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How You Can Find Hotels in a City?

Whoever we ask this question, I’m sure the most popular answer will be Google Maps.

Google Maps is a simple and convenient way to find all the hotels in a city. It allows you to easily view the locations of hotels on a map and access detailed information about each hotel. To use Google Maps to find hotels in a city, you can search for “hotels” followed by the name of the city in the search bar. This will show you a list of hotels in the city, along with their locations on the map.

Hotels on Google Maps

When you click on a specific hotel on the map, you can view more detailed information, such as its address, ratings, and reviews. If you want to see the locations of other hotels in the city, you can simply zoom out or use the map controls to pan to different areas of the city. Google Maps makes it easy and convenient to find all the hotels in a city and learn more about their amenities and ratings.

And How You Can Download Hotels Data From Google Maps?

To download hotel data from Google Maps, you will need to use an extractor or scraper service, such as the Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper.

Outscraper is a scraping service that runs entirely on servers, so you don’t need any coding knowledge or proxy to use it. With Outscraper, you can extract more than 45 data points for any place on Google Maps, making it a powerful and versatile tool for data scraping and analysis.

Painel de aplicação Outscraper

Outscraper finds and lists the hotels in the scanned area with a few parameters that are simply set. Using the Outscraper dashboard is very easy and simple.

Google Hotels Scraper Result File

Outscraper searches for hotels on Google Maps one by one and saves the data it finds to a result file. The data is organized into columns, so you can easily view and analyze each hotel’s information, from its address and phone number to its reservation link and photos. This allows you to quickly and easily extract and organize data from Google Maps for any purpose you may have.

Pro Tip: Scraping All Hotels in a City

Google Maps has set a specific result limit for each search query. This limit is a maximum of 500 records. For this reason, when searching for a single category and city location, all hotels in a city cannot be scraped. For this, a different path must be followed. This way is to use zip codes.

With zip codes, dozens of queries are created for the same city, so that each area in the city is scanned piece by piece. For example:

Hotels, 11201, Brooklyn, New York
11202, Brooklyn, New York
11203, Brooklyn, New York
11204, Brooklyn, New York
11205, Brooklyn, New York
11206, Brooklyn, New York
11207, Brooklyn, New York
11208, Brooklyn, New York
11209, Brooklyn, New York
11210, Brooklyn, New York

Different Hotels can be listed in each of the Google Maps searches made using this location information. 

Outscraper collects all these results and extracts the data. Clears duplicates. And it presents a result file containing all the hotels in the city. For detailed information on this subject, “How to Scrape Densely Populated Areas and Categories From Google Maps?” It is recommended to take a look at the article.

To get more information about the Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service and to use it more effectively, you can browse the articles below and test the service by opening an account for free.

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Scrape Google Hotels With Outscraper Now - Free to Try

Outscraper is a powerful tool that allows you to easily extract and organize data from Google Maps. With Outscraper, you can scrape Google hotels and save the information you find to a result file. 

This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as conducting market research or creating a directory of hotels in a particular area. Outscraper is free to try, so you can see for yourself how it can help you collect the information you need from Google Maps. Give it a try today and see the power of Outscraper for yourself.

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A scraping or extracting service can scrape public Google Maps data. For more information, you can check Outscraper’s terms of service

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