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Where Can I Find a US Restaurant Database or List?

There is no official channel presenting the database of restaurants in the US. But there is a strong interest in a list or dataset of all restaurants in the United States. Marketers, suppliers, business analysts, and many other businesses want to access to the list of restaurants. Everyone is looking for a way to get to this list.

Google Maps is the easiest and most accurate way to see currently active restaurants in the United States. Every newly opened restaurant creates a profile on Google Maps due to commercial concerns.

For this reason, the simplest answer to the question “Where Can I Find a US Restaurant Database or List?” is Google Maps.

Google Maps Database of Restaurants in USA

Google Maps is the world’s largest business database. Businesses from the United States and all other countries can be found easily. This includes restaurants.

Restaurants in New York - Google Maps

Listing restaurants using Google Maps has several advantages. It is possible to narrow the search to small areas and scan only by a certain district or zip code.

There are more than 5,000 categories that Google Maps uses to classify businesses. Within these categories, there are dozens of subcategories related to restaurants on Google Maps. This makes it easier to reach the desired restaurants.

Mexican Restaurants in New York 10010

It is very simple to find “Mexican Restaurants” in the 10010 zip code region in New York, as in this example. Or find all the restaurants in New York with the same ease.

Google Maps is very advantageous in many ways. Categorizing, zoning, and obtaining information such as restaurants’ addresses, phone numbers, working hours, and websites. It is perfect for creating a restaurant database.

But there is a pain point. It takes a long time to collect information of all restaurants in a file one by one from Google Maps.

A solution is needed to ease this challenge. A solution to automate this work. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service can extract data from desired regions and categories from Google Maps.

Extracting Google Maps Database

Outscraper App Dashboard has a very useful and simple interface. It is effortless to extract restaurant data from the Google Maps Database using it. Select the location, choose a category, and start the task. That’s it.

Exporting New York Restaurant Database

It is possible to select a single city and district or an entire state. Outscraper can handle them all. It scans the selected region and saves all restaurants in a CSV/XLSX/JSON/Parquet file. Results can be downloaded as a compact list. Google Maps Data Scraper extracts more than 45 data from one location. Full address, phone number, website, and opening hours are the main ones.

Outscraper Result File: New York Restaurant Database

What is seen when searching on Google Maps, Outscraper transfers all these restaurants directly to the result file. All results are automatically downloaded. Only in crowded areas, it is not possible to find all restaurants with a single search query. 

Google Maps shows a certain number of results per query. This certain number is the maximum 500. Google’s limit makes it somewhat difficult to find all restaurants in densely populated areas. Because there will be restaurants that are not shown or listed due to the result limit.

There is a way to circumvent this limit. It is using zip codes. Outscraper allows scraping Google Maps with zip codes in detail. Creating a search query with zip codes for a crowded area provides an opportunity to go over the limit and list all restaurants.

If the restaurants you are looking for are in a densely populated area such as Brooklyn New York, please review the article on how to search by zip codes.

Extracting Restaurants Emails and Contacts

In addition to the basic location data, it may be desired to create a dataset with email, contact information, and social media accounts. If it is desired, Outscraper offers an innovative solution in this regard.

Thanks to the Emails & Contacts Scraper enrichment service email addresses, contact details like owners and managers and social media accounts can be found and added to the result file. Emails & Contacts Scraper service works with Google Maps Data Scraper in the same task. It can be added while creating the scraping task. No extra effort and effort required

Outscraper allows to create a dataset of restaurants from the desired city, state, and region with enriched data. It is simple and fast to use. Anyone who wants to find all restaurants and create a database can use Google Maps scraping and Outscraper. It is free to try.

Find All United States Restaurants With Outscraper Now

Outscraper is waiting for you to extract the restaurant database. It’s free to sign up for Outscraper and test the services. You can find and extract restaurants both in the United States and in any country in the world with Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper. Create a free account and start to use it now.


Most frequent questions and answers

  1. Visit Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service on the dashboard.
  2. Create a task with category and location or Google Maps URL
  3. Start the task
  4. Download the result file with all latitude and longitude data.

Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service lets you do it. You can extract all coordinates from a specific category and location or a list of places.

Outscraper can give you a result file as in .CSV or .XSLX format.

Yes, you can do it with Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper. You can extract any data from Google Maps with setting few parameters on Outscraper App Dashboard.

You need to use an extractor or scraping service. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service lets you to export all Google Maps data to CSV file easily.

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