Usare la "List Match Audience" di Quora per mirare ai tuoi potenziali clienti

What is Quora’s “List Match Audience” Feature? Quora’s “list match audience” feature enables you to create a custom audience to target your campaign or to help attribute conversions by using your data, such as email addresses and phone numbers. For more details: Quora and Quora Ads Quora is a pool of questions that can be called the common wisdom of people all over the world. People from various parts of the world seek answers Per saperne di più…

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Come creare un pubblico corrispondente su LinkedIn per il tuo business?

What is Matched Audiences? LinkedIn Matched Audiences are custom audience segments you can use as targeting selections in your advertising campaigns. You can check details and frequently asked questions on LinkedIn help pages. How You Can Use LinkedIn Matched Audiences for Your Business? LinkedIn creates leverage to improve collaborations, create a new environment, and strengthen existing relationships. LinkedIn, the international directory of the business world, has become a $26.2 billion channel for networking and Per saperne di più…

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Come creare un pubblico personalizzato su Facebook per il tuo business?

What is Custom Audience on Facebook? “A Custom Audience is an ad targeting option that lets you find your existing audiences among people who are on Facebook. You can use sources like customer lists, website or app traffic, or engagement on Facebook, to create Custom Audiences of people who already know your business.” You can check out the Facebook ‘About Custom Audiences’ page for more. We will use ‘Customer List Custom Audience’ type . It provides the opportunity to Per saperne di più…

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B2B Lead Generation for Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies and professionals generate and create the lists of potential B2B clients for their clients. The process starts with finding the companies that might be interested in their product or service. Once they’ve found the companies, they then reach out to them to get a meeting. To create a list of B2B leads, digital marketing agencies research each industry to find potential clients for their client. They do this by looking at directories, Per saperne di più…

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How to Generate B2B Leads?

What is B2B Lead Generation? Business-to-business (B2B) lead generation is the process of generating leads and traffic which can be converted into sales. Leads are generated from a wide range of sources such as seminars, conferences, webinars, trade shows, networking events and through referrals. Some of the most common ways to generate leads are: – Finding new prospects on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook; – Creating lead lists of of potential clients Per saperne di più…

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I migliori crawler di Google Maps nel 2022

5 Best Google Maps Crawlers in 2022 Let’s compare the top 5 Google Maps Data Scraping tools you can use in 2022😊⚡👍 Phantombuster Outscraper Leads-Extractor ScrapeHero AhmadSoftware 1. Phantombuster Phantombuster has many different phantoms (tools) as well as a Google Maps Search Export phantom. Product Page: Pros: Useful for small queries. Easy to scrape one query. Your credits can be used with other phantoms too. Cons: You need to use Proxy with it for Per saperne di più…

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Google Play Review Scraper

How to Scrape Google Play Reviews Without Coding

What is Google Play Review Scraper? The Google Play Review Scraper is a Outscraper service that helps developers to get reviews for all apps, games and books in Play Store without any coding. The Google Play Review Scraper has an easy-to-use interface and it does not need any coding. Reviews are important to make sure that your app or game is successful on the market.Unfortunately, it is a very difficult task to examine and list Per saperne di più…

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Free Email Scraper

How To Scrape Emails From Any Website – Only in Just 3 Steps

What is Email Scraping? With the rise of the online economy, most businesses now rely heavily on email marketing. One of the most common challenges faced by marketers is keeping up with new leads and staying in touch. Email addresses are an important source of leads for any business. Email scraping is the process of extracting this data from webpages to create adatabase of leads. Email scrapers are designed to extract email addresses from webpages. Per saperne di più…

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Raschietto per recensioni di Google Play

How Can I Crawl All Reviews of an App on Google Play Store?

There are millions of Apps, Books, and Movies on the Google Play Store, and their number is growing exponentially every day. According to AppBrain research, there are approximately 3 million apps in the first quarter of 2021. Billions of comments are entered into these millions of apps, books, and movies every day. Researchers, application developers, marketing experts, and experts working in many different fields want to scrape and examine comments made on Google Play for Per saperne di più…

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Scrape Emails

Come estrarre le e-mail dai siti web?

What is Email Scraper? Email Scraper aka Email Extractor, is an online app that collects and lists all email addresses share on the page by visiting websites. You may have a database of websites of your potential customers and you want to extract emails from that database. There are many different ways to extract emails from websites. You can collect emails manually, via PC software or services like Outscraper Emails Scraper. Customers’ e-mail addresses, Facebook, GitHub, Per saperne di più…

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