The definition of Lead Generation in Wikipedia is as follows:

“In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. A lead is the contact information and in some cases, demographic information of a customer who is interested in a specific product or service.”

The purpose of lead generation is to present the product to the end user or an another business. If you are running a B2C business, your targets are end users, but if you are running a B2B business, you would like to reach businesses. Therefore B2B lead generation is an important part of the business for marketing departments that make sales to another companies. A large part of the sales and marketing made to the companies consists of the trades made to the local companies. In order to increase the trade volume with local companies, it is important to find local companies and prepare a lead list.


There are several ways to find and list businesses. Like searching on Google and browsing local index pages.

Since reaching local businesses is an important issue for both customers and suppliers/manufacturers, various company index webpages have been established all over the world. Yelp, YellowPages are popular for USA, also Startlocal, Hotfrog are good for Australia and Sulekha for India.

These local businesses company index websites offer a variety of information. Details such as website and phone number are listed in general. 

Google Search for Local Companies

Although companies are listed individually in this way, marketing departments need a lot of lists with full of leads for potential targets. It is very difficult to obtain these lists with searches from Google or another local index page. It causes a huge waste of time.

Outscraper HUB service can provide you these lists very quickly. It allows you to list all the businesses in the specific category with one click and buy that lead lists.


Outscraper HUB is a large local B2B Lead database that provides you the full company list of the specific category.

Roofing Contractors in California - Outscraper HUB

You can find many details about local company in Outscraper HUB database. Full address, website, phone number, email etc.

It is very easy to make searches and export local leads from the interface. Just specify any category, business name or a NAICS Code (US only) and click to search for the desired state and city.

Outscraper Hub Search Bar

Exporting results is as easy as searching on HUB. When you want to download the listed results, the ‘Export Results’ button will direct you to the check-out page.

Exporting Local Leads on Outscraper HUB

You have chance to export only as many of the listed results as you want. Outscraper has pay-as-yo-go payment model. You only pay the results that you export. When the size of the result increases, the cost per lead will decrease.

Exported Results

Take a detailed look at this example search query for “Roofing Contractros on Los Angeles, California” and the “Exported Results”. You can see the results in the Outscraper HUB service and download the exported list.

Outscraper HUB Search link: Roofing Contractors on Los Angeles California

Result File: Outscraper HUB Exported Result Sample

Start using the Outscraper HUB service now and export all the local leads you need. If you need special support for local lead data, you can contact the Outscraper Support team and get support.

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