Scraping of all Google Reviews in Python

The official way to get reviews from Google Maps is to use Google Places API. Although, after checking the API documentation it becomes clear that the limitation is crucial when you need more than 5 reviews.

OutScraper API provides a fast and reliable service that allows you to get any amount of reviews.

1. You will need python3+ and OutScraper SDK

pip install google-services-api

2. Extracting reviews from Do or Dive Bar

You can get an API key from the profile page.

from outscraper import ApiClient

api_cliet = ApiClient(api_key='SECRET_API_KEY')
response = api_cliet.google_maps_business_reviews('Do or Dive Bar, USA', limit=100, language='en')

There is a Free Tier that you can use each month.

3. Results:

Check out the API docs if yon need more information.

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