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Google Maps search API

Endpoint allows you to extract the results from Google Maps.

GET: https://api.app.outscraper.com/maps/search

Request parameters

apiKey (required)

API token from the profile page.

query (required)

Parameter defines the query you want to search. You can use anything that you would use in a regular Google Maps search. It supports batching by sending arrays with up to 50 items (?query=restaurants&query=bars).


Parameter defines the coordinates to use along with the query. Example: @41.3954381,2.1628662,15.1z


(default: en) – Parameter specifies the language to use for Google Maps site.


(default: us) – Parameter specifies the country to use for Google Maps site.


(default: 400) – Parameter specifies the limit of organizations to take from one query search.


(default: false) – Parameter specifies whether the bot will scrape additional data (emails, social links, site keywords…) from companies’ websites. It increases the time of the extraction.


(default: true) – Parameter defines the way you want to submit your search to OutScraper. It can be set to false to open an HTTP connection and keep it open until you got your search results, or true (default) to just submit your search to OutScraper and retrieve them later (usually a few seconds). In this case, you’ll need to use Requests Archive to retrieve your results.

Example request async:
https://api.app.outscraper.com/maps/search?apiKey=SECRET_API_KEY&query=real estate agency, berlin

Example response async:

Example request:
https://api.app.outscraper.com/maps/search?apiKey=SECRET_API_KEY&query=real estate agency, berlin&async=false

Example response:
  "status": "Success",
  "data": [
      "name": "Orangefield Berlin",
      "address": "Kurf\u00fcrstendamm 38, 10719 Berlin, Germany",
      "address_street": "Kurf\u00fcrstendamm 38",
      "address_borough": "Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf",
      "address_city": "Berlin",
      "time_zone": "Europe/Berlin",
      "type": "Commercial real estate agency",
      "types": "Commercial real estate agency, Accountant, Business to business service, Escrow service",
      "postal_code": "10719",
      "latitude": 52.502359999999996,
      "longitude": 13.32231,
      "phone": "+49 30 34352980",
      "rating": null,
      "reviews": null,
      "site": "http://www.orangefield.com/Offices/germany",
      "photos_count": 1,
      "google_id": "0x47a850fb6abb03a3:0x4d617dc418ebf5a1",
      "reviews_link": null,
      "reviews_id": null,
      "photo": "https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/p/yov-6wgc4iwzPFtxbu2XUg",
      "working_hours": "Friday: 9AM\u20136PM | Saturday: Closed | Sunday: Closed | Monday: 9AM\u20136PM | Tuesday: 9AM\u20136PM | Wednesday: 9AM\u20136PM | Thursday: 9AM\u20136PM",
      "reviews_per_score": null,
      "verified": true,
      "reserving_table_link": null,
      "booking_appointment_link": null,
      "owner_id": "106680655915109093535",
      "owner_link": "https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/106680655915109093535"
      "name": "Badger Realty",
      "address": "180 Main St, Berlin, NH 03570",
      "address_street": "180 Main St",
      "address_borough": null,
      "address_city": "Berlin",
      "time_zone": "America/New_York",
      "type": "Real estate agency",
      "types": "Real estate agency",
      "postal_code": "03570",
      "latitude": 44.4701538,
      "longitude": -71.1794699,
      "phone": "+1 603-752-6000",
      "rating": 5.0,
      "reviews": 8,
      "site": "https://www.badgerrealty.com/",
      "photos_count": 2,
      "google_id": "0x4cb3f062613c11f3:0x8144a8699cf8bab5",
      "reviews_link": "https://www.google.com/search?q=Badger+Realty,+180+Main+St,+Berlin,+NH+03570&ludocid=9314755100867607221#lrd=0x4cb3f062613c11f3:0x8144a8699cf8bab5,1",
      "reviews_id": "-9131988972841944395",
      "photo": "https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipNZ3bXyl-67rDGnwuM-7zQHtjCOUEof28oVFEwj",
      "working_hours": null,
      "reviews_per_score": "1: 0, 2: 0, 3: 0, 4: 0, 5: 8",
      "verified": false,
      "reserving_table_link": null,
      "booking_appointment_link": null,
      "owner_id": null,
      "owner_link": null