B2B Lead Generation for Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies and professionals generate and create the lists of potential B2B clients for their clients. The process starts with finding the companies that might be interested in their product or service. Once they’ve found the companies, they then reach out to them to arrange a meeting.

To create a list of B2B leads, digital marketing agencies research each industry to find potential clients for their clients. They do this by looking at directories to find contact information, and websites to find company information. They will also research outside of the internet to find potential leads for their list by talking with people in the industry.

We are aware of how important it is for Digital Marketing Agencies to offer quality leads to their customers. As Outscraper, we wanted to write a guide for digital marketing agencies on how to create effective B2B lead generation lists using Outscraper services.

Outscraper has multiple tools (online services) for Digital Marketing Agencies to find leads for their clients. Google Maps Scraper, Email & Contact Scraper, and Outscraper Business Lead Generation Hub are a few of them.

B2B Lead Generation Tools

1 – Outscraper Google Maps Scraper

Google Services are vital for any business to be successful- they are often at the forefront of trends in technology and it is critical to be registered with them. Google Maps has a database of over 50 million businesses. Thousands of these businesses register themselves on Google Maps every day.

Businesses registered on Maps are an excellent resource for those looking to create a B2B lead list. You can reach all of the businesses’ full address, phone number and web pages easily.

As an agency, you know precisely who the potential customers your clients are targeting. This will serve as a “guide” for your clients.

It is attainable to find new leads in your customer’s target via Google Maps. If your client is doing B2B business, the target audience is definitely registered on Google Maps.

For this reason, you may have thought of preparing a lead list for your customers with Google Maps data. And with the same thought, you may have noticed that doing it manually would take an incredible amount of time.

Outscraper automates all these processes for you at ease. Thus, after you define the parameters, the service starts scraping for you in the background.

Google Maps Data Scraper

How it will work for you?

Imagine you have a client who sells toner and ink to digital printing services. This client tells you that they want to reach all the digital printing services in the USA and they want to do a marketing campaign with you.

When you do such a search on Google Maps, you will see the results requested by the client.

“Digital Printing Service near Santa Barbara, CA, USA”.


You want to generate leads such as “Reflections a Digital Lab” for your client, but it seems almost impossible to list them by searching one by one on Google Maps.

Outscraper Google Maps Scraper will make this scraping job extremely easy for you. You will get your B2B Lead List only in 3 steps.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Define Parameters and Create Task
  3. Download The Results
1. Sign Up

You can create an account by visiting https://app.outscraper.com/signup and activate your account in just 2 minutes.

2. Define Parameters and Create Task

We will look at how to define the query “https://www.google.com/maps/search/Digital+Printing+Service+near+Santa+Barbara,+CA,+USA/@34.4335197,-119.8020989,13z/data=!3m1!4b1” into system parameters and create task.

Open the Outscraper Dashboard and navigate to the Google Maps Scraper service.


We need to fill all the boxes here according to our query.

Categories: Digital Printing Service
Category exact match: Checked ( Scraper focuses only ‘that’ category)
Locations: California, US
Total Result Limit: 50 (You can maximize the number of results limit)

After defining all parameters, we will start to task and confirm it. We take ourselves a coffee and happily return to our marketing business while Outscraper works for us.

3. Download The Results

On the Tasks page, you can track the tasks you have started. You can also download completed tasks’ results from here.

Taking a look at the results, they are exactly what we wanted. There are full addresses, phone numbers and web pages of Digital Printing Services.

You can download sample results here: Digital Printing Service B2B Lead List

The results in this list are more than enough for Telemarketing and Direct Mail Marketing. But we do ‘Digital Marketing’ as well and one step more is needed. Outscraper gives you this another step which is “Emails & Contacts Scraper”.

2 – Emails & Contacts Scraper

Emails & Contacts Scraper allows you to find email addresses, social media accounts and contacts in just a matter of seconds.

Emails & Contacts Scraper

Emails & Contacts Scraper can be used in 2 different ways

1) You can scrape any potential client webpages lists directly from the service.

2) You can enrich the result list by combining this service with the Google Maps Scraper service.

How it will work for you?

1) If you already have a list of websites for your potential clients, simply copy the URLs in this list and paste them into the box.

Hit the “Scrape Domains” button; sit back and enjoy it. Your results will also appear on the Tasks page in the same way.

2) You can enrich the result list by combining this service with the Google Maps Scraper service.

On the Google Maps Scraper app page, if you select the ‘Emails & Contacts Scraper’ service from the ‘Enrich by other services’ section; Outscraper automatically starts scraping the websites of all businesses after scraping companies from Google Maps.

When you choose enriching service, Outscraper will add the Email addresses and the ‘Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Medium, Reddit, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, Github, Crunchbase’ accounts to your results.

If you want to see what an enriched list looks like, you can download the sample data by clicking this link: Digital Printing Service B2B Lead List With Emails

3 – Outscraper Business Lead Generation Hub

Hub is a B2B Lead Database with all records of businesses in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), and Canada (CA).

You can list down the businesses in the category you want on the Outscraper Hub with a single click. If you do not know which category it belongs, you can browse the registered general categories here.

Google Maps Business Categories

How it will work for you?

If you search for the ‘Digital Printing Service’ query on the Hub, you will get results like this.

Hub Search Page

There are advantages of preparing B2B Lead Lists on the Hub. You will see a preview of all businesses in the list, the records of businesses on the US side are enriched with official registered information (Company year started, Number of employees, Sales volume, NAICS Code and Company members), and you can filter by date of registration in Google Maps.

Outscraper Hub can scan businesses with NAICS code. You can find this feature in very few web services.

If your client says that you want to reach out to businesses that serve with a certain NAICS code, this service is best for you!

You can download the sample list exported from the Outscraper Business Lead Generation Hub:

💡 Opportunity For Digital Marketing Agencies

We would like to offer you a different perspective. You can find potential customers to sell your digital services for yourself through the Hub. You have details such as whether the customer has a web page, status of social media accounts, sales volume, company owner information, and year of establishment. It will be very effective to give an offer based on this information.

Other than that, people who have just registered their businesses on Google Maps are a great potential customer opportunity.

Businesses that have just stepped into the digital world will need many digital services. This is the perfect place for them! Find these companies by selecting the date by ‘Advanced Parameters’ and give your offer.

Checkout the Hub now: https://hub.outscraper.com/


One of the best things about Outscraper for your agency is its pricing policy. “Pay As You Go” billing applies to all Outscraper services. How all these services are billed can be seen on our pricing page.



1) Email Marketing

When you use the Emails & Contacts Scraper service, Outscraper completely crawls the business website and scrapes all emails.

If your sole purpose is to ‘Email Marketing’ while creating a Lead Lists using Outscraper, you can list results containing only email by checking the ‘Ignore without emails’ box in Google Maps Scraper service.

This way you will get a result file with email only and you will be charged for results containing email only.

We recommend Gmass.co for cold email marketing campaigns. Here’s how you can transfer the B2B leads you generate with Outscraper to Gmass.


2) Facebook & Instagram

DMs and Following Strategy

Emails & Contacts Scraper provides you with links to businesses’ Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you also manage your client’s social media accounts, these account links will be an opportunity for you. Following up on potential clients and sending DMs will provide your client with business opportunities.

If you have high volume lists and want to automate this job, you can use Phantombuster’s Facebook Message Sender and Instagram Auto Follow automation.

Facebook Ads Custom Audience

When using Outscraper Google Maps Scraper service, you can set the output format as xlsx, csv and parquet.

If you specify the output format as csv, you can use the downloaded file while creating Facebook Customer List Custom Audience.

You can check the Facebook Create a Customer List Custom Audience article here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/170456843145568?id=2469097953376494

As an example, I created a 50-result limited task for the Bakery query in NJ.

I set the output format as csv and it downloaded that way.

Follow the steps on Facebook Ads Manager Audience dashboard.

  1. Create Audience
  2. Custom Audience
  3. Customer List

Upload your csv file by following the steps.

The values that Facebook will use will automatically mapped. If there are other data in the list that you want Facebook to use, you can let to Facebook manually map them.

You can create your ‘Custom Audience’ by clicking the Import & Create button.

“Your Customer List is Hashed and Uploaded.”

Now your list is ready. Based on this list, you can ‘Create an Ad’ or ‘Create a Lookalike Audience’.

With its cutting-edges technologies, Outscraper provides you with powerful web services to better serve your clients as an Digital Marketing Agency.

You can find new clients for your agency by using Outscraper Services. And you can also offer outstanding service to all your existing clients.

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