5 Best Google Maps Crawlers in 2022

Let’s compare the top 5 Google Maps Data Scraping tools you can use in 2022😊⚡👍

1. Phantombuster

Phantombuster has many different phantoms (tools) as well as a Google Maps Search Export phantom.

Product Page: https://phantombuster.com/automations/google-maps/23412/google-maps-search-export


  1. Useful for small queries. Easy to scrape one query.
  2. Your credits can be used with other phantoms too.


  1. You need to use Proxy with it for getting without ban because of multiple searches.


Starting with 30 USD/month. 1 hour/day execution time. Free trial is available.

Pricing Page: https://phantombuster.com/automations/google-maps/23412/google-maps-search-export

2. Outscraper

Outscraper’s services help teams to get any public data from the internet by applying cutting-edge technologies to the scrapping industry. Marketers, researchers, scientists are using Outscraper as a reliable data provider.

Among the tools Outscraper has to offer, one of the most powerful one is the Google Maps Scraper service.

Product Page: https://outscraper.com/google-maps-scraper/


  1. Web service and API are available.
  2. Can scrape small and very big queries.
  3. No need for any proxy.
  4. Can be combined with Domain Contact Scraper to scrape emails and social media accounts from companies’ websites.
  5. Lets you drop duplicate results.


  1. Need to define filters for search queries before starting tasks.


No monthly subscription payment. Pay as you go system. Pricing is 0,002 USD/place. Free trial is available.

Pricing Page: https://outscraper.com/pricing/

3. Leads-Extractor

Leads Extractor is a Chrome extension for scraping Google Maps, live on your browser.

Product Page: https://www.leads-extractor.com/google-maps-edition-guide/


  1. Easy to use with Chrome browser.
  2. Can scrape small queries.


  1. Must use browser to scrape maps.
  2. Can not possible to scrape thousands results per one click.


19 USD/Month monthly subscription. Free trial is available.

Pricing Page: https://www.leads-extractor.com/pricing/

4. ScrapeHero

ScrapeHero is a web service provider that hosts multiple Crawler services, including the Google Maps Search Results crawler service.

Product Page: https://www.scrapehero.com/marketplace/google-maps-search-results/


  1. A small amount of pricing is available for starting.
  2. Clean and easy user interface.
  3. Can be integrated with Dropbox.


  1. Data retention is available only for 7 days

Price: Free trial is available. Pricing starts from 5 USD/Month. It lets you scrape 300 pages per month for 5 USD.

Pricing Page: https://www.scrapehero.com/marketplace/google-maps-search-results/#pricing

5. AhmadSoftware

Google Map Extractor is a Windows tool which contains chrome browser inside to scrape Google Maps site.

Product Page: https://www.ahmadsoftware.com/115/google-map-extractor.html


  1. Easy user interface for selecting companies.
  2. Unlimited listing in a month


  1. Working on Windows only.
  2. Need Proxy.
  3. Hard to scrape big data without proxy and automation.

Price: 49,99 USD/Month monthly subscription. Free trial is available.

Pricing Page: https://www.ahmadsoftware.com/pricelist.html


If you want to use a web service and if you do not want pay a monthly fee, Outscraper is the best alternative for you. Outscraper will meet your Google Maps Crawler needs in 2022 with its ease of use and ‘Pay As You Go’ pricing.

Google Maps Data Scraper

If you want to scrape Google Maps using a Chrome Extension, Leads-Extractor will do the job, among limited possibilities.



Most frequent questions and answers

Outscraper, Phantombuster, Leads-Extractor, ScrapeHero and AhmadSoftware are the best 5 Google Maps crawler for now.
There are limitations, proxy, pricing and additional services differences between services. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper become prominent in these matters.
Some crawlers have additional service for extracting emails from company’s website registered on Google Maps. Outscraper can combine two service in single task.

Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper lets you to crawl Google Maps data with pay as you go model. 

In order not to be stuck with Google limits, some services require you to use a proxy, while some services have a built-in proxy service. Outscraper provides built-in proxy service. Unlimited scraping is possible without the need for an extra proxy service.
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