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How to Export Google Reviews?

There are many cases where Google reviews may be useful. Marketers use the reviews to find new prospects for their business. Data scientists extract reviews from Google Maps to feed them into AI and machine learning models. Developers use these reviews as a source of data for their platforms.

There are various no-code services to extract and list these reviews. These services allow you to automate your work by scraping reviews quickly.

In this tutorial, you will learn about the ultimate way of extracting all the Google Maps reviews by using Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper. In case you are interested in Google Play Reviews, you can use Google Play Reviews Scraper and the process looks almost the same. Additionally, there is an API for developers.

Let’s Get Started

1. Sign Up to Outscraper

To get you started, create an account at Outscraper. Creating an account is completely free on Outscraper. There is a monthly free tier which is monthly renewable enough for small projects.

Sign Up Page

Enter your preferred email address and password then click Continue. If you wish, you can also register directly with your Google, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. (Skip this part if you have already an account. Click Log in using your credentials.)

2. Insert Links, IDs, or Enter Categories With Locations

Once your account has been set up, open the Google Reviews Scraper on Outscraper App Dashboard and insert the link of your place, place ID, or enter the organization name, location, or categories.

how to export reviews from google maps

3. Select Sorting and Set Up Limits

You can specify the limit of reviews per one organization. Another way you can limit the results is with a date parameter, or choose a parameter depending on the reviews you need to extract. 

how to extract reviews sorting

4. Check the Advanced Parameters

You can ignore reviews without text, select the specific language, add tags to your task, etc.

scrape reviews advanced parameters

5. Check the Query and Confirm the Extraction

You will be asked to check a few queries once you clicked the “Scrape reviews” button. Open the query preview on Google Maps and make sure that it is what you want (you should see the organization you need).

Google Maps

6. Wait Till the Task is Finished

Task progress can take time. The duration of the task depends on the number of places and reviews you want to scrape. You will receive an email once the task is finished. Moreover, you can open the tasks page to check the progress of your task.

Task Progress

7. Download the Results File

When the scraping task is finished, you can download your result file by opening a link from the email or from the tasks page. It contains data about the place and reviews.

Sample Result File - Google Maps Reviews Scraper

Sample Result File: Google Maps Reviews Scraper Sample Result

You can watch the video tutorial for a detailed step-by-step review.

Video Tutorial​

Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper Service Page​


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. You can export any amount of reviews from Google by using Reviews Scraper

  1. Copy link to you place on Google Maps
  2. Go to Google Maps Reviews Scraper
  3. Insert the link into queries input
  4. Set up sorting, and other parameters
  5. Start extraction

Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper lets you to create review scraping task in specific date arrange with advanced parameters capabilities.

Outscraper has a sorting option to set task parameters like same as Google Maps. So that you can scrape reviews with “Most relevant, Newest, Highest rating, Lowest rating” sorting options.


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