Cos'è Google Maps Scraper?

Google Maps Scraper è uno strumento per estrarre dati da Google Maps utilizzando servizi come Outscraper Platform o script Python.

Puoi raschiare questi dati con Outscraper Google Maps Scraping Services

Outscraper is a powerful SaaS that allows the extraction of unlimited amounts of data from Google Maps at a high speed and with no limit to the number of records that can be extracted.

Il tesoro dei dati: Google Maps

Google Maps are a treasure trove of valuable data because these scraper tools can be used by companies to collect data about places like stores, restaurants, and gas stations to reach new clients.

Google map scraping is a rapidly growing niche with several different approaches. It has many uses, such as finding directions, finding hotels, finding phone numbers, and even getting reviews of restaurants.

Come raschiare Google Maps e perché dovresti usarlo nelle vendite

Outscraper lo rende facile per te

Tuttavia, estrarre i dati dalla mappa e formattarli in un modo che sia adatto al tuo progetto può richiedere molto tempo ed energia.

Fortunately, these time-consuming tasks can be simplified by leveraging Outscraper Google Maps Data APIs and Outscraper Web App to extract the data from Google Maps, and it will save you time and effort.

If you would like to scrape Google Maps via Outscraper API service, perhaps Python will be the best alternative for you.

API del raschietto di Google Maps

Our tutorials will teach you how to scrape Google Maps with Python and you can check our API Docs on the dashboard: Documenti API

Ecco come raschiare con Python usando il Outscraper:

Come raschiare Google Maps Places in Python

Se hai bisogno di estrarre i dati di Google Maps senza programmazione, puoi farlo facilmente con il nostro Outscraper Web App

Come estrarre dati da Google Maps

Start Using Outscraper Google Maps Scraper Now

Outscraper has no monthly subscription fees; you just pay as you go, and you will also have free credits when you sign up to try it for free now.


Let’s get started scraping. It only takes 6 minutes to sign up and start using Google Maps Scraper.

Raschiatore dati di Google Maps


Domande e risposte più frequenti

Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper può raschiare tutti i dettagli da Google Maps con un solo clic. 

Puoi estrarre i dati di Google Maps manualmente o puoi usare servizi di scraping come Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper.

Sì. Se usi Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper e Email & Contacts Scraper insieme, puoi raschiare tutte le email dai siti web aziendali con i dati delle mappe. 

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