What is Lead Generation?

Leads are the potential customers that have shown interest in your product or service. They are potential customers whom you want to convert into clients.

Leads are new prospects that you can contact and try to sell your products or services to. These may be people who have already visited your website, downloaded a whitepaper, or responded to an email campaign.

Lead generation is an important part of any B2B company’s marketing strategy. Generating qualified leads requires identifying the right target audience and finding ways to get in touch with them. By creating and distributing leads, you can afford to spend less time on reaching out to potential customers. With lead generation, you can increase the number of potential customers in your pipeline and optimize your sales process with more qualified leads.

How Salesforce Works for Leads?​

Salesforce is a CRM (customer relationship management) software that is used by sales teams and marketing teams alike. It helps with lead generation, lead management, and lead conversion.

Salesforce allows you to manage your leads with its flexible structure and powerful tools. Salesforce YouTube team shares great training videos. A Master Class video on lead management will also give you a lot of insight into how leads work with Salesforce.

How to Generate Salesforce Leads?

The lead generation process can be done manually or through the use of technology. There are a lot of channels to generate leads, in particular  B2B directories, online seminars, finding companies on Google search results, Google Maps and social medias.

Outscraper has cutting-edge technologies to get any public data easily. Thanks to these technologies, you can generate leads easily and quickly.  Outscraper scraping services allow you to find leads, especially on Google Maps.

Where You Can Find Leads for Salesforce?

Google Maps as a The Ultimate Source of Leads

Google Maps has records of millions of businesses. Having so many business listings makes Google Maps a great B2B lead generation source. An ultimate source where you can find businesses in even the most remote corners of the world.

Taking advantage of such an ultimate source is a great leverage for marketing departments while creating a leads for Salesforce.

There are 2 difficult aspects to generating leads with Google Maps. The first is to open the Google Places Card of all businesses one by one and list their phone number, address and web page. The other is to visit the web page of that business and crawl the email, social media accounts and contact information from there.

Outscraper offers a service that solves these two challenges for you. Outscraper allows you to extract all Google Maps results with Pengikis Data Google Maps service. In addition to this service, it combines the Pengikis Email & Kontak service and scans the websites of all businesses in the results and collects the contact, email and social media accounts there.

An example of how to create B2B lead generation on Google Maps with Outscraper scraping services can be read in this article.

This video can also give you an idea about these services.

Outscraper HUB as Alternative Database of Potential Clients

Outscraper HUB is a lead generation database containing enriched business data. That’s why Outscraper HUB is a valuable resource for Salesforce lead generation.

It is also possible to search for USA with the NAICS code in the Outscraper HUB, which can be accessed from https://hub.outscraper.com/

Layanan Outscraper

Outscraper offers a variety of scraping services to automate many of your marketing jobs. You can browse these services from the link below. All services of Outscraper have free tier. It’s all available to try for free now.


Pertanyaan dan jawaban paling sering

You can use Outscraper HUB or Google Maps Data Scraper service to get leads

Yes. You can import leads into Salesforce by using Data Loader, Import Wizard, or add them manually.

Lead is a standard object witch is used to store information about potential customers. After leads verification, you can convert leads to contacts, accounts, and opportunities.