Finding Companies That Have Negative Reviews and Ratings on Google Maps

Think back to a time when you were looking for a product online. Isn’t it true that you search for its reviews and try to scrutinize them before you actually make a purchase? Consumers check the reputation of companies online before getting a service or product. For this reason, reviews of businesses online directly affect the company’s reputation.

Reputation management has become so important that it directly affects the profitability of businesses. A customer who sees negative reviews on Google Maps can immediately turn to another competitor nearby. Therefore, online reputation management, review tracking, and negative review removal services are becoming increasingly popular.

All business owners, of course, want to ensure the stability of their business and in order not miss a single potential customer from negative reviews. Because of these concerns, businesses started to work with a company that provides an online reputation management service for review tracking. So once there is an insulting or abusive review that does not comply with the rules, they would also receive service from these companies to remove these comments.

Outscraper provides great services for Online Reputation Management service providing companies. With the Outscraper Парсер Отзывов Google Maps service, you can extract the reviews of all the businesses: Bad reviews with low ratings or good reviews with high ratings. And with Парсер Карт Google Maps service, you have a great opportunity to find new customers with bad ratings and scale your business.

Scraping Companies With Bad Ratings

Businesses with bad ratings are potential customers for online reputation management. By using the Google Maps Data Scraper service, businesses with bad ratings in the desired category can be easily found. All you need is to add a filter when creating the scraping task.

Creating Scraping Task to Find Companies With Bad Ratings With Filters

Let’s say you want to find all real estate agencies in Los Angeles with a rating of less than 4. For this, it is enough to add a filter as in the example:

Rating Filter on Google Maps Data Scraper

When a task is created with this filter, only real estate agencies with ratings around 1, 2, and 3 will be listed in the result file. The filter can be arranged in any way according to the desired rating value.

Результаты выборки

Outscraper Result File

Download the sample result file: Los Angeles Real Estate Agencies With Bad Ratings

When the scraping task is created according to the above parameters, businesses with the desired ratings are listed in the result file. Outscraper has different kinds of advanced filtering capabilities. Thanks to these filtering options, it is possible to do data scraping with many different use case scenarios. Please read for more information about filters: 

Scraping Negative Reviews From Google Maps

Парсер Отзывов Google Maps service can scrape all reviews on Google Maps with text, review author, and rating details. There are two ways to use Google Maps Reviews Scraper to extract reviews from places. You can either scrape the locations first with the Google Maps Data Scraper service and extract the reviews by using the IDs of these locations in the Google Maps Review Scraper service. Please check to see how this is done in this article: Поиск отзывов на Google Maps у крупной розничной компании

As a second way, you can extract the reviews as you want using various filters by directly using the Google Maps Reviews Scraper service. In the examples below you can see ways to scrape bad rated reviews and reviews that contain a specific word.

Creating Filters for Scraping Negative Reviews

Google Maps Reviews Scraper can work for a niche market specific to the categories you target. There are general categories used on Google Maps. Outscraper will give you the best results once you select your niche market from these categories. Check out all those categories on the “Алфавитный список категорий предприятий, перечисленных на Google Maps” page.

As explained in the product tutorial, using the Парсер Отзывов Google Maps service is very simple. Just set the category, location, and sorting parameters. You can also limit your task to one place.

Basic Parameters of Task

Setting a rating limit will do the trick, especially to screen for negative reviews. Selecting the “Do not extract reviews with ratings greater than” option enables this filtering. This option does the most critical work. Thus, it allows you to collect badly rated reviews.

If you are only interested in reviews that contain text, the “Ignore reviews without text” feature in the advanced parameters section allows you to do this.

Scrape Text Reviews Only

Результаты выборки

Outscraper will scan the reviews of all ‘Real Estates’ in Los Angeles, and it will only add the reviews of these companies below 2 ratings to the results file with these parameters. All created tasks can be followed on the Задачи page,  and result files can be downloaded from here.

Outscraper Result File

Download the sample result file: Real_Estate_Rating_LA

You can also analyze all the reviews in the result file with your internet browser by using the links in the reviews_link column.

Reviews on Google Maps

Creating Filters for Finding Specific Keywords on Google Maps Reviews

There are hundreds of millions of textual comments on Google Maps. These comments can be scraped directly with Outscraper, as in the example above. But if you want to scrape review texts that only contain certain words, it’s mostly too hard to do it for scraping services. But Outscraper Парсер Отзывов Google Maps service lets you create filters to scrape reviews with specific keywords.

Google has some restrictions on comments made in Maps. This prohibited and restricted content can be about civil discourse, deceptive content, mature content, regulated, dangerous, and illegal content, and information quality.

Reviews are automatically processed by Google to detect inappropriate content like fake reviews and spam. Also, Google deletes flagged reviews in order to comply with its policies or legal obligations.

Sometimes people can make reviews that do not comply with policies and legal obligations. And these reviews can also harm businesses’ reputations. Companies that offer online reputation management services help delete these reviews that contain prohibited keywords.

Certain keywords can be filtered not only to delete banned reviews but also to track issues such as service quality. All these jobs are part of online reputation management.

Scraping reviews with a keyword filter is very easy in Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper. For example, you can scrape only bathroom-related reviews for restaurants with this filtering capability. You just need to type a keyword into the “Reviews query search” box on the Advanced Parameters menu, such as “toilet”. You can find the same results by using the search bar in Google Maps manually.

Search Reviews on Google Maps

The keyword to be filtered needs to be written in the “Reviews query search” box in the “Advanced Parameters” menu. All remaining settings should be set as desired again.

Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper - Keyword Filtering

Результаты выборки

This time, Outscraper will scan the reviews of that specific branch in London, and it will only list the reviews that contain the “toilet” keyword in the text. Download the result on the Задачи page and check the result file.

Outscraper Result File

Download the sample result file: Review_Filtered_Keyword

As you can see, only reviews that contain the word “toilet” are listed in the result file. Thanks to this filtering capability, service quality like toilet, Wi-Fi, and serving can be monitored, or reviews containing prohibited content can be easily detected.

Online reputation management companies can find new clients to remove their bad reviews easily with the Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper service. You can test the service for free by creating an account.

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Часто Задаваемые Вопросы

Наиболее частые вопросы и ответы

There are several places where you can find negative reviews of a company:

  1. Consumer review websites: Websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Consumer Reports allow customers to leave reviews of businesses, and you can filter these reviews to see the negative ones.

  2. Social media: Many businesses have social media accounts, and customers can leave reviews or comments on these accounts. You can also search for the company’s name on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to see if there are any negative comments.

  3. Google Reviews: Google allows customers to leave reviews for businesses, and you can filter these reviews by rating. Outscraper lets you scrape all of these Google Maps Reviews.

  4. Business listing sites: Websites like Yellow Pages and Angie’s List also allow customers to leave reviews of businesses.

  5. Industry-specific review sites: Many industries have review websites that are specific to that industry, like Glassdoor for company reviews, Trustpilot for eCommerce, and more.

  6. Blogs and forums: You can also search for the company’s name on blogs and forums to see if there are any negative comments or reviews.

If comments made by the user on Google Maps do not comply with Google Maps rules, these comments can be deleted. There are online reputation management services that do this. These agencies download all the reviews by using services such as Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper service and detect the comments that are against the rules with word-based filtering.

Google Maps provides a feature that allows you to sort and filter reviews left by customers. If you need to collect a large number of reviews in one go, you can use a service like Outscraper’s Google Maps Reviews Scraper. This service allows you to filter reviews based on your needs and scrapes them automatically, making it an efficient way to gather a large number of reviews.


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