What is Email Scraping?

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With the rise of the online economy, most businesses now rely heavily on email marketing. One of the most common challenges faced by marketers is keeping up with new leads and staying in touch.

Email addresses are an important source of leads for any business. Email scraping is the process of extracting this data from webpages to create a
database of leads.

Email scrapers are designed to extract email addresses from webpages. They are specifically designed to search multiple links and find any email addresses that are mentioned in that pages.

Email scraper automates the process of finding emails on webpages by scanning for patterns in the HTML code and texts. The extraction of email addresses is done without visiting each webpage individually, which saves time and provides more accurate results

Scraper can finds many information on pages. The most common pieces are email addresses, social media accounts, phone numbers and Telegram/WhatsApp connection links 🕵️

Outscraper Email Scraper has ability to scrape all of these information for you only in just 3 steps 📖👇

How to Scrape Emails Only in Just 3 Steps?

1. Step - List the websites you want to scrape

Visit the Outscraper Email Scraper service on dashboard.


List the addresses of the websites you want to scrape one by one.

Email Scraper

You can copy paste your web pages one after the other in the box or you can directly upload the service.

2. Step - Start the email scraping task

Tag your task to identify on the list. Click the scrape domains button to start your ‘Email Scraping’ task.
Service will ask you about your confirmation.
With your approval, scraping task will be be queued immediately.

You can always track your tasks on the Tasks Page in the left panel.

3. Step - Download the results

Results will be listed on the Tasks Page sorted by date.

Excel file of results could be downloaded directly by clicking the “Domains” button.

 Save the file on your drive and check the results.

You got all details of your domains. Outscraper Email Scraper worked perfectly for you 😊👍

Scrape Now

Now it’s your turn to scrape all emails from your links. Try for free now 👇

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