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How to Scrape Google?

Google has become a platform that offers huge data on various services. Each Google service has its own data structure and architecture. For this reason, you can use different tools and services as Google Scraper. Google Search, Google Maps, Google Shopping, Google News, Google Images and other services can be scraped with Google Scrapers. There are various tools and services with which you can scrape Google services.

Some tools for Google Scraping:

  • Chrome browser extensions (Simplescraper, Data Scraper)
  • Free and open-source web-crawling framework like Scrapy written in Python
  • PC Software (Ahmad Software, LeadExtractor Tool)
  • Web services like Outscraper

You may be stuck with IP limits while using some tools due to Google’s restrictions. Therefore you can get very limited results daily. If you want to scrape Google services without these restrictions, it would be good to use a web service such as Outscraper.

Outscraper Google Scraper Services

Outscraper offers Google Scraper services with its user-friendly interface without facing any limits. You can easily scrape many Google services with Outscraper

These Google Scraper services are:

  • Google Search Scraper
  • Google Maps Data Scraper
  • Google Maps Reviews Scraper
  • Google News Scraper
  • Google Shopping Scraper
  • Google Images Scraper
  • Google Shopping Reviews Scraper
  • Google Maps Photos Scraper
  • Google Play Reviews Scraper
  • Google Maps Traffic Data Extractor

Google Search Scraper

Google Search Scraper is a service that allows you to scrape Google search results.

Its very easy to create a scraping task by specifying the keyword to search in Google and search result pages limit per one query.

You can view the results neatly in a spreadsheet file.

Try Google Search Scraper now.

Google Maps Data Scraper

Google Maps Data Scraper is one of the most demanded and used Google scraping service.

Details of a business such as full address, phone number, website, rating and number of reviews can be extracted with this Google Scraper.

Outscraper allows to create task and scrape results in desired category and location. Check out the alphabetical list of businesses categories listed on Google Maps :

As a result of the Google Maps Scraping task, you will get a detailed result file. The result file contains the following fields: Query, Name, Site, Type, Subtypes, Category, Phone, Full Address, Borough, Street, City, Postal Code, State, US State, Country, Country Code, Latitude, Longitude, Time Zone, Plus Code, Rating, Reviews, Reviews Link, Reviews Tags, Reviews Per Score, Photos Count, Photo, Street View, Working Hours, Working Hours Old Format, Popular Times, Business Status, About, Range, Posts, Description, Verified, Owner ID, Owner Title, Owner Link, Reservation Links, Booking Appointment Link, Order Links, Location Link, Place ID, Google ID, CID, Reviews ID

You can try Google Maps Data Scraper now with free tier.

Google Maps Reviews Scraper

Another popular Google Scraper is Google Maps Reviews Scraper. It can scrape any reviews of businesses/places registered on Google Maps without any limits. It is preferred by everyone working in areas such as competitor analysis, customer satisfaction, visitor behavior analysis and branch satisfaction.

When you try to crawl hundreds of reviews, it is very easy to get stuck with Google limits. Thanks to its internal proxies, Outscraper scraping services allow you to extract as many reviews as you want without any limits.

It is possible to scrape reviews of all businesses in a certain category and It is also possible to scrape reviews of a particular business/places.

Visit the Google Maps Reviews Scraper page for pricing and all other details.

Other Google Scraper Services

Outscraper has webservices that allow you to scrape many Google services. In addition, it offers services where you can scrape Amazon products and reviews and scrape emails from websites. Visit the services page to browse all these services.

Don’t forget to check out our blog for Outscraper services tutorials and various use cases.

Register now and try Outscraper Google Scraper services for free. Outscraper gives free credits every month.

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