Using Google Maps Scraper for Outbound Lead Generation

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Introduction to Outbound Lead Scraping

Outbound lead scraping tools are software applications and programs or internet-based platforms designed to automate or streamline the process of gathering or collecting contact information from various online sources for lead generation, marketing, and sales purposes. These tools commonly utilize web scraping methodologies and techniques to extract or retrieve data and information from Google Maps, websites, directories, social media platforms, and other online databases or digital repositories.

Outbound Lead Scraper

Before revealing some of the most exciting advantages of outbound lead scraping tools and their uses, we should also try to understand the science behind outbound lead scraping. 

Outbound lead scraping is a technique used in sales and marketing to gather contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, and other relevant data of potential leads or prospects from various online sources, especially publicly available databases. 

Outbound lead scraping typically involves using automated software tools or scripts to systematically extract relevant data based on specific criteria defined by the user. The extracted data can then be used for outreach purposes, such as sending cold emails, cold calling, or connecting on various social media platforms, to generate interest and ultimately convert the leads into customers. 

Lead Generation Statistics for 2024

1. 50% of Marketers consider lead generation a top priority in their marketing and sales campaign efforts. Hubspot reported in its State of the Marketing report that lead generation was the main focus of its marketing efforts to build brand awareness and increase sales. 

2. 76% of marketers use content to generate leads. Content marketing is the first step in lead generation for successful brands, mainly when directed toward audiences in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. 

3. According to a study by Forrester Research, data analysts spend up to 80% of their time collecting and preparing data for analysis. Although this study was conducted earlier, it is still applicable today. 

4. According to a study by Hubspot, organizations, and businesses generate 1,877 monthly leads. Four out of five are considered Marketing Qualified Leads or MQLs. 

5. Hubspot reported that generating more leads is the top priority for marketers in the next 12 months. Lead generation stands at 34%, customer satisfaction ranks second with 22%, followed by brand awareness at 19% and closing deals at 14%. 

6. Ruler Analytics reported that 39.5% of marketers believe having access to more accurate data could improve their marketing efforts. 

7. The IT and Services Industry generates more monthly leads than any other industry. Hubspot reported that the IT and services organizations generated an average of 3,660 monthly leads. 

8. Businesswire reported that most people (97%) ignore cold calls, a significant challenge in outbound lead generation strategies. These numbers could decrease significantly if you adopt more personalized outbound lead generation strategies, which Outscraper could provide.

Now that we understand the significant data about Lead Generation, we will explore Outbound Lead Scraping, its tools, and its purposes in sales and marketing strategies. 

Purposes of Outbound Lead Scraping Tools

Outbound lead scraping tools are crucial in streamlining lead generation, enhancing prospecting efforts, and optimizing sales and marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes in a more personalized manner.

  1. Prospecting: By gathering data from various online sources, outbound lead scraping tools like Outscraper assist in identifying prospects who match specific criteria, such as industry, company size, geographic location, and decision-makers for personalized prospecting. 
  2. Personalized Outreach: With access to contact information, businesses can personalize their outreach efforts through targeted emails, calls, or social media messages, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.
  3. Generasi Pemimpin: These tools help businesses identify and collect contact information of potential leads, enabling them to expand their customer base.
  4. Sales Intelligence: These tools provide valuable information about leads, such as job titles, company affiliations, and social media profiles, helping sales teams tailor their approach and pitches effectively.
  5. Market Research: Outbound lead scraping tools like Outscraper can gather insights about competitors, industry trends, and customer preferences by collecting data from relevant online sources.
  6. Automated Processes: Outbound lead scraping tools automate collecting and organizing lead data, saving time and effort for sales and marketing teams—one of the most significant advantages in saving time and money.
  7. Campaign Optimization: By analyzing the data collected through outbound lead scraping, businesses can refine their marketing campaigns, optimize targeting strategies, and improve overall performance.
  8. Compliance Management: Outbound lead scraping tools like Outscraper offer features to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Importance and Benefits of Outbound Lead Scraping Tools 

Finding qualified leads for your outbound lead generation strategies is crucial for growth and revenue generation. Traditional methods involve manual search and research, which are considered one of the most time-consuming tasks and are prone to errors. 

With this in mind and with the facts presented, this is where outbound lead scraping tools come in, and Outscraper could provide these lead scraping tools for you. These powerful tools automate collecting leads from various sources, such as Google Maps, websites, online directories, social media platforms, and publicly available data online.

Businesses, companies, and organizations can save time and resources by using this outbound lead scraping tool while accessing a vast pool of potential prospects and customers in any industry.  

There are many benefits to using data sourcing platforms for lead generation, specifically outbound lead generation strategies. Firstly, it provides access to various data sources, ensuring businesses can access diverse leads. Secondly, platforms like Outscraper often offer advanced search and filtering capabilities, also known as Enrichment, using additional sources for more personalized data and information.  

Sources of Outbound Lead Scraping

Outbound lead scraping involves collecting potential leads or prospects from various online sources. Here are some common sources utilized for outbound lead scraping:

  1. Company Websites: Many companies list their contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, on their websites. Lead scrapers can extract this information from the contact pages or other relevant sections.
  2. Google My Business: Now called Google Business Profile, business owners can reach customers via Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. This free tool offered by Google is one way to claim ownership of your Business. 
  3. Online Directories: Various online directories specific to industries, professions, or regions contain contact information for businesses and professionals. 
  4. Public Databases: Some government or public databases provide information about businesses, such as registration details, contact information, and key personnel. 
  5. Social Media Platforms: Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are rich sources of lead information. 
  6. Press Releases and News Articles: Press releases, news articles, and company announcements often include contact information for key personnel or departments. 
  7. Trade Shows and Events: Websites or directories related to trade shows, conferences, and events often list attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.
  8. Forums and Communities: Online forums, discussion boards, and communities related to specific industries or interests can be sources of lead information.
  9. Job Boards: Job boards frequently list job postings with contact details of hiring managers or recruiters. 
  10. Review Websites: Review websites and platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews, and industry-specific review sites may contain contact details of businesses and professionals.
  11. Email Signatures: Lead scrapers can analyze email signatures from received emails or publicly available email threads to extract contact information, including names, job titles, and email addresses.

How to Manage Outbound Leads

Effective management of outbound leads is crucial for converting prospects into customers and can maximize the return on your lead generation efforts. Listed below is a comprehensive guide on how to manage outbound leads:

  1. Centralize Lead Data: Store all lead information in a centralized database or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, allowing easy access, organization, and tracking of leads throughout the sales process.
  2. Segment Leads: Segment leads based on criteria such as industry, company size, geographical location, level of interest, etc. 
  3. Prioritize Leads: Implement lead scoring to prioritize leads based on their likelihood of converting into customers. 
  4. Follow-Up Promptly: Respond to leads promptly to capitalize on their interest and prevent them from losing interest or seeking alternatives. 
  5. Nurture Leads: Develop a lead nurturing strategy to engage and educate leads at various stages of the buying journey. Provide relevant content, resources, and offers to address their pain points and build trust over time.
  6. Track Interactions: Record all interactions with leads, including emails, calls, meetings, and website visits. 
  7. Personalize Communication: Personalize communication with leads based on their interests, preferences, and previous interactions. 
  8. Utilize Multiple Channels: Reach out to leads through multiple channels, including email, phone calls, social media, and direct mail. 
  9. Collaborate Across Teams: Foster collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer support teams to ensure a seamless experience for leads. 
  10. Monitor Performance: Track critical metrics such as conversion rate, lead velocity, sales cycle length, and customer lifetime value. 
  11. Iterate and Optimize: Continuously review and optimize your outbound lead management process based on insights from data and feedback from sales and marketing teams. 

By following these best practices, you can effectively manage outbound leads and increase your chances of converting them into satisfied customers. Remember to prioritize customer experience and relationship-building throughout the lead management process to foster long-term loyalty and advocacy.

Guide on How to Use Outbound Lead Scraping Tools

Using outbound lead scraping tools typically involves:

  • Setting up the lead scraper tool.
  • Configuring the parameters.
  • Executing the scraping process.
  • Managing the extracted data.

How to Use Outscraper for Outbound Lead Scraping?

  1. Sign Up or Sign In: Sign up for Outscraper or sign in directly if you already have an account. The Lead Scraper Tool will crape leads into CSV/XLSX files. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and start extracting now with our lead scraping tool. You can also try our Tingkat Gratis
    Outbound Leads
  2.  Identify Target Sources: Determine the online sources where your target leads will likely be found. This tutorial will use Google Maps Data Scraper for our Outbound Leads. Once logged in, click Services, By Brand, Google, Maps, and Google Maps Scraper. Outbound Lead Scraper
  3. Set Up Scraping Parameters: Configure scraping parameters such as keywords, filters, and search criteria to target specific leads. We will extract restaurant data in California for our outbound lead scraping activities. After choosing the Restaurant Categories, select the country, which is the United States. All the states in the US will be provided, and to search for a Restaurant in California, tick Unselect All and select California in the drop-down menu. Please fill out the maximum results limit; we use only 200 results in this tutorial. Pengikis Timbal
  4. Utilizing Enrichment Tools: Menggunakan Outscraper’s Enrichment tools for more comprehensive outbound lead scraping results, You can check the Extract emails and social as an Enrichment tool. Google Maps doesn’t include emails, so this enrichment tool searches public sources for emails, contacts, and social media details. We also check the Phone owners enrichment tool to get the telephone numbers of the business owners for more personalized outbound leads. Google Maps doesn’t have the phone numbers of business owners, so Outscraper will be using the data from White Pages to have a more solid background of the business owners. Leads Scraper
  5. Advanced Options: In this tutorial, we will not use the Advanced parameters option; we will move directly to the extraction process. Select the language and places per one query search, delete duplicates, and use zip codes. Add the preferred contacts, such as decision-makers and sales, for the other parameters, such as Emails and Contacts Scraper. Lead Scraping Tools
  6. Execute Scraping Process: Run the scraping process to collect data from the target sources according to the configured parameters. Monitor the progress through the Tasks options in the sidebar. Pengikis Timbal
  7. Validate and Clean Data: Validate the extracted data to ensure accuracy and completeness. Clean the data by correcting errors and formatting inconsistencies. Use data validation tools or manual review processes to verify the quality of the scraped data.
  8. Export and Store Data: Export the scraped data to a file format compatible with your data storage or analysis tools. Store the data securely in a centralized location, such as a CRM system or database, for easy access and management.


After thoroughly explaining how modern businesses harness technology to streamline lead generation efforts, it’s evident that outbound lead scraping tools play an essential role in this process. These lead scraper tools automate gathering valuable contact information from diverse online sources, including websites, social media platforms, and directories. 

Businesses can efficiently collect crucial data by leveraging web scraping techniques, such as the tools provided by Outscraper. This automation saves time and resources and enables companies to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape by ensuring access to up-to-date and relevant leads. The discussion doesn’t just stop at explaining the technicalities of lead scraping; it also provides an in-depth understanding of real-world applications. 

Outscraper highlights the importance of personalized outreach and targeted prospecting. We showcased how outbound lead scraping tools enable businesses to identify and engage with potential leads more efficiently. We emphasize data-driven insights’ role in optimizing sales and marketing strategies, citing statistics that underscore the growing emphasis on lead generation in contemporary marketing efforts.

At Outscraper, we provide a comprehensive guide on leveraging outbound lead scraping tools to enhance your lead generation efforts. We offer practical insights and best practices for effective implementation. What are you waiting for? Sign up and join the growing community of satisfied Outscraper users. 


Pertanyaan dan jawaban paling sering

Google Map scraping, harvesting, atau extracting adalah proses mendapatkan semua informasi tentang tempat (nama, alamat, koordinat, situs, telepon, jam kerja, dll) dari situs Google Maps. Ini mengotomatiskan ekspor data secara manual.

Pengikisan dan penggalian data publik dilindungi oleh Amandemen Pertama Konstitusi Amerika Serikat.

  1. Login to Google Maps scraper.
  2. Pilih kategori yang ingin Anda ekstrak.
  3. Pilih lokasi dari tarik-turun.
  4. Pilih bahasa dan periksa parameter lanjutan lainnya.
  5. Klik "Mengikis data".

Data dari Google Maps dapat digunakan di banyak bidang. Kasus yang paling umum adalah mencari pelanggan baru untuk bisnis Anda atau menggunakan data untuk AI dan pembelajaran Mesin. Data Google Places juga dapat menjadi sumber untuk membangun aplikasi Anda.

Yes. You can use Emails & Contacts Scraper along with Google Maps scraper to enrich the data from Google. In order to do so, select “Emails & Contacts Scraper” in the “Enrich by other services” section on the Google Maps Scraper page.

Ya. Anda bisa menggunakan filter dari parameter lanjutan dengan operator berikut ini.
Kami hanya mengekstrak data yang tersedia untuk umum, dan scraper berfungsi sebagai browser untuk ilmuwan data, pengembang, dan pemasar. Mekanisme untuk menjamin data bebas PII adalah dengan memilih kolom apa yang ingin Anda kembalikan.

No. All scraping activities occur on Outscraper servers, ensuring that your IP address is not utilized for data scraping. You can close your computer an the scraping task will still be running.

Coba Outscraper secara gratis dengan Tingkatan Gratis bulanan yang dapat diperbarui.