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Dear Clients, welcome to Outscraper!

Thank you for your interest in Outscraper services. Please read the tutorials, FAQs, and details in this article carefully before using the services. We are always ready to help you with your Outscraper experience.

Redeem Your Code

You can redeem your AppSumo Deal code for the “Google Maps Scraper by Outscraper” on your プロフィールページ.

Redeem Your AppSumo Code

Once the Code has been successfully added, the phrase “appsumo – 20 credits / month” will appear. Your remaining credit will show “$20.00”. This “$20.00” credit will be renewed every month.

Code Has Been Successfully Added

Now your AppSumo code has been successfully added and you can start using Outscraper services now.

We recommend that you read the “Tutorials” and “FAQ” thoroughly before using the services. These tutorials help you get the most accurate results from the Google Maps Scraper service.


Outscraper blog has tutorials on how to use the services. Please check “チュートリアル” page to read them.

We have some tutorials for you to get the most out of the グーグルマップスクレーパー service. First of all, please see tutorial Googleマップをスクレイピングするには?” which explains the basic operation of the Google Maps Scraper service.

Filtering options are one of Outscraper’s most valuable capabilities. You can add filters when creating a scraping task in Outscraper’s Google Maps Scraper. These filters allow you to get the most accurate results. Please check out the “Google Mapsデータスクレイパーフィルタ” tutorial to learn how the filters work.

There is also an email scraping service in the AppSumo Deal you have purchased. メール&コンタクトスクレイパー service can work both standalone. It can also work as an enrichment service on the Google Maps Scraper service. 

Please visit “電子メールをスクレイピングするには?” tutorial to understand how the service works. 

These tutorials will give you a lot of details for using Outscraper. Apart from these tutorials, you can also check out the General FAQ page.  

Your feedback as a review on AppSumo would be much appreciated. Have a great day.


You can now visit the services index page to review the services offered you can use. Outscraper comes with many services for you.

Outscraper YouTubeチャンネル

You can find Video Tutorials  and more on the Outscraper YouTube channel. Please visit the channel and check the videos.



You can redeem your AppSumo Deal code for the “Google Maps Scraper by Outscraper” on your プロフィールページ.

Please copy/paste your code to “Promotion Code” box and apply.

Currently, we support only 1 code per account.

In Outscraper pricing calculation, scraping 1 email costs $0.002. 5000 email costs you $10. Also scraping 1 business on Google Maps costs $0.002. So it will cost $10 for 5000 business scraping too.

This is why the service shows you that you have $20 credit and you can scrape 5000 businesses and 5000 emails with it.

Yes you can use the other services too. Cost of these service usages will be charged according to Outscraper pricing. 

Please check the pricing of Outscraper services: 価格設定

Please read the tutorial Googleマップをスクレイピングするには?” which explains the basic operation of the Google Maps Scraper and also please read “電子メールをスクレイピングするには?” tutorial to understand how the email scraping service works. 

You can track your usages always on your Profile Page. Upcoming invoice section will show you your usages.

Yes, you can continue to create scraping tasks. You will be billed based on the rates specified on the Pricing page when you exceed your deal credits.

You can use your credits to Google Maps Reviews Scraper service.  Check on 価格設定 page for Google Maps Reviews scraping service.