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Does Google Maps List Business Contacts and Emails?

Google Maps contains a lot of data about a business, but unfortunately, it does not list any data about business officials and their emails as public. It has full addresses, phone numbers, and even website information but no email addresses or social media accounts.

Business Details on Google Maps

This is a pain point for marketers using Google Maps for lead generation. But there’s no need to worry; Outscraper has the solution.

Although Google Maps does not have email addresses and contact information, Outscraper uses its innovative technology to access this information in various ways. It combines this contact information with Google Maps Data and presents it to its users for download. So how?

How to Export Business Contacts and Emails from Google Maps?

The answer is Outscraper. It offers a variety of scraping services, and Google Maps Data Scraper service is one of them. Along with Enrichment services, Google Maps Data Scraper is a versatile and powerful service.

Google Maps Data Scraper service mainly extracts data from Google Maps. In other words, there are no emails on this basic data. But Outscraper takes a different path with Emails & Contacts Scraper enrichment service. It uses a variety of different sources and websites from businesses on Google Maps. From these sources, it finds the email addresses and contact information of the business. Let’s see with an example.

Outscraper does not require a lot of your time. You only need to select a category and a location. It takes care of everything else.

Task Settings for Extracting Business Contacts

Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper includes a pre-populated list of categories and locations you can quickly choose. In Outscraper, just like in Google Maps, you can scan any region of the world and scrape businesses there.

Since we want emails and contact information in addition to the basic Google Maps Data, we need to add the Email & Contacts Scraper enrichment service to the task.

Outscraper eliminates all duplicate results. It provides a clean list. If you wish, it lists the companies whose email can be reached and clears all the remaining operations from the result file.

Scraping Result File - Google Maps Data

The result file will contain both main Google Maps data and contact details extracted with Emails & Contacts Scraper service.

Scraping Result File - Business Contacts Data

Result file can contain 3 different contact information and email addresses for each business. In this way, email marketing can be done by considering multiple possibilities.

Outscraper can offer one more convenience. It is also possible to verify these email addresses with another enrichment service. Please read more about enrichment services: 

Extract Contacts From Google Maps Now

Outscraper’s Google Maps Data Scraper and Emails & Contacts Scraper services are free to test. You can test both services for free within the free tier limits first. Following testing, you can use it as you wish and pay as you use it—Outscraper bills on a pay-as-you-go model.

Now create an account in Outscraper, do the first task, and check the results. That is how easy.


Most frequent questions and answers

It is not possible to find contacts directly on Google Maps. But Outscraper makes it possible with its advanced scraping services. With Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service, contacts and emails can be extracted from Google Maps.

  1. Open Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service
  2. Select location and category
  3. Add Emails & Contacts Scraper enrichment service
  4. Start the task to extract emails
  5. Download the result file

You can export addresses, phone numbers, websites, and other all data from Google Maps to Excel with Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper. Outscraper is a no-code scraping service that lets you extract data from Google Maps.

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