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Why Google Maps is the place for marketers?

More and more local, and even online businesses attract customers via Google Maps by putting their data into it. Nowadays, it's becoming the perfect source of leads that you and your marketing team should use in order to boost sales.

Google Place company information posted by the owner Actually, all this data is publicly available for anyone who uses the internet. Check this swiss restaurant for example (on the picture). It has phone, site, and other valuable information about the business.

What you can do with the data?

Many marketers along with sales teams export data from Google Maps to do cold calls, investigate customer reviews, research business industries in specific locations, etc. Okay, but how about emails on Google Maps?

Company email and phone What is more, those who need emails and links to Facebook, Instagram, or other social media, usually go to the companies' sites. Business owners willingly leave them on the business pages. By our research, we see that about 40% of the sites placed on Google have emails, and as you can see on the screen - sometimes it's super easy to find them. Usually emails are placed on the main page or pages like `/about`, `/contacts`, `/contact-us`, `/about-us`, etc.

Once you have emails you are able to contact the business owners. In case your email proposal well-build and brings real value, there is a big chance that your email will be reviewed by those owners. We recommend using something like Sendpulse to do mailing as it has a lot of email marketing tools.

Automation of the scraping process

However, every person who did this process of manual scraping at least for 25 companies will agree that this "monkey job" isn't the job that sharps his professional skills and it's pretty boring. So what are the options?

Some of you might think about delegating this routine task to a freelancer. Bigger teams in case there are developers in the company might ask them to do help, and in case the programmers have experience in the scraping field they will handle it.

Although both ways require your time to manage the process of developing and even once you build the solution, it will require your resources to maintain it. Therefore, finding a stable and existing solution will be the best option for you.

What Outscraper can do for you?

At Outscrpaer, we believe that public data is for everybody, and we apply cutting-edge technologies to prove it. Sign up now and save time for you and your team. Let them focus on what they do the best:

  • With the Google Maps scraper cloud app everyone even without technical skills able to start scraping a huge amount of leads just within 6 minutes;
  • There are a lot of extended fields that were specially designed for marketers - emails, social media, owner links, etc.; (Check this file to see the results example.)
  • By using Google Places API you can integrate all this data in any software and fetch all the data in real-time;
  • And it's actually with monthly renewable Free tier that will be enough to get started.

Tutorial on how to scrape Google Maps [Free Tier]

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