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With the abundance of digital data available, collecting and analyzing information has become simpler than ever, especially when it comes to Point of Interest (POI). Google Maps is a valuable source of data for POI. It offers vast information on businesses, locations, and other geographic features. Outscraper is an excellent online service that can assist in efficiently gathering and analyzing this data from Google Maps and creating POI datasets. Its powerful features enable quick and precise extraction of relevant data, making it an ideal solution for local intelligence needs.

Key Advantages of Using Outscraper for Location Intelligence

Get the advantages of integrating your location intelligence solution with Google Maps data…

Outscraper provides a dependable and up-to-date source of data that you can trust. Our advanced web scraping technology ensures that the information you extracted from Google Maps is accurate and fresh.

Say goodbye to sifting through irrelevant records and hello to efficient and effective datasets…

Outscraper allows you to easily retrieve only the Points of Interest (POI) data that you require. With its advanced filtering capabilities, you can target specific categories, locations, and other criteria to ensure that you receive the most relevant and valuable data for your business needs. 

Get POI data from any country without limits…

Le Scraping de données Google Maps service offers worldwide coverage for your POI data needs. Our advanced data scraping technology allows you to collect data from any country and city, without limitations.

Receive more than 40 data fields…

Outscraper offers the largest number of fields available to compile and enrich your POI data. Check out the demo file to see the full range of fields available and visit the dictionary to explore them.

Our price offerings are unmatched by competitors…

Pay for only what you need, with no subscription fees and no big commitment upfront. Outscraper’s tarification is transparent and based on the volume of data you collect, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

No need for any coding skill to get POI data from Google Maps…

Creating a Google Maps scraping task is quick and simple with the Tableau de bord de l'application Outscraper. It only asks you to select a few parameters to scrape data from Google Maps. Category, location, limits, language, and file extension.

Get accurate location data in seconds…

Use our fast and easy API to fetch Google Maps results in real time.

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