Überwachung von Bewertungen auf Google Maps mit Outscraper

Online reputation is now invaluable to any business. Even a single negative review can chase off a potential customer and move to other competitors. For this reason, following online reputation for a company is as important as keeping the inside of the shop clean. 

The most important factors affecting online reputation are the Bewertungen and the ratings given to the business. Monitoring and paying attention to these ratings and reviews regularly will prevent loss of customers and revenue. 

All of these ratings and reviews should be dealt with individually. And all comments should be responded to on a regular basis. If a negative comment arises, it should be addressed without any further fuss.

Since it is such a sensitive issue that directly affects businesses, many businesses that provide “Online Reputation Management” and “Review & Rating Tracking” services have started to take place in the market.

Providing “Online Reputation Management” and “Review & Rating Tracking” service is not as easy as it seems. It is necessary to frequently follow up the reputation in many different places.

Je nach Unternehmen können die Kommentare und Bewertungen von verschiedenen Stellen stammen. Webdienste wie Yelp, TripAdvisor und Google Maps den Menschen die Möglichkeit geben, die erhaltenen Dienstleistungen zu bewerten.

Ein negativer Bericht auf Google Maps

Managing and tracking incoming reviews for a single business can be very simple. However, it is seriously difficult to do this for businesses with tens or hundreds of different branches. Or, a business that provides “Online Reputation Management” service to more than one business will not be able to follow up with the reviews and ratings of all its customers successively. Outscraper-Dienste can be used to overcome this difficulty. 

Many of our users choose to use Outscraper reviews scraper services for their “Online Reputation Management” and “Rating & Review Tracking” business. These services provide outstanding convenience for our users to grow and run their businesses.

Outscraper hat Yelp Bewertungen Scraper, TripAdvisor Bewertungen Scraper und Google Maps Bewertungen Scraper Dienste. Mit all diesen Diensten können die Bewertungen und Beurteilungen regelmäßig überprüft werden. Google Maps ist der beliebteste dieser Dienste.

Google Maps Reviews Scraper service allows you to scrape all reviews in just a single task. And it lets you scrape the latest reviews until a certain date with the “sorting” parameter. Thus, it is possible to only itemized newly received reviews and ratings in each periodic scrape task.

Abrufen negativer Kritiken und Bewertungen auf Google Maps mit Outscraper

With Outscraper, you can easily scrape all reviews and ratings of a business. You just need to copy the Google Maps link of the business and paste it on the dashboard. That’s it. Outscraper does the rest. 

With the “sorting” parameter, Outscraper offers the opportunity to filter according to the “Most relevant, Newest, Highest Rating, Lowest Rating” operators. In such a way that you can only scrape all recently added comments and ratings while creating periodic scraping tasks for the businesses you monitor with “Newest” operator.

Outscraper App Dashboard
Sortieren von Bewertungen als Neueste auf Google Maps

Diese Filtermöglichkeiten funktionieren wie die Sortieroption in Google Maps. Damit können Sie die Ergebnisse, die bei der Verwendung der Sortierung in Google Maps auftreten, auslesen. 

Verwendung von Filtern für das Scraping nur neu eingegangener Rezensionen und Bewertungen

I set the sorting parameter to scrape the newly received reviews and ratings of the Starbucks branch in the images in the subject. And I set up a limit until 9 April 2022, exactly one month before this article as a date.

Thanks to the ability to limit the tasks according to date, periodic scraping can be made with Outscraper hassle-free. If a monthly scraping period is determined, the limit date can be set as May 9 while creating the next task. In this way, all reviews do not have to be downloaded every time and is cost-effective.

Ergebnisse der Stichprobe

Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper has scraped and listed all the reviews up to a month ago with all the details for you. You can see that the reviews in the list are the same as what it shows on Google Maps. 

Laden Sie die Musterliste herunter und prüfen Sie sie: Monitor_Reviews_Beispielliste

If you have places where you need to follow reviews and ratings, or if you provides an “Online Reputation Management” service, Outscraper services will help you grow your business.

Outscraper bietet auch Google Maps Bewertungen Scraping-Service als eine Webdienst mit einer vorgefertigten UI und bietet Ihnen auch als API-Dienst. Sie können es kostenlos ausprobieren, um zu sehen, wie die Outscraper-Dienste funktionieren.

Anmelden und kostenlos testen

Outscraper legt jeden Monat ein kostenloses Nutzungslimit unter dem "Free Tier" fest. Sie können die Preisgestaltung Seite für die Preisgestaltung und die Grenzen der kostenlosen Stufe. Melden Sie sich an und probieren Sie die Outscraper Google Maps Bewertungen Scraper und Outscraper Google Maps Bewertungen API Service jetzt kostenlos.


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