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Finding Businesses and Emails With Google

Many people want to search on Google Search, find the businesses they target and collect their email addresses. However, it takes a very long time to do this email collection by visiting individual websites. This is challenging for many people. Therefore, solutions are sought for this. The good news is that Outscraper has come up with a solution that serves this purpose.

Outscraper’s Google Search Results Scraper service can scrape all Google Search results of the desired query, as well as collect emails from the websites in these results with the Emails & Contacts Scraper additional service.

Outscraper service works completely online and allows you to collect as many emails as you want from any obstacle. It is enough to set the task parameters and start the task. Outscraper will take care of everything else on its own. Let’s see how it works with an example scenario.

Scraping Emails From Google Search

Our example scenario is about finding HVAC Contractors in Los Angeles. And crawl their emails. When we search for HVAC Contractors in Los Angeles in Google, we get a result like this in Google Search.

Google Search Results: HVAC Contractor Los Angeles

In the first place of the results, we can see the general listings such as HomeAdvisor, and ConsumerAffairs, as well as the websites of contractors doing business directly in Los Angeles. Of course, we know that we want the emails of contractors. But It’s okay to have other results. Outscraper can extract them all. Let’s create a task in the Outscraper Google Search Scraper service for extracting emails from these companies.

Outscraper Google Search Scraper Service

Whatever query was used in Google Search, we can use the same query to create a task in Outscraper.  Apart from this, we can have better results by adjusting parameters such as “Pages limit per one query, Language, Region”. 

The most important detail here is to add the Emails & Contacts Scraper service to the task as an data enrichment service. When we do not add this, only Google Search results will be scraped, but emails will not be found in the result file. With enrichment service, Outscraper will list all results seen in Google Search and extract emails and contacts from the websites in this list. Thus, it will also allow us to generate leads from these sites.

Generating Leads From Google Search With Outscraper

After the task is started, it runs automatically on Outscraper servers online. Outscraper carries out all the work effortlessly on our behalf, without the need for any intervention. When the task is finished, it is possible to check the result file with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Emails Are Extracted From Google Search

Outscraper has listed all the results with the Google Search Scraper service. And it extended these results with the Emails & Contacts Scraper enrichment service and added all the emails and contacts it could find. We completed a process that would take minutes in a short time. It saves us time and money to scale our businesses. For your own business, you can now take advantage of Outscraper services and automate the work.

Try the Outscraper Services Now

Are you tired of spending hours manually collecting email addresses from websites found through Google Search? No problem, as Outscraper offers a solution to this time-consuming task. With Outscraper’s Google Search Results Scraper service, you can effortlessly scrape all the desired Google Search results and even collect emails from the websites within these results using the Emails & Contacts Scraper additional service. Let’s try it with the free tier now.


Most frequent questions and answers

Extracting emails from Google search has never been easier with Outscraper’s Google Search Scraper service. Simply create a task in Outscraper using the same query you would use on Google search. By adding the Emails & Contacts Scraper enrichment service to your task, Outscraper will not only scrape the Google search results but also extract emails from the websites listed in those results. This comprehensive solution saves you time and effort by automating the email extraction process.

Outscraper’s Google Search Scraper service empowers you to find email addresses effectively through Google search. Let’s say you’re looking for a specific email address associated with a business or individual. By performing a Google search using relevant keywords or queries, Outscraper can scrape all the search results. With the additional Emails & Contacts Scraper service, it goes a step further by extracting email addresses from the websites within those search results. This combination of services allows you to locate and collect email addresses efficiently, all within the convenience of a single platform.

Extracting all emails can be a time-consuming task if done manually. However, with Outscraper’s services, you can streamline the process and extract all emails efficiently. By utilizing the Google Search Scraper service, you can scrape all the desired search results from Google. To ensure comprehensive email extraction, add the Emails & Contacts Scraper enrichment service to your task. Outscraper will then extract emails from the websites listed in the search results, providing you with a comprehensive list of emails. This automated approach saves you valuable time and enables you to extract all the emails you need hassle-free.

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