Finding Verified Owner Data With Outscraper Google Maps Places API

Do you want to find out if a business listed in Google Maps has a verified owner? And, if so, do you also need to know the Google user ID of that owner? But possibly you are having difficulty obtaining information about the verification of businesses because the official Google Places API does not provide this feature yet. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you! API de Google Maps Places de Outscraper allows you to access the “verified owner” data which indicates if the place was claimed. Check the API docs to understand more about Outscraper as an alternative to Google’s official API.

Ejemplos de respuestas de la API

Utilizaremos el Outscraper API de Google Maps Places to request information for two different places. For these examples, we have chosen two cafes. One of the cafes has a verified owner, while the other does not. We will compare the results and data returned by the API for both.

Sample 1: Unverified Owner Data

Place: Cafe Bolivar, Santa Monica, California, United States

Sitúate en Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Cafe+Bolivar/@34.0132674,-118.4684163,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x80c2bb206233847b:0x1eca70d08b0223b0!8m2!3d34.013263!4d-118.465836!16s%2Fg%2F1tjz86bw

Status: Unclaimed Business (Unverified Owner)

					"query":"Cafe Bolivar, Santa Monica, California, United States"
"name":"Cafe Bolivar"
"full_address":"1741 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405"
"borough":"Sunset Park"
"street":"1741 Ocean Park Blvd"
"country":"United States of America"
"city":"Santa Monica"
"phone":"+1 310-581-2344"
"type":"Coffee shop"
"description":"Cafe with coffee, sandwiches & South American arepas, custom-filled with meat, cheese or beans."
"subtypes":"Coffee shop, Cafe, Restaurant"
"reviews_per_score":{"1":683,"2":710, "3":2354, "4":7627, "5":31688}
"owner_title":"Cafe Bolivar"


Sample 2: Verified Owner Data

					"query":"Urth Caffe Santa Monica, Santa Monica, California, United States"
"name":"Urth Caffe Santa Monica"
"full_address":"2327 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405"
"borough":"Ocean Park"
"street":"2327 Main St"
"country":"United States of America"
"city":"Santa Monica"
"phone":"+1 310-314-7040"
"type":"Coffee shop"
"description":"Bustling cafe offering a vast menu of American eats plus a variety of organic coffee drinks."
"category":"coffee shops"
"subtypes":"Coffee shop"
"reviews_tags":"salad, boba, brunch, green tea, pizza, organic, beach, panini, pumpkin pie, prosciutto"
"reviews_per_score":{"1": 134, "2": 88, "3": 227, "4": 719, "5": 2123}
"owner_title":"Urth Caffe Santa Monica"


Outscraper API de Google Maps Places returns places from Google Maps based on a given search query (or many queries). The results from searches are the same as you would see by visiting a regular mapas de Google sitio. Compruebe el API Docs para obtener información sobre parámetros de consulta y ejemplos de solicitudes.

Owner Verification Data: Sample 1
Owner Verification Data: Sample 2

It is also possible to obtain all the data received in the API response through Outscraper’s Google Maps Data Scraper sin código service. Creating a task and downloading the results from the dashboard is quite easy. Crear una tarea y descargar los resultados del cuadro de mandos es un proceso sencillo. El archivo de salida está disponible en varios formatos, como CSV, XLSX, JSON y Parquet. Para más información, consulte el tutorial: Cómo empezar a utilizar Google Maps Scraping

Pruebe ahora los servicios de Outscraper

Outscraper is the solution you need to find unclaimed businesses and ‘verified owner’ data. With a nivel gratuito , puedes crear fácilmente una cuenta y probar el servicio Outscraper Google Maps Places API y Google Maps Data Scraper para ver cómo pueden beneficiar a tus proyectos.

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While Google provides the Places API, including the Autocomplete API, it is not entirely free. Google offers a small amount of free usage each month, but after you exceed this limit, you will need to pay for further usage. If you’re looking for an alternative, consider the Outscraper Google Maps API. It provides similar functionality, including address autocomplete, at competitive rates, and you can scale your usage according to your specific needs.

Yes, Google Places still exists. It provides information about a variety of locations and establishments. However, if you want to access this data programmatically, you might need a tool like the Outscraper Google Maps API. Outscraper provides structured data scraped from Google Maps. It’s an efficient and reliable way to access large amounts of place data for your application or project.

Google provides a limited amount of free usage for the Places API each month, but the exact number can change based on Google’s pricing policies. If you’re looking for an alternative, the Outscraper Google Maps API could be a great option. It offers competitive pricing, flexible plans, and extensive functionality, including access to data from millions of locations worldwide. You can scale your usage according to your needs, making it a cost-effective solution for accessing place data.

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