¿Qué es la base de datos de PDI?

La base de datos de puntos de interés (POI) es un depósito de metadatos geográficos que describe puntos de interés (POI) en el mundo.

A point of interest is a record of a place on a map that is typically defined by its geographical coordinates and a few additional attributes like name and category. It can be used for just about anything, from finding hotels near you or seeing which parks are nearby.

An example of POI information

Nombre: The Blade Grooming Lounge
Categoría: Peluquería
Dirección completa: 93 Old St, Londres EC1V 9JJ
Latitud: 51,5244963
Longitud: -0,0953317

Where is POI Data Used?

POI data solutions for navigation and mapping are an important part of the industry. They use this information to provide directions, locations, routes, and distances for people to get from point A to point B.

POI datasets are important for food delivery, logistics and transportation, insurance and financial services, retail, real estate, telecommunications, marketing and advertising, and government and public sectors.

Companies create datasets for a number of purposes. For example, they might identify the competition in a certain neighborhood, calculate shipping rates, or optimize the routing of their fleets in order to improve delivery periods.

POI Data Databases

There are various sources where you can find POI databases. These are OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps, and government directories.

Google Maps is a revolutionary service that was launched by Google in 2005. It is one of the best apps ever created by Google. Google Maps has attracted the attention of companies since its establishment. Businesses have registered on Google Maps so that customers can reach them more easily.

Google Maps service contains over 120 million locations, and new ones are added every day. Google has gathered location data from over 100 million contributors and continues to grow. The map is available in over 80 languages and covers the world’s 7 continents. For these reasons, it is wise to use the Google Maps service as a POI database.

Using Outscraper Services to Create POI Datasets​

Outscraper includes 3 services that can allow you to create POI Datasets. These services are Outscraper HUB, Outscraper Google Maps Extended API and Google Maps Data Scraper.

Outscraper HUB

Outscraper HUB has a complete database which has over 80 million POIs with regular updates and the ability to subscribe to changes.

Outscraper HUB

Outscraper HUB allows you to filter database by business name, added from, postal code, naics codes (only for the United States), and business status. You can also use specific area filters.

Outscraper Google Maps Extended Places API

Outscraper provides Google Maps Places API service. It stands out for its pay-as-you-go payment method and the support provided by the Outscraper’s developer team.

Outscraper Google Maps Extended API also stands out for its following features: real-time access to data. Fast API with extended fields and more affordable pricing, especially if a company would like to extract a large amount of data.

API de lugares de Google Maps

Documentación de la API para el servicio Outscraper Google Maps Places API aquí: Documentos de API

Outscraper Google Places API Docs

Check out our YouTube video on how to use the Outscraper Google Places API.

Creación de conjuntos de datos mediante el raspado de Google Maps

It may be desired to create POI datasets according to certain parameters without any coding. Outscraper Google Maps Scraper will do your job with its user-friendly interface.

Thanks to the Outscraper’s built-in scraping services, you can scrape all the points in all possible categories on Google Maps easily. You can scrape all the POI data in Google Maps without any coding skills if you create a task with only a few parameters.

Un ejemplo de consulta: Barber Shop, Londres, Reino Unido

All detailed data such as Name, Full Address, Latitude, Longitude can be obtained with Google Maps Scraper service. There is a tutorial for Google Maps Data Scraper about how to use the service, which can be read here: 

Also, Outscraper offers very rich filtering options. Thus, you can create special POI datasets for your use case with a wide variety of parameters. with Google Maps Data Scraper. A detailed tutorial can be read about how to set a task with different filters on the Filtros de Google Maps Data Scraper blog post.

Try It for Free Now​

You can start trying the Outscraper Google Maps Scraper API or Outscraper Google Maps Scraper freely by registering now. If you have a special needs for your project, please contact us. Our developer team will recommend the best solution for you. You can reach us on the contacto con nosotros página o crear una reunión para sus preguntas en Calendly.

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