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Google Play Reviews

There are millions of apps, books, and movies on the Google Play Store, and their number is growing exponentially every day. According to AppBrain research, there were approximately 3 million apps in the first quarter of 2021. Billions of comments are entered into these millions of apps, books, and movies every day.

Researchers, application developers, marketing experts, and experts working in many different fields want to scrape and examine comments made on Google Play for various reasons.

Although it is possible to download the comments of the app you developing from the Google Dashboard, Outscraper Google Play Review Scraper is the right tool if you are looking for a system where you can scrape the comments for another app without any restrictions. 

Outscraper has a Web App Service and an API for Google Play Reviews scraping. You can directly use Web App Scraper without any coding, or you can use our API to use it in your own app/service.

Find the documentation about “How to use the API” here: API Docs

How to Use Outscraper Google Play Reviews Scraper Web App

Sign Up & Log in to Outscraper App Dashboard

You can sign up in just a few minutes by visiting the Outscraper App page. Do not forget to verify your e-mail with the confirmation e-mail sent to your e-mail address.

Navigate the Play Reviews App on the left bar of Dashboard

Outscraper services will be visible on the left of the Outscraper App dashboard. Among these options, select Play Reviews App.

Outscraper Google Play Reviews Scraper

Filling in The Required Fields

Apps, Movies, Books Links or IDs

 First of all, you need to fill that box with links, or IDs of Google Play Apps, Movies, or Books.

Need an ID or Google Play Link

You can copy the links and IDs from

Copying Links From Google Play

You can paste the links on the box like this or you can upload a CSV/XLSX/Parquet file with at least one column and without a header for scraping all together

Google Play Link Copied


Review Sorting Option

Please select which reviews you want to scrape: Most Relevant, Newest, Rating

Limit Per One Query

Limit your query’s results from one book/movie/app

Limiting Option

If you want to see only the last 100 reviews check ‘Newest’ on sorting and write 100 to the limit.

Advanced Parameters

Please check the language in that you want to see reviews from people who speak that language.

Advanced Parameters

If you select Italian, Outscraper will not translate English reviews to Italian. It will directly scrape reviews in the Italian language from Google Play. You can tag your task to recognize it on Task Page.

Run the Google Play Reviews Scraper App

All Parameters

Click the ‘Scrape Reviews’ button and Outscraper will work on your query.

Task Confirmation

You will see a pop-up about ‘Task Confirmation’. Please check your query details again and confirm the task. After confirmation, your task will be sent to the ‘Tasks’ page on the dashboard.

Download The Google Play Reviews as .xlsx File

You will get a notification email from Outscraper that your task is finished.

Finished Task Notification

You can download your results directly from your notification email or from the Tasks page.

Task Progress on Tasks Page

Review The Results

There will be a lot of columns in the results file. You can edit them according to your needs.

Result File of Google Play Reviews Scraper

Sign Up & Start to Try Free Now

Outscraper has outstanding abilities to crawl all reviews from Google Play Store. It is prepared to provide its services at a low cost and with ease.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. You can use Outscraper Google Play Reviews Scraper to scrape all reviews from any App/Game/Book on Google Play.

Outscraper Google Play Reviews Scraper is a scraping service that let you download all review data from Google Play

Outscraper lets you crawl Google Play review data in 2 different ways. You can use Outscraper Google Play Review Scraper web service or you can use Google Play Reviews API.

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