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Points of Interest (POI) data is an integral part of the digital mapping and location-based services industry. Essentially, POI data refers to the coordinates of specific geographical locations that people may find useful or interesting, such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations, landmarks, and so on. Accurate and comprehensive POI data can significantly enhance the functionality and utility of mapping software, navigation systems, and location-based apps. As a primary data source, it serves a plethora of needs – guiding autonomous vehicles, assisting tourists to find attractions, helping logistics companies optimize their delivery routes, or enabling real estate developers to analyze local amenities. High-quality POI data can dramatically improve the user experience and the overall utility of a location-based service.

Google Maps' Importance of POI Data

Google Maps has set a high standard in the realm of digital mapping solutions largely because of its extensive use of POI data. As one of the most widely used mapping services worldwide, Google Maps leverages a vast database of POI data to offer its users hyper-local information that is both relevant and valuable. There are many features that make Google Maps valuable in terms of POI, we can list some of them as follows:

  • Biggest and Most Complete List of POI in the World: Google Maps offers the largest and most comprehensive collection of Points of Interest (POI) globally, making it an attractive platform for business owners who want their clients and partners to easily find them.
  • Up-to-Date Data: The data on Google Maps is continuously updated on a daily basis by business owners and millions of users, ensuring its accuracy and relevance.
  • Vast Amount of Data: Google Maps provides an extensive range of information, including popular hours, working hours, business status, menu links, and more than 40 additional fields, allowing businesses to showcase detailed information about their offerings.
  • Worldwide Coverage: With a presence in every country and city around the world, Google operates on a global scale, providing comprehensive coverage for users in various locations.
  • Legal Source of Data: Google Maps collects data through the lawful process of scraping and extracting public data, which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

How to Integrate Google Maps Data to Your POI Database?

There are two different Outscraper services that allow you to expand your POI database with Google Maps Data. These two services will offer you the solution you want. One of these services is the No-Code Google Maps Daten Scraper service and the other is Outscraper Google Maps Orte API.

No-Code Google Maps Daten Scraper

With the No-Code Google Maps Data Scraper service, all points of interest in any category can be extracted from anywhere in the world. These extracted data can be downloaded in JSON, CSV, XLSX, and Parquet file formats. 

All scraped POI data can be added to the database by importing it. In addition, it’s possible to automatically add this data to your database using the Outscraper’s integrations. Please read the tutorial for more information: Erste Schritte mit Google Maps Scraping

Outscraper Google Maps Orte API

You can also integrate Google Maps data into your POI database using Outscraper’s Google Maps Places API, enriching your database with comprehensive and reliable place information. For more details on how to take advantage of Outscraper’s Google Maps Places API, refer to the API documentation: API-Dokumente

Testen Sie jetzt die Outscraper-Dienste

Embrace the power of extensive and accurate POI data with the services offered by Outscraper. Regardless of your industry or scale, leveraging the vast database of Google Maps can revolutionize your business processes. Whether you prefer the simplicity of the No-Code Google Maps Data Scraper service or the customization offered by Outscraper’s Google Maps Places API, there’s a solution tailored to your needs. Start your journey now with Outscraper. Try the services and witness firsthand how they can help enrich your POI database and improve your location-based services.


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POI stands for “Points of Interest” in Google Maps. These are specific locations or landmarks that are marked on the map, providing useful information and serving as reference points for users. POIs can include businesses, attractions, landmarks, parks, and more. Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper can assist in extracting POI data from Google Maps for various purposes, such as research, analysis, or integration into other applications.

To integrate Google Maps into your application or website, you can utilize the Google Maps API. This API allows developers to access and utilize the functionalities of Google Maps, such as displaying maps, adding markers, obtaining directions, and more. Outscraper Google Maps Places API is a service that can provide detailed place information, including name, address, coordinates, ratings, reviews, and other relevant data. By integrating the Outscraper Google Maps Places API, you can enhance your application with accurate and up-to-date place information from Google Maps.

The primary source of data for Google Maps is a combination of official sources, user contributions, and data partnerships. Google collects data from various authoritative sources, such as government agencies, public records, business directories, and other trusted providers. Additionally, users can contribute to Google Maps by adding or updating information about places, reviews, photos, and more. 

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