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Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is the way to identify and reach potential customers for local businesses. Many firms do large business with small businesses. Although it is overlooked at first glance, the volume of business with local businesses is very large.

For this reason, doing business with local businesses is as valuable as doing business with global and big companies. It is important to have the right lead data in order to do business. While there are many different sources for global companies, it is difficult to find a lead source for local businesses.

Lead Sources for Local Businesses

Finding leads for global businesses is often easier than finding them for local businesses. People working in global and large businesses are more inclined to be on platforms like LinkedIn. There are also various sources that list the email addresses of employees at these companies. Unfortunately, this is not available for local businesses.

Although local directory businesses in various countries provide lead data, there is only one source covering the whole world. It is Google Maps. 

Apart from its professional sources, Google Maps is a huge resource, with the support of contributors and the self-registration of business owners.

Google Maps for Lead Generation

Google Maps includes details such as phone number, address, and website in the business profile. This information is gold for those who do direct mail marketing and cold calling. All phone numbers and addresses of businesses in the targeted region and category can be easily listed.

The important detail is that being on Google Maps is crucial for businesses. Many customers find and contact the business from here. Therefore, the accuracy rate of the addresses and phone numbers registered here is very high. This high accuracy rate makes Google Maps a top-level source.

Covering the whole world, high accuracy, rich data, and categorization capabilities make Google Maps good for lead generation.

There are only two pain points for those who want to use Google Maps for lead generation. First, it takes a very long time to collect data one by one. The other is that Google Maps does not list email addresses, even though it shows businesses’ websites. Outscraper solves these two pain points thanks to the cutting-edge technologies it uses.

Using Outscraper for Generating Leads From Google Maps

Outscraper Pengikis Data Google Maps service allows you to easily generate leads from Google Maps. The service is fully automatic. It collects all the data without any effort.

File Hasil Scraper Data Google Maps

You just need to choose a category and a location. Outscraper handles data extraction on its own servers. Thus, the first pain point is resolved.

One of the most attractive features of Outscraper’s Google Maps Scraper service is its layanan pengayaan. You can add these enrichment services while creating a Google Maps scraping task.

Adding Emails and Contacts Scraper Enrichment Service to the Task

Terima kasih kepada Pengikis Email & Kontak enrichment service, the second pain point can now be solved. Google Maps Scraper service extracts and lists the websites of businesses. And Emails & Contacts Scraper service visits these websites and extracts email and contact data for the business.

Local Lead List Extracted From Google Maps

Pengikis Email & Kontak service not only extracts emails from businesses but also scrapes social media accounts. This is also a useful option for people who want to reach their customers through social media.

There are many different advantages of doing lead generation with Outscraper and Google Maps. Anyone who markets their products and services to local businesses should definitely benefit from these services.

We recommend that you take a look at the “Bagaimana cara mengekstrak email dari Google Maps?” tutorial to learn the details of how to generated leads from Google Maps using Outscraper.


Pertanyaan dan jawaban paling sering

A service or tool is needed to scrape leads from Google Maps. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service can extract local leads from Google Maps quickly and easily.

Google Maps has information on millions of businesses. These businesses have potential customers for everyone. It is wise to use Google Maps to find a client for your product or service. Outscraper allows you to find potential customers from all over the world by specifying categories and locations from Google Maps.

Lead generation is essential for businesses selling products or services. As it is inevitable to grow the business and maintain profitability, it is inevitable to continue lead generation. As long as the business continues, there is always a need for new customers. Outscraper allows you to lead generation from Google Maps.

It is not always right to wait for the customer to come to make a sale. Instead, it is a smarter way to find and reach potential customers. This is why lead generation is the best. Without leaving your business to chance, you decide the fate of your success yourself.

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