How to export Google reviews

There are many cases when the automation of Google reviews exporting may be useful. Marketers use reviews to find new prospects for businesses. Data scientists extract reviews from Google to feed it to AI and machine learning. Developers use it as a source of data for their websites.

Let’s get started

1. Sign Up to OutScraper App

You will need to create an account and verify it by connecting a credit card. There is a monthly free tier that you can use for testing purposes and you will not be charged for usage below.

2. Enter categories with locations

After you’ve created an account open Google Maps data extractor page and enter the organization name and the location.

3. Click “Extract reviews” checkbox and run the extraction

You also can specify the limit of reviews. In our case, we need everything so the limit of 1k reviews should be enough.

4. Check the query and confirm the extraction

You will be proposed to check a few queries once you clicked the button. Open the query and make sure that it is what you want (you should see the organization you need).

5. Wait till the task will be finished

Our task should be finished in a few minutes as it has only one organization. Open tasks page to check the progress.

6. Download the results file

After the scraping is finished you will receive an email with the results.