How to scrape Google Maps?

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Creating an Account

You can register by visiting the Google Maps Data Scraper page or pressing the ‘Sign Up’ button now.

When registering, you only need to enter your email address and set a password. If you wish, you can also register directly with your Google, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


Confirm Your Email

You will receive an e-mail from Outscraper to confirm your e-mail address. Please confirm your email address by clicking the link in the incoming email.


Select Google Services>Maps service from the left panel and access Pengikis Data Google Maps service. 

There are 6 main parameters that you need to specify to create your task.

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Businesses in specified categories can be scraped with Outscraper. You can search with any keyword with Outscraper, however, general categories are suitable for giving an idea.

Check out alphabetical list of businesses categories listed on Google Maps

Kategori Bisnis Google Maps

While creating your task, you can choose the category you target from the list or write the keyword you want yourself.

There are 3 different settings that affect your category selection. Google-like queries, Custom categories and Exact match.

Exact Match:

Parameter specifies whether the categories you selected will be applied to filters as:

“subtypes column should contains <category>”

Works only for English language.

Please check filters from advanced parameters to see how it works.

Google-like queries:

You can use anything that will work on Google Maps website. 


You can select any country and city in the world from the drop-down list. Outscraper only searches within the location you choose.

Total Result Limit

Parameter specifies the total limit of places that will be extracted from all search queries. If you want to create a task in free tier you can limit your task under 500. When the value is set to 0, it will search all places in the selected region.

Drop duplicates:

If the same places are listed in the categories you are looking for, the drop duplicates feature will eliminate these places from the list for you. In this way, you will have a simplified list and lower usage costs.

Enriching The Results With Emails​ And Other Services​

You can enrich your results with other services (emails, social media, more phones, legal names, NAICS, SIC, employees number, etc.) Both services can be combined with Google Maps Scraper.

Advanced Parameters


The keywords you aim to scrape may have a special meaning in a different language. For this reason, when it is desired to search for that language, it is appropriate to select that language in the language section of the advanced parameters section.


If you want to filter your results by ‘contains one of’, ‘contains none of’, ‘starts with’, or ‘is not blank’ parameters, you need to adjust the advanced parameters settings.

Results can be filtered according to subtypes, types, postal code, city, state, site, rating values.

Please check our tutorial about filters in detail:

Google Maps Data Scraper Filters

Columns to return:

A standard Google Maps Scraper result file contains the following columns: query, name, site, type, subtypes, category, phone, full_address, borough, street, city, postal_code, state, us_state, country, country_code, latitude, longitude, time_zone, plus_code , rating, reviews, reviews_link, reviews_per_score, reviews_per_score_1, reviews_per_score_2, reviews_per_score_3, reviews_per_score_4, reviews_per_score_5, photos_count, photo, street_view, working_hours, working_hours_old_format, popular_times, owner_status, reservation_link, owner_status, verified_link, verified range, , menu_link, order_links, location_link, place_id, google_id, reviews_id 

This filter can be used if you want a list showing only a few of these columns.

Tags & Extensions

You can give any tag you want to your tasks and specify the extension of the result file in a way that suits you.



Pricing Page And Cost Calculator

There is no standard monthly subscription fee in Outscraper. You only pay for what you use.

Please visit our pricing page for pricing details of Google Maps scraping service.

Pricing Page:

There are 3 different tiers for pricing. These are Free Tier, Medium Tier and Business Tier. Pricing for these tiers can be checked on the pricing page. There is also a cost calculator on the pricing page. You can use the cost calculator to see how much your results will cost.

Service Pricing Tool On Dashboard

After registration, the ‘Service pricing’ tool can help you with pricing on the Google Maps Data Scraper service page on the Outscraper App Dashboard.

Service pricing tool will open on the right side.

Please visit the ‘Billing Information‘ page to add credit or credit card.


Tingkat Gratis

Enjoy a certain amount of free tier credits each month in Outscraper. These credits are renewed monthly as shown on the pricing page.

You can check how many free credits you have for a particular service on the pricing page.

You can use the prepaid payment method by adding credit, or you can add your credit card and make your payment postpaid at the end of your billing period.

Please visit the billing Information page to determine your payment method.

Prepaid - Add Credit

Add credits to your account in order to start using Outscraper. The minimum limit is 10 USD. Add as many credits as you want and spend them whenever you want.

Credits can be added by credit card, cryptocurrency and PayPal.

Postpaid - Add Credit Card

In the prepaid method, you pay first and then use it, but in the postpaid method, you provide a credit card and you start using it. You will make the payment when your billing period is over.

Billing Period

Information about the billing period’s start and end dates can be found on the halaman profil. You can also track the amount of the upcoming invoice from there. If you wish you can generate the invoice manually once you have an amount due.



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Most frequent questions and answers about Google Maps Scraper

Sometimes Google adds other categories to your searches. For example, when you search for restaurants you might see bars, coffee shops, etc.

Outscraper memberi Anda dua alat yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk menghilangkan kategori tersebut.

  1. Gunakan kotak centang "Kategori kutipan". Kategori akan diapit di antara tanda kutip " ". Operator ” “ biasanya digunakan saat Anda ingin Google mengembalikan hanya perusahaan yang sama persis dengan istilah kategori Anda.
  2. Filter hasil dengan menerapkan filter ke tugas ekstraksi. Untuk menghindari hasil kosong, pastikan Anda terbiasa dengan nilai bidang sebelum menggunakan filter dengan operator "berisi".
Kotak centang kategori kutipan scraper Google Maps

1. Kotak centang kategori kutipan

filter hasil pengikis peta google

2. Filter hasil

Ada beberapa kasus ketika lokasi atau/dan kategori yang telah ditentukan sebelumnya tidak cukup. Gunakan opsi "Lokasi khusus" atau/dan "Kategori khusus" untuk memasukkan kategori atau/dan lokasi yang Anda butuhkan.

Ada batasan dari Google Maps yang hanya menampilkan hingga 400-500 tempat per satu pencarian kueri. Ini mungkin menjadi masalah ketika ada lebih banyak perusahaan dalam satu kategori. Misalnya, untuk kueri “restoran, Brooklyn”.

Untuk mengatasinya kami sarankan untuk membagi lokasi menjadi sub-lokasi. Misalnya dengan menggunakan kode pos:
”restoran, Brooklyn 11203”,
”restoran, Brooklyn 11211”,
”restoran, Brooklyn 11215,

Atau menggunakan kueri dengan subkategori:

“Restoran Asia, Brooklyn”,

“Restoran Italia, Brooklyn”,

“Restoran Meksiko, Brooklyn”,

Centang pengalih "Gunakan kueri" dan masukkan kueri.

Untuk memaksa Google mencari perusahaan tertentu saja, lampirkan istilah di antara tanda kutip ” “. NS ” “ operator biasanya digunakan di sekitar kata berhenti (kata-kata yang akan diabaikan oleh Google) atau ketika Anda ingin Google mengembalikan hanya halaman yang sama persis dengan istilah pencarian Anda.

Setelah mengklik tombol "Ekstrak data ..." Anda akan melihat perkiraan tugas dan kueri.

Disarankan untuk mengklik dan membuka beberapa kueri untuk memeriksa tampilannya di situs Google Maps.

Ada dua hal yang harus Anda ikuti untuk mengontrol jumlah hasil yang diharapkan.

1. Organisasi per batas kueri – batas organisasi untuk mengambil dari satu kueri.

2. Jumlah pertanyaan – jumlah kueri penelusuran yang akan Anda buat.

Ada 6 kueri yang akan dibuat bot untuk mengekstrak data dari 2 kategori dan 3 lokasi.

Oleh karena itu, jumlah yang dihasilkan tidak akan lebih dari 480 organisasi (batas 80 * 6 kueri).

You can remove duplicates in one task by selecting the “Drop duplicates” checkbox.

Yes, you can drop duplicates by using “Drop duplicates” checkbox (advanced parameters). Alternatively, you can drop it by yourself by using “google_id” or “place_id” fields as unique identifiers for a place.

Jumlah pasti hasil akan diketahui hanya setelah ekstraksi.

Anda dapat menggunakan "Batas tempat total" untuk membatasi jumlah hasil akhir yang tergores.

Yes. You can use the following link as a query  “,2.1718413,17z” where you can specify a query (real+estate+agency), the coordinates (41.4034,2.1718413) and zoom level (17z). You can find these values while visiting Google Maps.

Alternatively, you can use the “coordinates” parameter if you are using API.

Yes. You can use Emails & Contacts Scraper along with Google Maps scraper to enrich the data from Google. In order to do so, select “Emails & Contacts Scraper” in the “Enrich by other services” section on the Google Maps Scraper page.

You will pay only for the results you extracted no matter how many queries.

No. There is no public information about emails connected with the listing on Google Maps. Outscraper uses external souses to find those emails.

Yes. You can use filters from the advanced parameters with the following operator.


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