¿Qué es el "Matched Audiences"?

LinkedIn Matched Audiences are custom audience segments you can use as targeting selections in your advertising campaigns. You can check details and frequently asked questions on LinkedIn’s help pages.


¿Cómo puede utilizar LinkedIn Matched Audiences para su negocio?

LinkedIn creates leverage for improving collaborations, creating a new environment, and strengthening existing relationships.

LinkedIn, el directorio internacional del mundo de los negocios, se ha convertido en un canal de $26.200 millones de dólares para establecer contactos y gestionar su primera impresión digital con sus millones de miembros.

Llegar a tus clientes potenciales en LinkedIn también es un método eficaz cuando haces un negocio B2B.

Un anuncio en LinkedIn puede llegar a 13% de la población mundial. For this reason, it may be the right strategy to use LinkedIn ads to reach your potential customers.

” There are more than 200 characteristics you can choose from as you narrow down your precise professional audience on LinkedIn. You’ll find them all listed in the infographic below, spanning the following categories: 

  • Experiencia laboral
  • Educación
  • Firmographics
  • Interés
  • Públicos emparejados
  • Demografía"

Fuente: https://www.linkedin.com/business/marketing/blog/linkedin-pages/how-marketers-can-target-their-ideal-audience-using-linkedin-direct-sponsored-content

You can scrape the data of your targeted clients with Outscraper on Google Maps and use them in LinkedIn ads to create matched audiences.

Creating a Match Audience

LinkedIn tiene un plantilla de lista de empresas for uploading your company list. There are a few identifiers on that list such as companyname, companywebsite, companyemaildomain, linkedincompanypageurl, stocksymbol, industry, city, state, companycountry, zipcode.

Los datos que se obtienen de Outscraper cumplen la mayoría de estos identificadores. Sin embargo, será suficiente con utilizar el linkedincompanypageurl o página web de la empresa identificador.

Let’s say you want to create a LinkedIn ad to show to digital marketing agencies.

First, you create a B2B Lead List with Outscraper. You can read how it  done here.

¿Cómo generar clientes potenciales B2B?

Descargue el ejemplo de lista de clientes potenciales B2B de una agencia de marketing digital: Agencias de marketing digital

(Raspado con Raspador de Google Maps y enriquecido con Raspador de correos electrónicos y contactos)

The result file contains all websites of digital marketing agencies registered on Google Maps. The data in this column can be used for the página web de la empresa identificador.

In addition, the result file contains the LinkedIn company page URLs. This data can also be used for the linkedincompanypageurl identificador.

Sigamos con el linkedincompanypageurl identificador en este ejemplo. Copia todos los datos de la columna linkedin del archivo de resultados Outscraper y pégalos en un nuevo archivo excel. Escribe linkedincompanypageurl en la primera línea de los datos.

Save the new file as a csv file. It has to be like this: Agencia de marketing digital-LinkedIn-URL.csv

Después de preparar este archivo, abre el gestor de campañas en LinkedIn.


And choose the “Upload a List (company/contact)” option in the “Create audience” dropdown menu. “Upload a list” menu will appear.

The list has been uploaded and is currently being processed by LinkedIn. It takes approximately 48 hours.

Notificación de LinkedIn: Your audience is currently building and it may take up to 48 hours (on a rare occasion, longer) to start delivery. Include this audience in a campaign at any time and it will automatically start serving when ready. 

Tip: If excluding an audience, the audience must be fully processed for the exclusion to apply.

You can either create a lookalike audience with the matched audience created after the list building is finished, or you can create ads directly for this matched audience.

Encuentre a sus clientes potenciales con Outscraper ahora para usar en LinkedIn

Outscraper Google Maps Scraper and Emails & Contacts Scraper services were used in this article. Check out these services and start using them for yourself right now!

Raspador de correos electrónicos y contactos

Raspador de datos de Google Maps

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