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Google Maps: Millions of New Clients

There are millions of businesses listed on Google Maps, making it one of the largest sources of companies in the world. Many offline businesses are extremely interested in being listed on Google, as it allows their potential customers to search and find them. On the other hand, this creates a significant advantage for B2B sales.

Business owners, marketers, and salespeople can use Google Maps data to find new customers in local markets. Google Maps has more than five thousand categories. This detailed categorization makes it easy for anyone looking for new customers. 

The most basic first step to reaching the right leads on Google Maps is to search using the right category and keyword. For instance, It’s possible to filter certain companies in specific locations like “restaurants, Brooklyn, USA” and to contact every company to offer great services.

Restaurant's Phone Number, Site, and Other Data on Google Maps

Google Maps contains a lot of information about businesses, such as phone numbers, websites, and full addresses. However, it does not contain email data. You need to visit the business’s website in their Google Maps profile to find email information.

An Email Address From the Company Website

Collecting data individually from Google Maps for each business can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially when trying to gather both the Google Maps data and email addresses. It is necessary to have a system that can speed up and automate this data collection process, which is where scraping services come in.

Speeding Up the Extraction Process

A great way to automate this process is by using Outscraper’s Google Maps Data ExtractorThis scraping tool makes getting a list of businesses from any country and city possible, even from the whole country.

Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper automatically collects all the data in Google Maps one by one. All data found in the business’s Google Maps profile is imported into the results file. This data includes websites but not email addresses. However, what sets Outscraper’s service apart is its ability to extract the email addresses of businesses from Google Maps.

Google Maps Data Scraper service allows you to use Outscraper’s enrichment services. These enrichment services will enable you to extract and verify emails from business websites. Normally, Google Maps data extractor tools collect only standard data from Google Maps. Business email is not one of these standard data. Google Maps does not share it publicly. Therefore, it is not found in the result file. But Outscraper’s increased scraping capability with these enrichment services makes it possible. First, Google Maps Data Scraper service collects business websites from Google Maps. Emails & Contacts Scraper service then visits these websites and extracts the emails found on them.

Outscraper Outscraper makes it simple and easy for you to find new customers and collect their emails.

What You Will Need to Do?

Using Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service and creating a task is very easy. It is enough to set a few parameters to create a task. After creating the task, Outscraper bears all the rest. It brings results to you automatically. Steps to follow to start a task:

1. Create an account on Outscraper.

2. Open Google Maps Data Scraper from the services list.

3. Set basic parameters. Select the category and location.

Category and Location Selection

4. Check additional options and advanced parameters. Add enrichment service if you need it.

Task Parameters

5. After checking the parameters, you can start the task by clicking on the “Get Data” button if everything is okay. A pop-up will appear for confirmation. Sample queries will be displayed in this pop-up. You can test whether the parameters are correct by checking a few of them. The result of the queries will appear on Google Maps.

Google Maps Search Results

6. All running tasks can be tracked on the Tasks page. If it is turned on in notification settings, you will receive a notification email when the task is finished.

Task Progress

7. You can download the result file from the tasks page. Once downloaded, you can open and edit it using a spreadsheet viewer.

Sample Result File

In addition to all Google Maps data, the result file will also contain email addresses. Outscraper also scrapes 3 contacts and email information per business, if any. Thanks to Outscraper, the entire lead list is ready in no time. It’s time for marketing. You can do the same for your own business. Testing Outscraper services are free.

Use Outscraper and Find New Clients Now

Opening an account with Outscraper and testing the service under the free tier is completely free. There are no monthly payments required with Outscraper. You only pay for what you use. You can find all the details on the pricing page. You can take action now for your business and try the Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Normally, Google Maps does not contain a business’s email address and contact information. For this reason, it is not possible to directly extract lead. But Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service allows you to scrape leads from Google Maps along with Emails & Contacts Scraper service.

  1. Find your potential clients’ categories
  2. Visit Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service.
  3. Add Emails & Contacts Scraper service for enrichment
  4. Select category and location
  5. Start the task
  6. Download the leads

Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service lets you generate leads quickly for specific categories and locations.

You can get leads by viewing the businesses on Google Maps in the browser, visiting their websites, and collecting information without paying any money. But this is a very long and painstaking task. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service allows you to handle this job easily.