Scrape Google Places in Python

Due to the various protections scraping of Google Places requires using proxies and browser emulations. In this article, you can see how to scrape Google Places in a more reliable and simple way by using OutScraper with python.

1. You will need python3+ and OutScrape package

pip install google-services-api

2. Extracting places by the search query “Restaurants near Los Angeles, USA”

You can get an API key from the profile page.

from outscraper import ApiClient

api_cliet = ApiClient(api_key='API_KEY_FROM_OUTSCRAPER')
response = api_cliet.google_maps_search('Restaurants near Los Angeles, USA', language='en', region='es', limit=100)

There is a Free Tier that you can use each month.

3. Response

Check out API docs if you need more information.

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