API Ulasan Bisnis Google

Extend the official Google Business Reviews API and get any amount of reviews in real-time.


More Than 5 Reviews

API that will allow you to fetch all the reviews from any place. Not limited to the official Google API limit of 5 reviews per a place.

Real Time

The response time for fetching 1-10 reviews is less than 3s. Therefore, you can integrate it on your website and fetch the reviews once clients open it.

Advanced Parameters

Sort, skip, ignore, cutoff, select language, and much more options to fetch only the reviews you want.

Demo tanggapan

    "name": "National Museum of the American Indian",
    "rating": 4.5,
    "reviews": 6501,
    "reviews_data": [
            "google_id": "0x89b7b783fc58e717:0xde1953f24f51818",
            "author_link": "https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/112021154772754874803?hl=en-US",
            "author_title": "Sharon Stone",
            "author_id": "112021154772754874803",
            "author_image": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/a-/AOh14GgesxM1R50ch-ZQfYHkfyCethdfnwVBXlJyzUTHTQ=c0x00000000-cc-rp-ba3",
            "review_text": "One of those lesser-known museums. This is a must for visiting DC. The museum is not as crowded as the others But it has an atmosphere like none other. Truly amazed",
            "review_img_url": "https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipOovYxmn9figwNlbEjNwcretJJpOB1suZ5Mo0lu",
            "owner_answer": null,
            "owner_answer_timestamp": null,
            "owner_answer_timestamp_datetime_utc": null,
            "review_link": "https://www.google.com/maps/reviews/data=!4m5!14m4!1m3!1m2!1s112021154772754874803!2s0x0:0xde1953f24f51818?hl=en-US",
            "review_rating": 5,
            "review_timestamp": 1612107518,
            "review_datetime_utc": "01/31/2021 15:38:38",
            "review_likes": 0
            "google_id": "0x89b7b783fc58e717:0xde1953f24f51818",
            "author_link": "https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/115801625784073856553?hl=en-US",
            "author_title": "Sara Key",
            "author_id": "115801625784073856553",
            "author_image": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/a-/AOh14Ghbg_eItSfbdJ3qfz5Z6TXlXzhMdFWyE-tAHBCsZw=c0x00000000-cc-rp-ba5",
            "review_text": "This museum is very historical!!! Brings down history to life regarding the Indians! Extremely interesting if you love history!!! Go with your history class/ students or with friends!!! I really recommend you all going here!! This is the one  place you should visit if you haven’t.",
            "review_img_url": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/a-/AOh14Ghbg_eItSfbdJ3qfz5Z6TXlXzhMdFWyE-tAHBCsZw",
            "owner_answer": null,
            "owner_answer_timestamp": null,
            "owner_answer_timestamp_datetime_utc": null,
            "review_link": "https://www.google.com/maps/reviews/data=!4m5!14m4!1m3!1m2!1s115801625784073856553!2s0x0:0xde1953f24f51818?hl=en-US",
            "review_rating": 4,
            "review_timestamp": 1611894364,
            "review_datetime_utc": "01/29/2021 04:26:04",
            "review_likes": 0

Paket Harga

Bayar sesuai yang anda pakai dengan tagihan penggunaan meteran bulanan.

Tingkat Gratis

Usage before 500 reviews
$0 /tinjauan
  • Price per one review for the usage from 1 to 500 reviews
  • Penyortiran
  • All reviews access
  • Advanced filters

Medium Tier

Usage after 500 reviews
$0.004 $0.002 /tinjauan
  • Price per one review for the usage from 501 to 50,00 reviews
  • Penyortiran
  • All reviews access
  • Advanced filters

Business Tier

Usage after 50,000 reviews
$0.002 $0.001 /tinjauan
  • Price per one review for the usage after 50,000 reviews
  • Penyortiran
  • All reviews access
  • Advanced filters
Uang kembali
Kami menawarkan pengembalian dana penuh dalam waktu 3 hari setelah pembelian jika solusi Outscraper tidak berhasil untuk Anda.

Dokumen API

Gunakan data dari aplikasi Anda. Lihat Dokumen API.

Reviews Data Dictionary

Columns names and descriptions for Google Reviews.

  • nama - name of the place on Google Maps.
  • google_id - unique identifier of the place.
  • lokasi_link - link to the place.
  • ulasan_link - link to the place reviews.
  • ulasan_per_skor - JSON object with scores and the number of reviews per each score.
  • peringkat - rating of the review.
  • review_id - unique identifier of the review.
  • author_link - link to author's profile on Google Maps.
  • author_title - title of the author's profile page.
  • author_id - unique identifier of the author.
  • author_image - image link from the author's profile page.
  • review_text - text of the review (if exists).
  • review_img_url - image link from the review (if exists).
  • owner_answer - text of the owner replay (if exists).
  • owner_answer_timestamp - timestamp value when owner replied (if exists).
  • owner_answer_timestamp_datetime_utc - datetime value when owner replied (if exists).
  • review_link - link to the review.
  • review_rating - rating of the review.
  • review_timestamp - timestamp value when review created.
  • review_datetime_utc - datetime value when review created.
  • review_likes - amount of the review's likes.
  • ulasan_id - unique identifier of the place's reviews.

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Mihai Vinatoru
Mihai VinatoruMitra Pengelola
Baca selengkapnya
Outscraper menyediakan data yang cepat dan andal di lokasi Google Maps, dalam antarmuka yang sederhana dan intuitif. Platform ini memiliki fitur-fitur canggih, namun cukup ramah pengguna. Dalam 12 bulan terakhir, kami menggunakan Outscraper untuk mengekstrak data publik yang relevan mengenai 120.000+ lokasi.
Travis Howell
Travis HowellPeneliti
Baca selengkapnya
Outscraper jauh lebih mudah digunakan daripada alternatif lain, dan telah memberi saya beberapa informasi hebat. Layanan pelanggan mereka juga sangat membantu ketika saya membutuhkannya.
SilviaS1-BRANDING Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
Baca selengkapnya
Thank you very much for your reply and help! If you don't mind please deliver my thanks to the developer team. I hope you all thrive!
Baca selengkapnya
Terima kasih banyak telah menyediakan platform brilian "Outscraper" untuk menemukan sejumlah besar data dalam beberapa menit, juga, terima kasih telah Meningkatkan penjualan saya 😊
Nate Lile
Nate LileEntrepreneur
Baca selengkapnya
I've been testing and using Outscraper for a few weeks now. I'm incredibly happy with their current offerings and I'm looking forward to them adding more public sources. Its stupid easy to use and so affordable. Thanks guys!
Ashish Kumar
Ashish KumarData analyst and front-end designer
Baca selengkapnya
This service has been extremely helpful for me. Apart from their super fast API for various services, their amazing support is something that would make you go back to them. Dana from Outscraper team had helped me tirelessly for 3 days when I got into an issue and the dev team even made a spot update in their SDK package to suit my requirements. Highly recommended!
Alex Crivion
Alex CrivionEnvapreneur
Baca selengkapnya
Outscraper is the best API service I’ve ever had to discover by pure luck (in an article from Medium.com) - was seeking something like this since 2019 and this platform is the only one actually working and doing the job.

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