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Finding Companies on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an online review community that facilitates the connection between businesses and consumers through genuine customer feedback regarding their buying and service experiences.

Many platforms list customer reviews, such as Google Maps, and Yellow Pages. Trustpilot is positioned at a different point among these platforms. Trustpilot is a source for online businesses.

If you are interested in businesses without a physical location, online services, and online companies. Trustpilot is a gold mine for you. With the Emails and Contacts Scraper enrichment service, you can use the Trustpilot Scraper service for lead generation.

Generating Leads From Trustpilot

Outscraper offers an online scraping service from which you can extract public data from Trustpilot. Thanks to the Trustpilot Search Scraper service, many data such as name, rating, reviews, and categories can be scraped from Trustpilot company profiles.

Extracting data is very easy with the Outscraper Trustpilot Search Scraper service. It is sufficient to set only a few parameters from the service page. Just writing a “search query” expressing the businesses in your target and setting a limit is enough to create a task.

Trustpilot Search Scraper Service Parameters

If a data scraping task is created without an enrichment service, only basic public data from Trustpilot is extracted. In addition to these basic data, Outscraper has developed enrichment services for users who want more data. You can combine these services with an existing scraping task and crawl all data in a single task.

Emails & Contacts Scraper Enrichment Service for Trustpilot Search Scraper

Emails & Contacts Scraper service is one of these enrichment services. It makes it possible to extract email addresses and contact information from companies’ registered websites on Trustpilot.

When a task is created with the above parameters, the Trustpilot profile public data of the companies related to data scraping, as well as their email addresses, contact information, and social media accounts are extracted.

Generated Lead List With Outscraper’s Trustpilot Search Scraper

An example result file looks like this. If available, 3 email addresses, 3 contact information, and social media accounts. All the data needed for a good lead list. It is possible with Outscraper to create an effective lead list by targeting the companies in Trustpilot. Now you can test this lead generation method for your own business and project.

Try the Outscraper Services Now

If you want to generate leads from local businesses, Google Maps is the right choice. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper has been developed to do this in the most accurate and effective way. See this tutorial for more: How to Extract Emails from Google Maps?

If the businesses listed on Trustpilot are your potential customers and you want to generate leads from these companies, Outscraper services are ready for you. Combine the Outscraper Trustpilot Scraper service with the Emails & Contacts Scraper service and create your lead list now.


Most frequent questions and answers

You need to use data scraping services for extracting data from Trustpilot. Outscraper’s Trustpilot Scraper service lets you extract Trustpilot data fast and simply. With Outscraper services, it is possible to extract both Trustpilot data, and with enrichment services, it is possible to collect extra data of companies such as e-mail addresses. 

It is possible to scrape company lists from various public directory and reviews sites with web scraping services. It is also possible to collect email and contact information from company websites in these company lists and generate leads. Outscraper Services offer online no-code services for you to do this easily. For example, with the Trustpilot Search Scraper service, it is easy and effective to generate leads from companies listed on Trustpilot via Outscraper.

Trustpilot offers API for developers. Public API provides you access to content available to the public on If you don’t want to use API, Outscraper Trustpilot Scraper service can serve you as a good alternative to extract public data.


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