Google 지도에서 데이터를 추출하는 방법

There are a great number of cases when manual exporting of the data from Google Maps can be a frustrating task. Fortunately, there are some solutions that you can use in order to automate this job.


1. Sign Up to OutScraper App

You will need to create an account and verify it by connecting a credit card. There is a 월간 프리 티어 that you can use for testing purposes and you will not be charged for the usage below.

2. Select categories with locations

After you’ve created an account open Google 지도 데이터 추출기 page and select categories with locations that you need (you also can use custom locations, for example, if you want to use postal codes).

Google 지도 데이터 추출기

3. Check additional options and start an extraction

You may want to specify the limit of organizations per each query search, the language, the location, and the delimiter to use.

Google 지도 데이터 추출기

4. Check the queries and confirm the extraction

You will be proposed to check a few queries once you clicked the button “Extract data…”. Open a few queries and make sure they look well (you should see the organizations you need).

How to extract data from google maps

5. Wait till the extraction is finished

Open 작업 페이지 진행 상황을 확인합니다.

How to export data from google maps

6. Download the results

After the scraping is finished you will receive an email with the results.

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4 댓글

Ahmed Elsayed · 11:14 오전에서 6월 26, 2020

Do you have historical traffic data ?

Walter Williams · 3:22 오후에서 12월 28, 2020

Hi, I am also interested in traffic data extraction. I tried signing up with my visa debit card but it didn’t accept the card info do I need to use a credit card? Could I get some assistance please? I am considering the possibility of using the traffic data to model travel times using network analysis in ArcGIS but I wanted to see a sample of the data available through this application. I would appreciate some feedback on this please

    OutScraper team · 6:42 오후에서 12월 28, 2020

    Hi Walter,

    Sure, our support manager will contact you by email.

    Thank you!

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