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What is CRM Data?

CRM data refers to information and records collected and stored about customers, sales, marketing, and customer service interactions. All these data are stored in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This data helps organizations better understand their customers, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales. Examples of CRM data include customer contact information, purchase history, communication history, and demographics.

Accurate and comprehensive CRM Data is indispensable for any successful business, as it can significantly contribute to the growth of sales. This has led to many companies enriching their CRM Data with data from various sources.

CRM Data enrichment has become an important issue because of the effect of increased sales. Therefore, companies enrich their own CRM data with data obtained from various sources.

How CRM Data Enrichment Increase Sales?

With CRM data enrichment, sales teams can identify potential customers, segment them based on their needs and interests, and create personalized experiences that lead to higher conversions. By leveraging customer data from multiple sources, they can better understand potential customer behavior and reactions. So that they can develop targeted campaigns that help increase sales.

Suppose we have a company that does business with real estate agencies. A company that sells various online services to these agencies. When talking to these real estate agents, their reputation and reviews in their area will affect everything. The most important place where evaluations of real estate are made is Google Maps.

A lot of information about a real estate agency can be found on Google Maps. Ratings and customer reviews are the most important of them. To do more business, the real estate agent must maintain high credibility in that neighborhood. And he competes with other agents.

Real Estate Agency, San Jose, California - Google Maps

Reviews and ratings are so important for a local business that businesses with good ratings and reviews come out on top when a search is made on Google Maps. Standing out in this ranking means always being one step ahead of your competitors.

In the meantime, it is important for our company to know which clients and companies are strong and dominant in his region. Google Maps also provides this data. We can use a Google Maps data-extracting service to leverage this data and strengthen our market insight.

Enrich CRM Data with Google Maps Data, Ratings and Reviews

Let’s go through an example. As mentioned above, you have a list of real estate agencies in San Jose. The list has the company name and full address. According to this list, you want to enrich your list by extracting these agencies’ information, rating, and review data on Google Maps.

Real Estate List for CRM Data Enrichment

This list is sufficient to enrich this CRM data with Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper. The important part is to edit and upload the list in the format Outscraper wants. When the “Enrich File” button is clicked, the service informs you about it.

Enrich File With Google Maps Data Scraper

In the enriching process, Outscraper brings business records matching the companies listed on Google Maps. All new data added after the process is finished are in the columns in the headers starting with “google_maps_data”.

Enriched Company List With Google Maps Data

Many Google Maps data items, such as ratings, reviews, photo count, and website, have been added to the list. There may be more than 40 extra data columns in this list after enrichment. You can take a look at the “Słownik danych” which contains data that has been extracted from Google Maps. There is only data listed on Google Maps here. In order to add reviews to the service, the Google Maps Reviews Scraper service must also be added.

Place IDs of Locations

Place ID and Google ID of each company in the list are also extracted. Thus, Google Maps Reviews can be scraped easily with these Place IDs. Again, this list can be uploaded directly to the Outscraper Google Maps Reviews Scraper service to enrich the list with reviews.

Enrich File With Google Maps Reviews Scraper

In the same way as when a file is uploaded to the Google Maps Data Scraper service, it is uploaded to the Google Maps Reviews Scraper service to enrich it with reviews. Similarly, attention should be paid to headers. The parameters determined before uploading the file will be applied to the scraping task. How many reviews will be scraped, and the sorting option should be set. For more details, we recommend reading the article “Jak scrape'ować recenzje z Google Maps?

There are multiple ways to enrich CRM data with Outscraper. Outscraper allows you to implement many different enriching scenarios with data scraping services, especially for local companies.

Enrich Your CRM Data With Outscraper Now

Outscraper offers a powerful solution for CRM data enrichment. By leveraging customer data from multiple sources, sales teams can create personalized experiences that lead to higher conversions and a better understanding of their customers.

With Outscraper’s Google Maps Data Scraper, enriching your CRM data has never been easier. Simply upload your list and let the service do the rest. Enhance your market insight and take your business to the next level with Outscraper.


Najczęściej zadawane pytania i odpowiedzi

CRM data enrichment is the process of adding additional information to a customer’s record in a CRM system to enhance the accuracy and completeness of the customer data. The goal of data enrichment is to improve the quality of customer data in a CRM system, resulting in more effective engagement, personalization, and decision-making.

Outscraper services allow you to gather information about businesses from Google Maps, check the accuracy of their email addresses, and find additional contact information. These data can be extremely valuable for enriching CRM data.

In order to improve the CRM database, it is the right decision to enrich the data by using different sources and to test the found data with validation services. Therefore, Outscraper’s scraping and validating services can be used extensively to improve the CRM database.

Data enrichment means adding more information to a database by using another database as a reference. Outscraper scraping and validating services are used to enrich the databases. Outscraper can be used to collect more data about local businesses and to verify email lists.


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