What is Email List Cleaning?

Email list cleaning is the process of improving the accuracy and quality of an email list. It involves verifying the format of each email address to ensure it conforms to standard formats, removing invalid email addresses, and removing email addresses that belong to known spam traps or complainers.

The process also involves checking MX records to ensure the domain of the email address exists and is set up to receive email. This helps to maintain the integrity of the email list and improve email deliverability. A clean email list leads to higher open and click-through rates, which can result in a better return on investment for email marketing efforts.

Why is It Important?

Email list cleaning is an essential aspect of email marketing that involves verifying and updating the email addresses on a mailing list. It helps ensure that the email list contains accurate, up-to-date, and valid email addresses. Having a clean email list has numerous benefits and can significantly impact the success of an email marketing campaign.

In general, “Email List Cleaning” is important because:

  1. Increases email deliverability: by removing invalid email addresses, email service providers are less likely to flag a mailing list as spam.
  2. Improves email marketing ROI: clean email lists result in higher open and click-through rates, leading to better conversion rates and a better return on investment for email marketing efforts.
  3. Maintains data quality: keeping a clean email list helps maintain accurate data, reducing the risk of sending emails to the wrong recipients.

    How to Clean Invalid Emails?

    Outscraper offers many different online services for email marketers. Outscraper Скребок даних Google Maps service, where you can extract the data and email addresses of businesses with profiles on Google Maps, and Скребок електронної пошти та контактів service, which can extract emails and contacts from domains.

    In addition to these services that can create an email list, Outscraper also offers a Масова перевірка email-адрес service, where you can validate the scraped emails collectively in bulk.

    Bulk Email Verification service checks the email addresses in the list in 4 steps and shows the invalid ones in the result file. The points that the service checks for email validation are: “Email Format,” “MX Records,” “Database of Complainers and Spam Traps,” and “Email Ping Response.”

    Checking Email Format

    Outscraper first checks the format of the email address. A valid email format consists of two parts, separated by the @ symbol: the local part and the domain.

    The local part can have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, such as (dot), – (dash), _ (underscore), and + (plus). And the domain part must have a valid domain name registered with a domain registrar.

    Checking MX Records

    MX records, also known as Mail Exchange records, are DNS (Domain Name System) records that specify the mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a recipient’s domain.

    Inaccurate or missing MX records can result in undeliverable emails or delays in email delivery. Accurate MX records ensure that emails are routed to the correct mail server and delivered to the recipient’s inbox. Outscraper Bulk Email Verification service validates the records of the entire email list with its built-in online MX record checker tool.

    Checking Database of Complainers and Spam Traps

    Complainers are email addresses that have marked previous emails as spam. In contrast, spam traps are fake email addresses set up by ISPs or anti-spam organizations to catch and identify spammers. If you send emails to these addresses, it can be a problem because it shows that you are sending spam. It’s important to keep your email list clean and not send emails to these addresses.

    Emails tested in the Outscraper Bulk Email Verification service are searched in the complainers and spam traps database, and if found, they are marked in the result file.

    Pinging Emails for Deliverability

    Verifying an email address through pinging is an efficient method to determine if it’s active without sending a real email. This process involves connecting to the email’s SMTP server and checking for the existence of its MX (mail exchange) records and the email address itself. If the SMTP server is accessible, the pinging will be successful. If not, the process will take too long or fail.

    Outscraper also pings all email addresses in the list one by one to verify emails. According to the ping response, it adds the status of the email address to the result file in a positive or negative way.

    Clean Your Email List With Outscraper Now

    You can utilize Outscraper’s online service to validate your email lists and streamline your work. Outscraper’s Масова перевірка email-адрес service is user-friendly. To create a validation task, simply follow a few straightforward steps. Please read the tutorial for more information:

    At Outscraper, you can enjoy the flexibility of paying only for what you use – no rigid monthly fees are required. And with free credits available in the “Безкоштовний рівень,” you have the opportunity to test drive our services. Test the Outscraper Bulk Email Verification service now.


    Найпоширеніші запитання та відповіді

    Outscraper’s Bulk Email Verification service helps you clean your email list. The service cleans invalid emails. Outscraper gives free credits to its users every month as part of the “Free Tier”. With these free credits, you can test the Масова перевірка email-адрес service and clean small email lists.

    If emails are added to your email list every day and regularly, you can use Outscraper’s Email Validator service with API to scan and clean the emails in your list. But if you are importing an e-mail list externally and collectively; We recommend that you do email list cleaning after each import. Outscraper’s Bulk Email Verification service helps you with email cleaning.

    The easiest method to clean up emails is to use a bulk email validation service. Outscraper Bulk Email Verification tool offers a convenient, online solution. You can efficiently remove invalid and unverified emails by uploading large quantities.

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