google_maps_data prefix. In this way, you can distinguish between the initial data in the list and the enriched details.

Download Enriched Sample List File: Sample_List_Enriched

Usage and pricing of the Enricher service is done through the Google Maps Data Scraper service. Visit the Google Maps Scraper page to use the service to enrich companies data. Sign up for free and try it now.

After getting this enriched list, you will have these businesses’ Google ID and Place ID lists. So you can add reviews about these businesses to your database by using the Outscraper Google Maps Reviews scraper service by using Google ID or Place IDs.

Extracting Google Maps Reviews With Google IDs From the Enriched List

Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper allows you to extract reviews of any place on Google Maps. When you use the Maps Reviews Scraper service in Google-like plain queries mode, you can use Google or Places IDs to scrape reviews.

Since the company data enricher service provides us with Google ID data among the results, you can copy these IDs directly and use them in the review scraping service.

Google IDs

To start off your task with the Google Maps Reviews Scraper, press the button to enable the Google-like plain queries mode and paste the IDs into the box.

Google Maps Reviews Scraper

Then, you can start the task just by confirming it. All reviews will be extracted accordingly. Reviews of businesses will be listed separately in full detail.


Download Sample List Reviews: Sample List Reviews

Visit the service page to learn more about Google Maps Reviews Scraper. Sign up now and try the Outscraper Google Maps Data Enricher and Google Maps Reviews Scraper services for free.

Create an Account and Try All Services for Free

Pricing of all services can be viewed on this page. You can create an account for free and try all our services with “Free Tier”. Check it out now and start using Outscraper services.


Most frequent questions and answers

You need a tool or service to extract business data from Google Maps. Thus, you can extract business data in the desired location and category. A service like Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper allows you to collect business data from Google Maps without any limits. It also allows you to create an enriched list by fetching business email addresses that are not normally found in Google Maps from different sources.

Google builds Google Maps data with its own resources, partner datasets, and information added by contributors.

The scraping and extracting of public data is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that automated scraping of publicly accessible data does not violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). Although, You should seek the counsel of an attorney on your specific matter to comply with the laws in your jurisdiction.

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