Shell Locations on USA


⚫ Number of records: 12000+

⚫ File Format: CSV/XLSX/JSON/Parquet

⚫ Updated: Up-to-date

📒 Category: Gas Station, USA

📄 The list includes all Shell stations in the USA. Full address, phone number, postal code, working hours, and more information have been included for each location.

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Source: Google Maps | Data: Shell Gas Stations in the USA

Google Maps - Shell Stations Scraped Google Maps data

Sample Data

Shell Gas Station List - Sample List


Get a list of all Shell gas stations in the USA. Download and review the sample list for free. The list contains a lot of data for each location. Full address, postal code, city, state, phone number, working hours, and more. Download the complete list with Outscraper Google Maps Data Scraper service.

Download Sample ListHow to Get Complete List? - Scraping All Locations From Google Maps

What Information Does the List Contain?

  • name - name of the place on Google Maps.
  • site - website of the place.
  • type - the type of the place under which it was found (can be any element from subtypes).
  • subtypes - all types of the place.
  • category - the main type of the place (sometimes might be in a local language).
  • phone - place phone number.
  • full_address - full address of the place location.
  • borough - borough of the place location.
  • street - street of the place location.
  • city - city of the place location.
  • postal_code - postal code of the place location.
  • state - state of the place location.
  • us_state - state of the place location (will be removed in future versions).
  • country - country of the place location.
  • country_code - country code of the place location.
  • latitude - latitude of the place location.
  • longitude - longitude of the place location.
  • time_zone - timezone of the place location.
  • plus_code - location plus code or open location code (works only for individual search, e.g. query: "Hotel Colombo Berat", "0x3e49a63f6b05fe3b:0xc73d6b1f31b2ccc8").
  • rating - rating of the place.
  • 리뷰 - number of reviews
  • reviews_link - link to the place's reviews.
  • reviews_per_score - JSON object with reviews per score.
  • photos_count - number of photos from the place.
  • photo - image link of the place.
  • street_view - image link of the place street view.
  • working_hours - JSON object with working hours of the place.
  • working_hours_old_format - working hours of the place.
  • popular_times - popular time of the place (works only for individual search, e.g. query: "Hotel Colombo Berat", "0x3e49a63f6b05fe3b:0xc73d6b1f31b2ccc8").
  • business_status - current status of the business.
  • about - extra information about the place (e.g. Identifies as women-owned, LGBTQ+ friendly).
  • description - place description.
  • range - price range of the place.
  • posts - JSON object with posts from the place (works only for some places).
  • verified - indicates if the place was claimed (no longer supported).
  • owner_id - unique identifier of the place owner.
  • owner_title - title of the owner's profile page.
  • owner_link - link to owner profile on Google Maps.
  • reservation_links - link to make reservation.
  • booking_appointment_link - link to book appointment.
  • menu_link - link to menu.
  • order_links - link to place an order.
  • location_link - link to the place on Google Maps.
  • place_id - unique identifier of the place (Google might update it a couple of times per a year).
  • google_id - unique identifier of the place, also known as Feature ID (Google might update it a couple of times per a year).
  • cid - multi platform ID of a listing in Google ecosystem.
  • reviews_id - unique identifier of the places' reviews.

Additional data that might be added by applying Emails Scraper Enrichment (select this enrichment in UI or use the "extractContacts" parameter in API ).

  • domain - website domain.
  • email_1 - the first email found associated with the place.
  • email_2 - the second email found associated with the place.
  • email_3 - the third email found associated with the place.
  • 페이스북 - link to the facebook page.
  • instagram - link to the instagram page.
  • 트위터 - link to the twitter page.
  • 링크드인 - link to the linkedin page.
  • 유튜브 - link to the youtube page.
  • phone_1 - first phone found from the website.
  • phone_2 - second phone found from the website.
  • phone_3 - third phone found from the website.
  • website_title - title of the website (meta tag).
  • website_generator - the platform the website is built on.
  • website_description - description of the website (meta tag).
  • website_keywords - keywords from the website (meta tag).
  • website_has_fb_pixel - shows if FB pixel was found.
  • website_has_google_tag - shows if Google Tagmanager code was found.

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Outscraper services allow you to list and download the all locations of Shell stations in your desired state and city, or even the entire USA. Browse the complete location list datasets. Outscraper allows you to obtain datasets from hundreds of categories.

More than 12 thousand Shell gas stations serve in the USA. The list of all serving stations can be downloaded with Outscraper. The list includes details such as phone number, address, zip code, and hours of operation.

Shell gas stations serve in 50 states. Outscraper can be used to detect which states have branches in which cities. Outscraper allows you to extract branch lists in detail.

Shell gas stations serve in 50 states and have more than 12000 branches. The list of branches that are actively serving can be determined with Outscraper and downloaded as a list.

Yes. With more than 12000 branches, it serves all 50 states. You can find out how many branches it has in each state and export the dataset via Outscraper.