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What is HubSpot?

 HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

HubSpot’s software includes a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), marketing automation tools for lead management, and a sales funnel. HubSpot equips companies to better manage marketing, sales, service, and operations efforts. The company also offers a platform called HubSpot Lead Management, which is designed to help small business owners manage their lead generation.

How You Can Use HubSpot for Lead Generation?

Lead generation is an important part of any business’s strategy. The main objective of generating leads is to find potential customers who are interested in the company’s products or services. Lead generation can be done through various means, such as advertising, content marketing, social media campaigns, etc.

HubSpot offers a range of tools that can help manage leads for your business. These tools are aimed at different stages of the lead generation process: finding, converting, and tracking. HubSpot tools must be fed with data for lead generation processes to work. Data, scraped and enriched with Outscraper services, contributes to this lead generation process and creates a lead database.

How Outscraper and HubSpot Work Together to Generate Leads?

Outscraper allows you to generate leads from Google Maps and domains with Google Maps Scraper and Emails & Contacts Scraper services. And also, Outscraper can enrich the leads generated from these services with Email Validator and Phone Number Validator services. Integration is needed for Outscraper and HubSpot to work synchronously. Thus, a lead can be followed in the most accurate way.

Outscraper generates leads from scraping services and then enriches the data with its enrichment services. After that, Outscraper can transfer these data to HubSpot with an integration. After the data is imported, lead generation management can be started with HubSpot.

Outscraper HubSpot Integration

All leads created with Outscraper services are automatically transferred to HubSpot with Outscraper HubSpot integration. With this, lead generation processes can be followed with HubSpot services and CRM. Check out the article on how to integrate HubSpot with Outscraper.

Outscraper Services for Lead Generation

Google Maps is the best lead source covering the whole world. It is very easy to find businesses in any category, anywhere in the world. Google Maps has data for each region thanks to its local contributors.

For these reasons, it makes sense to use Google Maps data for lead generation. However, extracting Google Maps data alone is not enough. Standard data found on Google Maps could not be enough. These include lead data such as a full address, phone number, and website. But Outscraper’s services take this data to the next level. It also scrapes the website registered with Google Maps and extracts email and contact information from there.

B2B leads are generated directly from Google Maps thanks to the combined work of these services. The Outscraper blog post about generating B2B leads with Google Maps Scraper can be accessed here in detail.

Enrichment services add emails, social media accounts, more phones, legal names, NAICS, SIC, employee numbers, and more to the lead data list. Available enrichment services for now:

Emails & Contacts Scraper
Phones Enricher
Emails Validator
US Companies Data Enricher

Enrichment Services List

Enrichment services can be selected from the “Enrich results by other services” list in the Google Maps Scraper task-creating dashboard. The data obtained as a result of the scraping task is automatically enriched in a single task. There is no need to take any extra action. Here are the results of a sample task created for the “HVAC Contractor” category.

Generated and Enriched Lead Data with Outscraper

HVAC Contractors located in Los Angeles are listed and extracted in this task. Emails & Contacts Scraper, Phones Enricher, Emails Validator, US Companies Data Enricher services were used to enrich the lead data. To review in detail: HVAC_Enriched_Lead_Database

Discover Outscraper Services and Try It for Free Now

Check out the service page to review all Outscraper services in detail and click on the “Try It for Free Now” button to sign up freely and test all services. Outscraper is ready to offer you its services to make the best lead generation management by using HubSpot tools.


Most frequent questions and answers

Outscraper generates local leads for you, and HubSpot organizes these leads and tracks outreach.

1. Decide on the most suitable category and location where you can find your potential customers.
2. Use Google Maps to find customers in the specified category and location.
3. Collect the list of found businesses.
4. Generate leads from these businesses.

Bonus: Use Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper to automate this process.

HubSpot allows you to organize and track lead generation and outreach processes with its CRM system.

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